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  1. Particles avoiding objects

    Hi Matt, That's a very sweet and simple setup thanks for sharing, but just wondering what if one needs to avoid the actual scene geometry ? Can we convert them into to metaballs ?
  2. Particles avoiding objects

    Hi Mike, Glad it worked for you,I'm sure there must be other ways to accomplish the same effect and being a beginner myself too,I am also learning the tricks and trade of Houdini every single day and diving in Vops context feels scary at times Cheers !!
  3. Particles avoiding objects

    Hi, Have a look at this, if you haven't,it might solve your purpose. Cheers !!
  4. pyro parent to animation

    Hi For long distance sims pyro clustering is the option to go for.Have a look at the hip file attached,Hope this setup will work for you Cheers !! pyroClusterRnD_ODFORCE.hipnc
  5. Custom Vel inside POP

    Hi Guys Just playing around with custom vel to disturb my POP sims,wondering is there any alternative or better work around for the same ? especially if I need to pump the velocities from the animated characters inside the POP. Would really appreciate if you guys can share your take for the same . Cheers !! customVel_RnD_v01.hipnc
  6. Pyro Cluster Sim Issue

    Hey Julien Thanks a lot for your support :),I still need to learn many things from people like you, as I am still a newbie in the world of Houdini. cheers
  7. Pyro Cluster Sim Issue

    Hi Julien I tried the way you suggested but still the velocities are not getting pumped,not sure what I am doing wrong Would really appreciate if you could point out my mistake (pyroCluster_RnD_v02) on the other hand a friend of mine suggested me another way to make the same setup and the velocities are getting pumped perfectly fine in that (pyroClusterRnD_Optn02) Cheers pyroClusterRnD_v02_ODFORCE.hipnc pyroClusterRnD_Optn02_ODFORCE.hipnc
  8. Pyro Cluster Sim Issue

    Thanks a lot Julien for your help. I will try it out now.Cheers!!
  9. Pyro Cluster Sim Issue

    So you mean we can't pump velocities like that for cluster sims ?Then what would be the right approach to handle a situation like this ? Would really appreciate if anyone can guide me on that.
  10. Pyro Cluster Sim Issue

    Hi guys I made this pyro cluster setup based on the technique showed by Atom in one of his tutorials. The problem I am facing is that the Vel Volumes are not getting transferred in the DOP. Any idea where the issue is ? Thanks a lot for your help.Cheers pyroClusterRnD_v01_ODFORCE.hip pyroClusterRnD_v01_ODFORCE.hip pyroClusterRnD_v01_ODFORCE.hip
  11. Sword Trails FX

    Thanks Noobini,I will give this a shot. cheers
  12. Sword Trails FX

    Hi Houdini Masters, Just needs a heads up on how to build a procedural setup to make sword trails FX. Would appreciate your kind help cheers Karan