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  1. Copy paste issue on w10

    It seems a problem with license, better to send an email to sidefx support! support@sidefx.com
  2. RBD- attribute transfer vs if statement

    Hey Maze! I got it. Just update the attribcreate1 for integer type, you're using float. This will fix it!
  3. RBD- attribute transfer vs if statement

    I don't know why attribute transfer isn't working as expected. Because you are overwriting the geometry on each frame using active attrib. Anyway, I'm attaching a hipfile with similar approach, but instead attrib transfer animated, it will transfer from a bunch of points from a box animated. I hope it helps! bullet_active_overtime.hip
  4. Houdini + ZBrush

    Sorry, we couldn’t find that page
  5. Organizing complex assets

    Stash is a cache node. That's why you can see the TRAFFIC geo. It's cached in the stash sop. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/stash.html
  6. Variable with its enumerator in VEX

    if I understood the question correctly, you are trying to generate an array of integers with newly created points: You have to run over detail only once. vector P; int btmSideArray[]; for (int i=0;i<@numpt;i++){ P = point(0, "P", i); int btmSide = addpoint(0, set(P.x, P.y-1, P.z)); append(btmSideArray, btmSide); setdetailattrib(0, "btmSide", btmSideArray, "set"); } hip file attached. appendarray.hip
  7. Append path to environment variable

    os.environ["PATH"] += os.pathsep + os.path.join(path)
  8. Organizing complex assets

    There's an option to save asset definition inside the hipfile. Assets >> Asset Manager .. [ Configuration ] Save Operators definitions to Hip File. For geo, you could use a 'stash' sop node or lock the node. It's a bit difficult to visualize possible problems without seeing the geometry. Looking through your scene everything looks fine. There are many ways to solve complex scenes and this will depend a lot on the challenges you face to output and which control you're looking for.
  9. I guess isn't possible to change that. Have you consider to use spare parameters or HDA? Modifying that parameter may implies changing all nodes of the same type. That's why it's restricted
  10. FLIP Fluid loses volume after movement

  11. Check if directory exists with hscript

    I guess the best method is to use python. import os print(os.path.isdir('/dir/path/'))
  12. I believe it follows the convention of many languages to handle string. It's very common in any scripting language to use single, double quotes to represent strings. in the case of the houdini backtick is an expression in hscript that does not represent a numerical value. If you represent everything with backticks, could be the same data type, what is not correct. Right?
  13. HQueue can not render

    Hard to know without knowing the specs/OS and network config. Check out this topic, btw. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/16347-hqueue-errors-in-win7x64/ Also, It seems your file is located on the desktop, Are you sure all nodes have access to it?
  14. ocean fluid extend issue

    Hard to see. Can I see the hip file? Try to increase voxel resolution for "particle fluid surface" - default 0.75 scale down to 0.5 and so on. See if u notice some improvement. Good luck!
  15. folding smokesim

    Here's a sample for SDF representation and gas analyses to get curvature data. Can I see the reference technique you are looking for? curv_analyse_sdf_repr.hip