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  1. Hello! When I try to use the "Border Expansion" post process UDIM function, the edges are super bright. When I render with no border expansion, the edges are fine, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the texture being rendered. Has anyone encountered this before? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks a lot!
  2. Rendering Normal Maps?

    Rather late, but thank you for the replies! Got so wrapped up in solving it, I forgot to come back and say thank you!
  3. Rendering Normal Maps?

    Hey Guys! In a recent demo vid on how Houdini can be used in games, they showed how ocean fx can be used to create normal maps for fluid. at 7:46 I'm just wondering, how do I render the normal map? So far, I unwrapped my grid, and used polyframe to get my normal, tangent and bitangent. But I'm unsure on how to get the colour to reflect the correct values. From a lot of reading, it looks like I have to orient my current normal to turn it into tangent space? I've given it a guess, but it doesn't look right. My next step is then how do I bring this into COPS (what it looks like he's using) to save the normal map out? Thanks a lot! fluid_texture_02_HALP.hipnc
  4. Rendering particles

    I'll try lines instead of points today- thank you! I was using motion blur, maybe I should increase it a bit.
  5. Rendering particles

    Ah yes, layers! I was planning to add an extra fluid driven layer, but you're right, adding a smoke sim would help loads - thank you!
  6. Rendering particles

    Thanks! I wondered about this, I knew I'd have to glow in comp, but I should blur it a bit too?
  7. Rendering particles

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create a plasma blast, similar to the halo grenade, or the harry potter spell battle: I considered just rendering the pyro straight out with custom colours, but I wasnt getting a good look from it. I've used POPs, and advected the particles by an explosion sim, and am now trying to render. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to shaders, so currently, i'm just using a basic constant with alpha set to 1-$AGE attribute. This is my current look: It looks very particulate-y, was hoping for more of a together look... Does anyone have any helpful ideas/tips that could work? For either POPs or pyro shaders. Thank you in advance