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    Hello guys, I would like to share our 8 week masters project with you. It was done at Bournemouth University as part of the Digital Effects course by 3 students. I hope you like it! Cheers!
  2. Learning VOPSOP

    What a wonderful thread! I did my fair share of exersices, feeling rather good at fast solving... before all the tasks revolving around intersect VOP started Great stuff to learn from, as it seems rendering hasn't been my first priority! Still, I would greatly appreciate it, if the people with stronger knowledge about matrices and quaternions get more involved (basically what Mr. Claes suggested). As a personal contribution, I could define the following task: Make a transformation matrice, which transfers an animatied object back to world origin (0,0,0). Extra points if rotation has been included and solved correctly! p.s. My solution uses the aim and up as orientation vectors, which I'm building in different attrib VOPs, but I would be very glad to see this same task solved also with quaternions.
  3. Hi, am not quite sure if this is the right place, but I am using mostly vex/vops for this exercise so I'll post here. I would like to do an aim constraint setup with the possibility to turn an axis off (to switch from 3D to 2D so to speak). In my proof of concept I am isolating the case, when I have already picked a locked of axis (should rotate around Y), so: 1) I calculate the vector between the target object and the rotationa pivot 2) I define a plane (more like a a vector) through the rotational pivot 3) I do a dot product between the both vectors 4) I jump into VOPs, feed the dot product into trigonometric functions VOP set to arc cosine -> feed to the angle of quaternion -> rotate quaternion -> update P. So far so good, the oriented object behaves great in the space between 0 and PI (180), which is the return of the arcus cosine function... Also, dot product returns a value between -1 and 1, which fits the 0 to PI paradigm. When I move the target object below the rotational pivot, I got flipped rotation, which is to be expected but very undesired. I want to have full rotation tho, does anyone have an Idea what I can improve/change/use to get the 0-360 rotation (without JUMPS between quadrants)? I feel kinda stuck, thank you in advance!
  4. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    This is definitely a legendary thread! Hat off! Still, I am not quite sure how would you render exactly such a sim? I mean, with bendable constrain network based on PIN constraints you get a bit too much "flickering" in the sim geo, so your low res prefractured pieces separate "slightly" from each another ( slightly meanining "enough to spot on a render"). I didnt notice this "problem" in the video Boris posted, but for example in the hip from Pavel is a big issue... Any thoughts? edit: actually the scenes with the rebar have also this feature. It looks far better, when you see the iron rebbar, but it kinda is a bit too much for my liking.
  5. PBR all purpose layered shader

    Hi, I think there is an issue with the PBR layered material for the apprentice version. There is no reflectivity/specular at all, only diffuse renders. -> https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=165462#165462
  6. Hi, I believe this thread will be very helpful for you. https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=30392&highlight= I hope SideFX integrates it in to the Packed OTL for the new Houdini release, I'm pretty sure it would save many hours of frustration for a lot of people
  7. [Animated Short] Helga

    Nice project, as usual Tim. Its even more interesting that you have decided to use a photogramettry technique, when 3D printing is getting a lot more accessible and many people go the other way around Will be great to post some progress and write about the experiences during these last 2 months. Schöne Grüße!
  8. AttibTransfer in UV space

    There is some really good information here, amazing work guys! But how would you approach the following problem: uv-ing a geo cache without UVs with non-constant point count (debris sim). I timeshifted to the last frame, created the uvs... but then how should I transfer them to the animation? I have some ideas about procedurally deleting chunks from the timeshifted frame, so I can match its geo to the current frame animation and apply a copy attribute SOP, but this seems to be very expensive to compute? :/ (and I dont know if it is going to work). Any workflow suggestions? p.s. actually, it seems, its computing pretty fast, but there is still some kind of a discrepancy by point/prim/vertex count and the attribute copy sop is messing up the uvs... :/ Copy_uv_02.rar
  9. Short and sweet OP centric lessons

    I wonder is the idea of this project still alive? Would be great if we see THEM videos
  10. Pyro 2 explostion R&D

    Hello, I'm fairly new to houdini and this discussion have been very helpful so far, thank you. Since my mantra rendering skills are very lacking, I'm really curious HOW did u render the final video? How did u export the separate passes for comp? (My "beauty" renders of the sim are looking really awful..) I looked at the vex shader as well, but I could not see many edited stuff there, the settings are pretty much default. (yeah, my personal pyro tests render teribad too, any good pointers for volumetric rendering in houdini is more than welcome) Cheers, and thanks for any help ! p.s. it seems mantra doesn`t output the assigned passes - fire_mask, smoke_mask and smoke_color are missing :/