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  1. Wow, that's a lot great info! Thank you so so much, old school, I'm making a study of it...
  2. Thank you! I wonder why my turbulence can't work so well, definitely gonna try your method!
  3. This is my hip, hope someone can take a look at it, find out what I'm doing wrong, or optimize it for me, thank you~~ groundEXP_V1.hip
  4. Thank you! I set keys on turbulence and curl noise, but the influence wasn't prominent...
  5. Hi,everyone! I'm working on a ground explosion test and come across a few problems: the first few frames is important to me, I want to emphasize the expanding effect, so besides adding divergence, I also set keys on the fuel sourcing geometry‘s scale, but that seems to blur out the fire into a hot mess. How can I get more details in the expanding fire? Also, I add some custom vel into the sim, making it blow up in scattered directions, the side effect is: instead of forming a big mushroom cloud, it generate small mushroom caps as shown in the following preview. I have also tried using particle system to drive the sim, it also easily end up with these mushroom caps... How can I get rid of that? These problems are driving me crazy, if you have any advice, please help me, thank you very much!!! preview2.mov
  6. Pyro help!

    Hi! Your method makes a huge difference! I'm a houdini beginner, and I run into the same problem with H12. In H12, the source apply process is not laid out as clearly as in H11, I wonder is this trick still work in H12, and how to control the density and velocity sourcing order exactly. Could you explain it a bit more? Thank you very much!!!
  7. H12 Pyro Shader & Scattered Emission

    Hi! Have you got used to the volume light method? I couldn't get my volume light to work right, it lights up the smoke all over the place. Can you tell me the proper steps to set up my volume light and the main parameter to modify like how to control the depth of light scattering? Thank you very very much!!!
  8. Boat At Sea

    Great sim and fantastic render! I have a little problem with my foam test: the foam seem to vanish very quickly, Modifying the life parameter doesn't make that much a difference. How can I make my foam floating longer on the sea? I can really use your advice, thank you very much!
  9. bringing a SOP attribute to DOPs?

    I think in vop you can transfer an attribute from point to point, using import attribute and add attribute, if the point number match.
  10. fuel trail in explosion

    Hi, everyone I've been trying to simulate an building explosion effect. I use particles(convert into metaballs) to emit fuel, the result is a little odd. It seems that if the fuel moves too fast, the fire can easily be torn apart into some blobby hot spots. I also try to use the same particle system to control the velocity field, I don't think I fully understand how custom velocity field works together with the combustion module. Neither the "gas particle to field" method nor the "field force" method can give me a satisfactory result. I wonder if anyone has better method to solve the fuel or smoke trail problem. Have a look at my test file, and help me with some advice please. Thank you very much!!! test.hip