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  1. Manipulate objects as copies?

    Just pack your geometry, move the point and transfer their position back to the packed prims scale.hipnc
  2. Trouble writing recursive CVEX function

    Well, here's a way to compute the fibonacci sequence without recursion, just made it in a SOP wrangle as it's easier to check. printFib.hipnc
  3. Try writing AFTER compressing, as it's kinda the point... and maybe background copy. Maybe it's a hard drive bottleneck. and as for making your sim faster. well, we have no idea what's in your file.
  4. Venus Temple Rise from the Ocean, Flip Fluids

    Scale seems too small, it should take far longer to emerge, also, why does the sim stop so abruptly, you should let it settle
  5. Polygon to circle

    define "that best fits the given shape" do you mean the largest circle contained in the primitive or can it just get bigger than the shape?
  6. Here's an example, if that's what you're looking for. just change the W,H and pixels parms (w = x position, h = y pos, pixels = how many pixels around the area you'll see) screenspace.hipnc
  7. melting a textured object with FLIPs

    Here's an example that kinda works. Sorry, it may be slow to compute my test file, I needed a lot of points to have a "correct" result. And I'm basically treating each non connected UV as a "separate" fluid, couldn't think about any other way. I did not change any setting in the FLIP (just the separation) flip_conserveuv.hipnc
  8. Need help on SDF as pop influence collider ?

    How about a 2d volume setup? 2d_volume.hipnc
  9. Bullet Soft Bodie in Houdini ?

    Slow? It's not even a second per frame on my old computer... As for it being ugly, I don't know what you're trying to achieve, you may want to increase the resolution and change the explicit constraints values in the grain update node
  10. Bullet Soft Bodie in Houdini ?

    Bullet and grain solver should work as well
  11. Moon DEM Data To Model Script

  12. Access array attribute wrangle

    @atest = v@b[1];
  13. Brick/Stone Wall - Broken Horizontals

    Tried to open it as well and it didn't work
  14. hitnum for DOPs?

    Have a look at the impacts in the sop solver
  15. sprites for pyro?

    I guess I can explain, a volume simulation was created by someone else (John Sparks). I covered the sim with sprites to gain the level of detail needed for the shot. So, that shot has a combination of sprites and volume well mixed by a compositor. I hope that explanation helps
  16. Connect sequential points testing for distance

    Connect adjacent pieces?
  17. pop advection by fluid methods ?

    Mmm, here's another way to advect points which is probably the fastest, tested it on a shot with around 20million points for 750 frames. But, that's not in dops... although there may be a way of doing it in a sop solver advect_ok (1).hipnc
  18. Particle trail length

    Here you go particleTrailCarve.hipnc
  19. SLI for openCL

    using openCL is not only a matter of checking that checkbox on the smoke solver. there are DOP nodes you shouldn't use as they use the CPU instead of the GPU and transfering data back and forth is slowing it down. One should also save in background not to have the sim waiting to write the files on disk. most of this is written in the help files of houdini anyway. But, I've also noticed that sideFX has changed some settings in the smoke solver while using openCL... example : project multigrid with different substeps, which makes the results biased...
  20. EQ Cube Race - Audio driven simulation

  21. Get last node in chain

    Yup, recursion is your friend
  22. how to get the largest circle inside a concave shape

    But that center point also seems to be approximated. (briefly looking at the file, that's a cool process). Also, with that method you'll still have to approximate the largest radius by sampling the edges, nah?
  23. how to get the largest circle inside a concave shape

    You mean, largest area, I guess... That sounds complicated