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  1. [SOLVED]Pop Advect By Volume Has No Effect?

    You can create a volume source in sops using particles to store velocities: Then source that volume from your dop network and plug into "Velocity update" input from smoke solver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq30Le9bm3I&feature=youtu.be
  2. How to do 360 View for VR

    Did you try selecting Polar or Cylindrical camera projection ? It renders a complete 360 image.
  3. RBD not containing Flip Sim

    Hi Kyle, stein_forSim.obj is missing.
  4. Sounds very interesting! How are you planning to incorporate in houdini?
  5. h12: 100 mio points test

    Amazing !
  6. Hi, I'm creating an otl where I have 2 nodes with 2 different ramp parameters. Those parameters needs to be referenced, copying and referencing one ramp parameter onto the other one is not working. Any ideas? thanks
  7. help on reflection

    Hi, Create a VOP in shader context, inside it you can add a diffuse node + a reflective node multiplied by an edge fallof + a specular. It combination will give you a nice result.
  8. I would love to see who is paying more $$$ in advertising inside the magazine ? Autodesk ? There is the answer why the review in that way.
  9. Water Sim

    Look at your fluid object options, in Render>Geometry tabs, there is a toggle button "Polygons As Subdivision" it will render using subdivision geometry, now it is looking to flat.
  10. Tsunami fx!!

    mmm. It sounds a very complicated VFX to recreate. It would need many tests for arriving to a solution. Do you have any reference for this ?
  11. Water Sim

    Hi few_a_fx, it is looking good ! Did you render using "polygon as subdivision" ? I think for PBR rendering you would need to increase antialias leves to 10 or 15. With low antialiasing speculars will flicker a lot.
  12. Blowing Building

    This is looking good Ronen! Are you going to break the base structure of the building in DOP ?
  13. Rigging and Stamping

    I dont think you can stamp attributes at /obj level. You should save file sequences to disk with different animations and then point to those differents "prebaked" sequences to populate your particle system. You can easily get the sequences using a file sop with a custom expression. Another solution is using a "SOP rig", for example using lattices, then you can stamp any attriburte in that rig.
  14. cat

    WOW ... Congratulations .. amazing work.
  15. foreach SOP

    Good solution Edward. I imagine than you can easily transfer a current point number from the source line to the target line with the attributeTransfer SOP, then you know in your target line which point number from your source line is the nearest.