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  1. I am using Houdini 13. is there another way to get that ?
  2. Hello everyone, I am working on a destruction simulation, there is a point where i want to delete some fractured pieces from geometry. i used delete sop to delete particular pieces but i have more then 200 pieces in a single voronoi fractured geometry. now i just want to delete 5 to 7 pieces in that. So is there a way to get the name of that particular pieces which i want to delete, if i select the piece or i can use some other solver for that ... Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I am working on voronoi Fracture simulation for bridge destruction effect, and I am facing one problem in my simulation. i used packed object RBD fracture option and when i am simulating my mesh with the external impact of static object, its breaking with all the pieces in a very nice way but some pieces are taking hold in the air. These pieces should be fall down with the other objects but its now going with the flow of simulation. Can any body tell me the reason why is it not falling down ? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I am working on Unity game engine and wanted to create some realistic explosion effect in unity with stereo Camera. I am also new in unity, just wanted to know Is this possible to take out our pyro fx explosion from houdini engine to unity. I have tried with the geometry mesh which is working fine but i am confuse with effects simulation as a volume mesh or if i take renders from houdini so it will be difficult to get those effects with 3D stereo Camera. Thanks Shorya
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