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  1. Houdini 7.0

    How bout forking the houdini project, and releasing the source code we'll call it "merlin"
  2. Visual FX Oscar contenders

    I was really impressed with the effects that ILM did in the Hulk, Return of the King was not really anything we have not seen before. X2 was pretty cool as well, especially the scene were Magneto pulls the iron out of the man *thumbs up*
  3. Happy Birthday Jason

    happy bday enjoy it, you only turn 32 once :-)
  4. Bubble Rd

    Thought the 30 sec spot was really cool. Found it even more interesting that the people decided to use DJ Shadow for the background music (even Josh Davis has to pay bills) Two weeks seems rather impressive.
  5. Since when did sidefx start posting a non commerical hdk? Check out the vislab website? gives you more of an excuse to run linux and accordding to ibm the future is open ~ cheers
  6. Discreet Ports Smoke to Linux

    Man I sure would not want to be working @ SGI right now. :-/ Is there an official website that is dedicated to SGI going out of business because I have been hearing these shenanigans for the past couple of years that sgi is going out business, but yet they still seem to release new products... ...hmmmmmmmm. cheers -capin_crunch and ohhh, anything being ported to Linux is a good thing, but I would prefer on open source solution myself. GNU all the way!!!!!
  7. Houdini 6.1 Apprentice Available

    Dinners readdddddyyyy... Fresh from the oven: http://www.vislab.usyd.edu.au/sidefx/cd1_6.1.114/ 6.1.114
  8. Houdini 6.1 Apprentice Available

    wow linux scroll wheel support =P cheers -capin_crunch
  9. Preferred Shell?

    yeah when i saw cmd.exe i was laughing to myself. sheez, i like bash just because i use it on a daily basis. cheers
  10. XSI EXP LINUX out now

    Well I was messing around with XSIv 3.5 and I must say that I enjoy it very much. Of all the 3d programs I have messed around with it has the fatest tracking, zooming, tumbling by far. The redraw is incredible. I also found it cool that if you run Linux that you do not have to have a window manager installed, but rather XSI can act as a window manager all on its own. Keep those pesky animators from posting on message boards during work cheers -capin_crunch
  11. RedHat 9.0 error in startup of houdini

    http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&...%3DN%26tab%3Dwg Found that interesting. -cheers
  12. I can't describe it...

    Why do people feel the need to encode with stupid wmp formats? I refuse to upgrade! grrrrrrrr cheers
  13. Apple did it again!

    I guess nobody here likes macs or could just care less
  14. Browsers?

    Well if sidefx released Houdini for osX you would cheers -capin_crunch
  15. Apple did it again!

    Well last friday, I went over to a friends house to pick up some jack stands and floor jacks so I would be able to remove the front drive axles removed from my celica. Well needless to say I did not get the drive axles removed. I instead spent 2 hours watching the Steve Jobs keynote *thingy* The part that struck me the most was the expos