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  1. Particle Growth Test

    I've got another dilemma now. I'm trying to animate the seeds flying away however this doesn't seem to work well with the growth of the particle network and the normals of the seeds spaz out before 70 frames. I wanted all the seeds to grow before 70 frames. I need to have it so the particles are birthed before 70 frames but the normals of the seeds have an unusual motion. I know this is to do with the emission type as it works perfectly when the emission type is all points (look at the details of the source in the particleSIM) However I can't get the growth type effect by using this type of emission. I've attached my $HIP file, let me know what you think. Growth_Test_02.hipnc
  2. Particle Growth Test

    That worked like a charm!! Thank you!!! I just changed $CB to $AGE in the copy stamp!! THANK YOU!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create an effect that grows dandelion seeds over the surface over time. I've used a copy stamp to grow the seed from 0 - 1 for the coloured partic.es At the moment the seeds grow from scale (0 - 1) on the frame (0-100). So when the point is birthed at frame 50, the scale will be 50% because it's on frame 50. Does anyone know a way in which the particles start the growth from when they are birthed so it's not as uniform? I've attached my .hip file. Thanks in advance! Growth_Test.hipnc
  4. Hi, I'm new to Houdini and I'm trying to create a dandelion blowing in the wind type of effect. So far I have the constrained the dandelion seed geometry on a sphere and have created a pop network so the dandelion seeds fly off. This is fine however I'm trying to find a way to make the particles stick to the surface and only fly off the surface when the seeds reach a certain angle ( say 20 degrees ) from the normal. I've been looking at this tutorial of how to create this effect in Maya but I'm finding it difficult to translate this into Houdini. I think you're supposed to use VOP's to create the same effect but I'm just a bit puzzled of how to do so cause I haven't used VOPs before :/. Maya Tutorial I've attached my file below. Thanks in advance! DandelionGeo.hipnc
  5. Hi, I'm trying to create an expression in Houdini's Hscript to break the wires off the surface off an object when they reach a certain angle. so far I have this for i=0 to $P step 2 set even = "$i" set odd = "$even+1" while ($F == 0) set vec_normal = "odd.$P - even.$P " # find vector at frame 0 # echo vec_normal end while ($F > 0) set vec_moving = "odd.$P - even.$P" # find vector at other frames # echo vec_moving end if (vangle(vec_normal,vec_moving) > 40) echo null else echo even endif end but it doesn't work... I was wondering if anyone could help me with this? Thanks in advance!
  6. Dandelion Wire Weighting

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I'm creating a dandelion simulation where the geometry is attached to each wire and all the wires are being deformed. I'm having problems as the geometry spazzes out once the dandelion seeds come off the dandelion ball. Is the any way to fix the geometry right on to the wire so it doesn't deform because I think that's what the problem is. I'm kinda new to houdini, it's probably a silly error I can't see. Thanks in advance!