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  1. Offset time on Copy to Points

    @toadstorm Brilliant !! It worked, thanks a lot.So setting the index back to 0 was the key right ? If you don't mind me asking, how can I attach different wedges of the pre cached SIMs on this ? just by standard switch node or can it be done thru this setprimintrinsic VEX. Thanks again for your help !!
  2. Offset time on Copy to Points

    @toadstorm Thanks for your prompt reply, I tried doing both but still no luck ,Im attaching the hip file and connected data, would really appreciate if you can take a look at it. Thanks a lot !! feetAnim.abc footDust_Pts.zip footDust_RnD_v02.hip grnd.bgeo.sc
  3. Offset time on Copy to Points

    Hi Guys !! I'm running into a similar situation but couldn't make it work, I have a pre cached SIM which I want to attach to the points when the character is running ,I do have the startFrame numbers which I want to use in the Shift to Frame field of the timeblend sop ,but how can I do that ? I tried the setprimintrinsic(0, "index", @ptnum, @startFrame, "add"); VEX but its causing some random flickers. Would really appreciate if anyone can help me out. Cheers Karan
  4. Multiple Wire Objects with Wire Glue Constraints

    @Librarian This looks cool, where can I see this example ?
  5. Multiple Wire Objects with Wire Glue Constraints

    @Deviner I was hoping there must be some way to do this in wire solver , seems like I need to do this RnD in vellum now.
  6. Multiple Wire Objects with Wire Glue Constraints

    If you see my hip file I have used points groups and in wire solver then called in those groups in the wire glue constraint,I haven't defined any attrb in sops but still everything is smooth till sub branch level, but beyond that it starts complaining. Really ? not sure why its slow,I can run the full sim here within few seconds.
  7. Hi Guys, I am doing some RnD on Tree Sim but running into issues in wire solver which has multiple wire objects and wire glue constraints, everything is fine up till 2 levels i.e bigBranches and subBranches but the moment I bring in twigs and subTwigs the constraints go crazy. Can't figure it out what is causing this problem, can anyone help me out in this regard ? Attaching a simplified hip file and curves bgeo for the same. Would really appreciate if you guys can have a look at it. Best Karan treeCurves.bgeo.sc treeWireSim_ODFORCE.hipnc
  8. bullet metal bending by constraints

    Hi did you have a look at this thread ?
  9. Foe Each Loop Metadata Value Access

    Thanks a lot Jiri, it works like a charm
  10. Hi Guys !! Running into some issue here, as the attached image describes, how can I access the name string attribute showing on value parameter of Metadata.? Would appreciate if anyone can point out my mistake or tell me the way to do it. Best K
  11. Ocean Shader with Layer Mix

    just managed to fix it
  12. Ocean Shader with Layer Mix

    Hi Guys I am bumped my head on this but couldn't make it to work,I have a custom ocean shader which works perfectly when used individually but as soon as I plug it with layer mix the color blends are working but displacements goes away. What am I missing here ? Would appreciate if anyone of you can point out my mistake. Thanks a lot Cheers Karan
  13. Vertex Point Order Issue

    Hey @acey195 thanks a lot for your reply, will try that out as well
  14. Vertex Point Order Issue

    thanks a lot @anim for preparing that hip file, it works !! Cheers !!
  15. Vertex Point Order Issue

    Hi @vicvvsh I tired what you said but still no luck,I also tired copying the rest position of 1 frame on to others but that too is not working. I attached below the hip file and bgeo . Would really appreciate if you can have a look at it. buildingFrames.bgeo.sc buildingFrames_issue.hipnc