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  1. FLIP Fluid loses volume after movement

  2. Check if directory exists with hscript

    I guess the best method is to use python. import os print(os.path.isdir('/dir/path/'))
  3. Rant about parameter expression syntax

    I believe it follows the convention of many languages to handle string. It's very common in any scripting language to use single, double quotes to represent strings. in the case of the houdini backtick is an expression in hscript that does not represent a numerical value. If you represent everything with backticks, could be the same data type, what is not correct. Right?
  4. HQueue can not render

    Hard to know without knowing the specs/OS and network config. Check out this topic, btw. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/16347-hqueue-errors-in-win7x64/ Also, It seems your file is located on the desktop, Are you sure all nodes have access to it?
  5. ocean fluid extend issue

    Hard to see. Can I see the hip file? Try to increase voxel resolution for "particle fluid surface" - default 0.75 scale down to 0.5 and so on. See if u notice some improvement. Good luck!
  6. folding smokesim

    Here's a sample for SDF representation and gas analyses to get curvature data. Can I see the reference technique you are looking for? curv_analyse_sdf_repr.hip
  7. folding smokesim

    Hey Tom, check the gas analysis to extract curvature and other data types. Btw, you could convert the density using sop solver inside dops, inside the sopsolver just put a dop import. I hope it helps.
  8. Casablanca - CBVFX CB VFX is expanding it's team. We're looking for FX Artist / Generalist for mid / long-term projects. “A high quality audio visual content production, post production and distribution company that offers services in different areas such as cinema, publicity, television - both live and taped shows, series and reality shows. For the last decade it has become the number one in all the areas it operates in Brazil with several digital movie theaters spread throughout the country”Position Requirements: • 2/3+ years production experience using Houdini in film/commercials (knowledge of Maya will be a plus) • Knowledge of: particles, fluids (smoke, water, fire), rigidbody. • Proficiency in shading and rendering techniques • A reel showing a strong artistic sensibility. • Be able to solve problems with efficiency • Experience with one or more other professional software packages. (plus) • Excellent communication skills and technical knowledge. • Follow creative & technical briefs with regard to the production schedule. • Candidate must be able to work within a team environment. • Ability to effectively critique their own and others work, respectfully. • Good communication skills and able to take exact direction from show leads. To apply: For those interested, please email your reel / portfolio / blogs / resume to: claudiohick@gmail.com ; dgdebbie.fx@gmail.com (subject: FX Artist Position) Thank you! - Hickstein
  9. Houdini Help

    Isn't normal. Just tested using trail sop help pages to confirm, at the bottom I can see Examples and load them fine.
  10. sin expression with gap ?

    That might help! expression_sinclamp.hip
  11. Mantra way of this Vray render?

    Srecko, nice! I did small updates in your scene (increased noise level), 1:30sec (i7 3770 - 8 threads 3.4ghz).
  12. Mantra way of this Vray render?

    dpap, thats my try. 6min. 2.4ghz -8 threads. ( i5 macbook) you could also apply a denoiser in post and reduce a bit more the sample amount. mantra vray 1_HIC.hip
  13. check for the initial rotation without any drag, you could add the initial velocity (-10x) in the pop source.
  14. Pop Torque on X. Did you try it? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini14.0/nodes/dop/poptorque
  15. Simple Rendering Issue

    Overlap issues. when you did the merge sop, it merges in two geometries. just remove the merge and keep the group/materials sops in the same chain, doesn't need to split in that case.