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  1. destroy propeller helicopter

    download the two files, but does not work because when hit by the helizes movement shoot out to infinity HELPP!
  2. Help, I need to damage the propeller of a helicopter when crashing into an object, the body of the helicopter does not interest me, but the problem is that eh downloaded dosarchivos forums and none serves me, one is with rbdpincosntrain, and the other bon rbdkeyactive1 but when I turn the latter the helices are flying by the effect of rotation, deputy simple scene of a helicopter passing an item but the helices fall oh oh stay still, urgent help!sorry for bat English helicopter.hip
  3. Install BVH Into Mocap Crowd Agent help!

    good is a joke, but hey managed to get, when you convert files to cmd can be opened with the run scritp and go!
  4. Install BVH Into Mocap Crowd Agent help!

    I just need to tell me how to copy properly written, in windows, I can no longer move forward from this point, and frustration realmentees PLEASE HELP! this is the path where this file ‪F:\houdini\bhv\Archive\08_02.cmd
  5. please help, I can not pass the 3:44 minute, this in linux, but the route is with the “/” and I Temgo windows, my route is this F: \ houdini \ bhv \ Archive, but when you I enter, tells me not to find the route, some help please do it in windows, thank you very much!This is the link to the tutorial. HELP!