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  1. Weird Car Paint Behaviour with Subdivision

    Thanks Matt, I hadn't tried the coving setting, nice catch! I'll go ahead and submit it as a bug. Cheers, Dan
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to use the Car Paint Shader in Houdini 16. It appears to be working fine on polygons, but if render as subdivisions is turned on the material doesn't render correctly. The image attached shows the problem, the tori have the same material, but the right one has render as subdivisions activated. The issue doesn't occur if I subdivide the geometry with a sop. Is this a bug I need to submit, or am I doing something wrong ? Cheers, Dan carpaint_subd_problem.hiplc
  3. Allegorithmic Substance in Houdini

    Yes it works great in Indie awesome stuff !
  4. TTMap!

    I've been seeing this recently too, seems to be related to the environment light in my case, particularly if there is an object that hasn't been assigned a material yet. Cheers, Dan