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  1. how to get the largest circle inside a concave shape

    Thought that was a fun problem as well. (how nerdy is that on a scale of 1 to Stephen Hawking?) I did my own quick answer to it. It could be optimized with iterations instead of sampling zillion of times but I'm lazy I also added a counter to check which answer has most area covered. edit : noticed that I forgot to attach my file.... ee_incircles_v2.hipnc
  2. Learning VOPSOP

    ah, found my problem by looking at that. Missed the fact that intersect doesn't expect a normalized vector in the direction
  3. Learning VOPSOP

    All right, tried the occlusion, I guess I'm not far but my result isn't great yet. Also, I did it with an attrib wrangle instead since loops are horrible to make in Vopsops. (never managed to make a for loops in vopsop) Anyway, I think that is too complicated for the beginners who wish to learn how to make vopsops. I'll try to think of another challenge that's not complicated.
  4. Learning VOPSOP

    In fact, is there a way to make a "sticky" post at the beginning with all the questions and corresponding answers ?
  5. Learning VOPSOP

    That was a fun quick vopsop to make
  6. Learning VOPSOP

    Just noticed I've written cross product instead of dot product, you don't need a cross for this, you're really close
  7. Learning VOPSOP

    Day 8 : Here's an idea for the dot product, some trigonometry and our beloved sin function. Cheers, Remi
  8. Learning VOPSOP

    As for the collision challenge, I thought it was kind of fun to create so here's my quick result for the collisions (vimeo is encoding the video) : It uses a sopsolver and vopsops
  9. Transformers Cubes

    well, look for the cigarette or match tutorial made by Peter quint, that should give you a nice basis. (using the sopsolver) as for the way it's behaving, I would look at some labyrinth creation algorythm, you should be able to get nice shapes from it.
  10. Writing geometry color information to texture

    You can render that using UV render object in mantra ROP (properties/render), it'll render a UV based texture
  11. Learning VOPSOP

    ahah, I'm kind of swamped as well, hence why I couldn't hand anything today... as for Louis, if you really wanted to check if the point is inside the geometry, the usual way would be to check the number of intersections from a ray, if it's an odd number it's inside, if it's even it's outside. Problem is that the intersection VOP doesn't seem to hand that kind of result. and a while loop would be needed, loops suck in VOP For Tom, it may be difficult to show an example result though, does odforce have animated gifs or movies supported?
  12. Learning VOPSOP

    I completely agree with Marty, your ability to look for information by yourself is an important asset at work, 'cause you can't bother your colleagues every 5 minutes (unless you're playing with nerf guns )
  13. Learning VOPSOP

    Here's a quick one, didn't see any point cloud previously. day 5 : Getting the points around a geometry
  14. Per-object camera motion blur

    You could adjust the velocity of the sphere to remove the camera motion blur
  15. Houdini user meetup @ Siggraph 2014

    I'll come by
  16. DOP camera culling (smoke)

    Create a sink volume using the frustrum of the camera or just by parenting it to the camera
  17. PointCloud problems.

    Your search radius is too small, the point cloud open gives back a value [0,0,0] if it doesn't find a point in the search radius, hence why it doesn't work at the origin. Just have a value different for the search radius and for the displayed radius
  18. Managing String attributes

    Hope that's what you're looking for splitname.hipnc
  19. Have you had a look at volume compress before saving your files (density to 16 bits)? You could also resize your velocity as you probably don't need the full res before rendering it. last thing would be to convert it into a VDB, saves additional space
  20. Seems like a grouping problem !

    Well, I don't really know of any magical thing that would make any geometry "closed", you could automate the size of the needed VDB conversion point size depending on bounding box or volume (measureSOP)... but well, you said you're new to Houdini Ultimately, the goal is to get clean geometry as inputs
  21. Seems like a grouping problem !

    The teapot is not a closed object, difficult to know what's inside or outside. Instead I use a "remodeled" object with VDB. Here's a debugged file (settings would have to be changed depending on the object). cubify_corrected.hipnc
  22. how to Cluster FLIP

    Interesting problem, do you only emit that flip like a rocket trail, let's say, or does the liquid travel ? 1. if it travels, you may want to try to simulate on a straight line and bend your sim later on 2. if it's like a rocket trail, use wedges to cut the emission (for example : wedge 1 : frame 1 - 20. wedge 2 frame :21-40, wedge 3 frame :41-60 Just giving some ideas.
  23. EXR auto crop

    Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to have the auto crop for EXRs in mantra. (not to save useless black space on disk) If that's impossible within mantra, does anyone know a tool that could do that job as a post process without using nuke (would be a license issue)? Thanks in advance
  24. EXR auto crop

  25. Font sop displaying the number of particles