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  1. Nothing else to do in Canada. Canada does not produce any world products, at least it has developers, mostly immigrants.
  2. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    More and better rigging tools!
  3. Houdini on a Surface tablet

    Wow, if I could run Houdini on a tablet, I would buy it.
  4. houdini theme

    Is just better sometimes to see a screenshot.
  5. Alt key for viewing in Houdini

    How can I switch options from "spacebar" to "Alt", Now you've set "Alt" as "Esc"
  6. Actually this is what I was looking. Very nice! I have another small questions, I don't know is there any Topic for "Beginners" or I have to create new topic all the time?
  7. How can I mark this topic solved?
  8. No, sorry I was wrong, I had to restart Houdini with Gl.1.2 and use "Smooth Shaded".
  9. Hello, I new to Houdini, learning modeling and new nodes, but one thing is bothering me, when I select primitive, it doesn't highlight to yellow color. Here is what I want: and here is what I get: It EXACTLY look like I've selected 4 edges, maybe I doing something wrong? I use latest OS X and latest non-commercial build. Please help
  10. read it and tell us