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  1. Bullet Fracture Control

    This is really cooooool! Thank you Pavel
  2. Art Directing RBD in Post

    I think the problem now is the geometry to transform needs the position of geo when the rbd turn active = 1 instead of frame 1. Cause the point data calculate starts when it turns active.
  3. Art Directing RBD in Post

    Hi, I'm sorry I was misunderstanding ur question. So I find if the points in rbd sim is using deform data that the point's v, w and orient would be 0, so I think that makes Transform pieces node not working properly. I will try to have 2 separate group with active and deform one, then active group transform pieces with new sim's point data, deform one with old one.
  4. Art Directing RBD in Post

    Thank you Tomas! Actually I have new one I just figure out how to fix track animation from low rez, so I updated
  5. Art Directing RBD in Post

    I recently just done the similar RnD for this. So for transform pieces node, u need to have the same name attribute from the low rez sim to track the animation.
  6. Transforms from low to high res

    U can try use transform pieces with the same name attribute
  7. trails on alembic import

    Hi, I think because every frame is doing vdb mesh, so the geometry that u scattering points is changing every frame and so as points r changing. I think you can try directly scatter on the alembic geometry, hope it would help
  8. How to overwrite vel attribute on packed animated object

    Thank you Tomas, it helps
  9. How to overwrite vel attribute on packed animated object

    Hi Atom, Thank you for reply. But my situation is there is a character animation and I can't touch it and I need has stronger impact.
  10. Hi everyone, I have a simple scene that my ball is animated to break a box object. I'm using created animated static objects to catch ball animation and I'm trying to override my velocity attribute from SOP to get stronger impact on my box object. But is seems somehow it doesn't overwrite my velocity. Or there is other way can help it to get stronger impact? Any help would be appreciated Rnd.hipnc
  11. Houdini RBD RnD - Deforming & Tearing

    Hi guys, I wanna share a RBD RnD I did recently. I made this after watching the second one of Siggraph 2014 Talk - Art Directing Rigid Body Dynamics as Post-process Fangwei Lee / DreamWorks Animation (http://vimeo.com/100947043) Really appreciate Fangwei Lee helping me https://vimeo.com/106664159 Because I get some messages that want me to share hip file, so here is my scene file wrap_deform_cleanup_ver.hipnc Hope you guys like it Cheers!
  12. Vizy Acky vol100: Houdini Work-Flow Introduction

    Hi, this courses look cool! I have some questions, first is how much time about each course? like how much total time of vol100: Houdini Work flow Introduction? And what's the different about VOL 105: Channels, Attributes, Expressions and Variables: Math In Houdini and VOL 105 Video Only? Thank you -Dave
  13. Intro To Houdini workshop

    Hi! I am interesting on this course, but it's too late. Maybe I can join next term. May I ask a question that how much time on this course per week? Thank you!