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  1. Houdini - Nuke pipeline tutorial

    Sorry for late reply, w/o that colon it wont work. Thank you for taking a look at my tut. I added project files links are in the description of th evideos, couldnt include the models but other than that everything should be in tact.
  2. Hello everyone. I recently finished a small personal project of a car crash made entirely in Houdini and comped in NukeX. I figured I'll post a tutorial of how it was done. It is aimed at intermediate or beginner, you should know your way around Houdini and Nuke's interface. Houdini FX It includes rigid and soft body dynamics, plastic deformation rig, baking animation in CHOPS and rendering using mantra. NukeX Color correction, lens distortion, camera solve, working in Nuke's 3D space and comping mantra passes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEaoiHOriYVhTsm5dcxsckg Hope you find it useful.
  3. Hi, im trying to transfer key frame animation to cloth object which is constrained to curve path. i use RBD key frame active to active the dynamics right before the collision, it worked great for me for regular RBD sims, but for cloth the velosity doesnt get transfered. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello every one, hope some one could help clearify few things for me if possible =] I have been using 3ds max and modo and only recently started learning Houdini FX. I was following a tutorial CMIVFX Ambers and Ash http://cmivfx.com/st... Embers And Ash the second lesson. Here's where my problem lies, I believe he was using houdini 12.1 at the time and things are a bit different in 12.5. I'm on the last few steps of the tutorial where he transfers point colors to the mesh by adding Cd attribute in "particlefluidsurface" OP, Houdini 12.5 shelf tool doesnt creat it(flip fluid from object) which isnt a problem I can make it myself. Now the problem is when i add Cd attribute to "particlefluidsurface" in attribute Tab or attribute transfer the color to the mesh it comes out transperent where in the video, it is solid. I opened up the project file to compare the difference i could not find any so if some of you could point me in the right direction i would apreciate it =] Thanks in advance. Solved. was a simple glass shader that was being automatically applied. . . feel so stupid now.