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  1. Vertex Point Order Issue

    Hey @acey195 thanks a lot for your reply, will try that out as well
  2. Vertex Point Order Issue

    thanks a lot @anim for preparing that hip file, it works !! Cheers !!
  3. Vertex Point Order Issue

    Hi @vicvvsh I tired what you said but still no luck,I also tired copying the rest position of 1 frame on to others but that too is not working. I attached below the hip file and bgeo . Would really appreciate if you can have a look at it. buildingFrames.bgeo.sc buildingFrames_issue.hipnc
  4. Vertex Point Order Issue

    Hi Guys !! I am running in this issue where I want fix hundreds these frames thru polyExtrude ,polyBridge and polyFill inside a for each loop, but the problem is there vertex point order doesn't match hence my for each loop is failing and giving me a weird mesh. How can I freeze or fix the point order so it remains same for all these frames ? I tried the sort sop inside the loop but no luck. Would really appreciate if anyone can give me some advice on this. Cheers
  5. Velocity offsets point position from sops to dops

    i am running it on ver 17.0.506, not sure if they removed particleFuildEmitter on version after that.
  6. Velocity offsets point position from sops to dops

    also you can use particlefluidemitter inside Dops, to source from your SOP points. flip_point_offset_v01.hipnc
  7. Fracturing a baked animation, how?

    Hi May be this could help you.
  8. Houdini Flip SIMM on a custom wave mesh

    Hi Have a look at this thread it might give you some direction. cheers
  9. Scatter Point on deforming object

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for,but here's the way you stick points to a deforming geo. Hope that helps Cheers!! Test_Revealing.hipnc
  10. Displace Ocean Spectrum on Deformed Mesh

    thanks alot for your inputs,the deformation is getting better now for sure but still I have no clue about how would I stablize the points knowing the fact that my geometry is deforming. I have scatterd the points on static mesh only, but if I turn on Attribute Interpolate is cause my mesh to flicker,while bypassing it the ocean spectrum is behaving the way it should. waveDisplace_RnD_ODFORCE_v03.hipnc
  11. Displace Ocean Spectrum on Deformed Mesh

    thanks for the pointers,its def.getting somewhere but still the deformations are not proper having these weird horizontal lines which are showing up in the mesh not sure what is causing that. is that because Im not able to understand your 4th pointer ? or its a uv issue ? as the ocean spectrum motion is not smooth,but I followed the thread and I guess the axes are pointing in the right direction. "- also make sure the point reference frames are stable during your deformation " ...could you pls throw some light on this ? waveDisplace_RnD_ODFORCE_v02.hip
  12. Displace Ocean Spectrum on Deformed Mesh

    Hey Tomas I tried your method but its not working on my mesh Not sure whats the problem I am getting the same results I was getting before. Would really appreciate if you can have a look at the file waveDisplace_RnD_ODFORCE_v01.hip
  13. Displace Ocean Spectrum on Deformed Mesh

    Hi Tomas thanks for the quick reply. I already saw the master class but no luck with that too as the method they showed was based on grid but in my case I am using a custom shaped geometry(the above hip one is just a dummy mesh). but the ODFORCE link you shared might seem to do the trick ,will try that out and see where it takes me and share the progress. Thanks a lot karan
  14. Hi Guys ! Need your help in solving an issue I'm stuck on,doing this wave RnD for a project,I need to add small detail thru displacement, thought ocean Spectrum might do the trick but its giving me weird result Is there any way I can use ocean Spectrum for this ?or if anyone can suggest some other technique to do the same. Attaching my sample hip file,the HDR map, test render and the ref. I'm following. Would really appreciate if anyone can give me some head-ups Cheers Karan ! red_hill_curve_1k.hdr waveDisplace_RnD_ODFORCE.hip
  15. Cloud timelapse approach?

    Hi This link might help you,thou it's in Russian.