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  1. MPlayViewerのgammaCorrect

    I'm sorry sentences difficult to understand. images and was confirmed by rendering in houdini, alphaChannel of the image that was actually output is different. I will put some images. ■The first is an image that you preview rendered in houdini. (I want this) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40026578/ODforce/toOD_01_MPlay.jpg ■The second is an image that was rendered from mantra node. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40026578/ODforce/toOD_02_render.jpg
  2. Nice to meet you friend I am Japanese. I'm sorry, I do not speak English. It is written using a translator. I have a question. When I displayed in the MPlayViewer DustParticle, Gamma2.2 you would have been applied to alphaChannel of the image. If you check in AfterEffects, etc. (exr, Linear) the image that I have output, alphaChannel becomes the state of gamma1.0, DustParticle you are lost. While I was in the same state the image output from the image that was confirmed by MPlayViewer, Is it possible to to gamma1.0 only alphaChannel in MPlayViewer?