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  1. Glass rbd based on baked sim

    Sorry.. Not sure that understand you. I can also exclude frames from main sim, but what profit would I get?
  2. Glass rbd based on baked sim

    Its not what I want. You just put it all to one sim. But in complicated scene it will totally increase sim time and memory. That is why I want to do one more sim for windows, based on previous rbd sim. That is why I need to constrain windows to frames. Best solution, that I've founded now is to make one constraint from each piece of glass to only one nearest frame part.
  3. Glass rbd based on baked sim

    I've got a problem. I do rbd simulation of big and complicated building. For optimization I excluded glasses from this. After that I want to do second rbd sim for glasses based on baked sim of building. For that I need to constrain glasses to frames. And here I get a big problem: - glue network doesnt help because it cant work with streching, it use only impacts - hard, spring constraints works crazy P.S. I attached simple scene with example, we have baked rbd frames sim and need to constraint glasses to it. Thanks for help. frames_glass_v001_test.hip
  4. I want to share the way how to find perimeter and area of the circle without using PI value. The main idea is to use a lot of triangles and calculate its side. The more value "number of sides" is the more accurate computing you get. In attachment my formulas and project Hope, it will be interesting. PiCalc_v001.hip
  5. Reduce velocity in custom area in fluid sim

    Eetu thanks again. Now it is really simple.. all controls by density.
  6. Reduce velocity in custom area in fluid sim

    Eetu thanks again. It works exactly as I want
  7. Reduce velocity in custom area in fluid sim

    Thanks man - this is amazing. Its works. It is very strange that we can't do this using gas calculate or gas linear combination. One more problem.. I want to do smooth transition between this velocities, but when we use two way switch we get sharp border.
  8. Reduce velocity in custom area in fluid sim

    I don't understand how I can use mask field to control global velocity. From help: And I want to reduce vel in custom area, not for only one force
  9. Reduce velocity in custom area in fluid sim

    Tried different ways to copy vel from my custom fields, tried to multiply this. But nothing works. In attachment scene with pump. If I set to copy - nothing works. Guilherme Casagrandi Ok. I'll try this way Pump_01.hip
  10. I have a smoke sim. I want to reduce velocity in the area inside of small box (like in pic). I want to have opportunity to fill this area with custom velocity. Thanks.
  11. Strange flickering in flip fluid.

    Hermes can you organize your scene a little bit better. And upload clear version. There a lot of links to your local hard drive. And its hard to understand what goes after what.
  12. Ubuntu 12.04 H13

    It works much faster for me. Thanks to Igor Zanic for this tip.
  13. Spray Render in Houdini 13

    Its all ok in Houdini 13.0.260
  14. Hello. I have a problem with rendering BasicShaderSetupSpray.hip in H13 from oficcial tutorial (Go Procedural) https://vimeo.com/41314793. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2179&Itemid=259 In 12.5 - all works great, but in Houdini 13 (13.0.252) - empty (nothing work). May be there are any global differences? Thanks. BasicShaderSetupSpray.hip
  15. May there is no geometry in this frame