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  1. Cookie/Bool Help

    Pretty awesome way, Twan Working far better than cookies or VDB!
  2. make transform rotate along itself

    Thanks, Jim. Why i want to use maketransform was maybe i can have a better understand about maketransform vop. The rotate vop also was a great way to do this .
  3. Hi. Guys. I met a problem, There was a bent tube i want rotate it along itself. I make a sketch to help understand. D: The problem was i need do it by maketransform node of pointvop, i initial the pivot, but i can't set the rotate right. So if anyone can give me a hint will be great. Thanks. maketransform.hip
  4. start render without open the HIP

    Great appreciate for your help. Miles. I can do it convenient now, several days before i just know nothing about this.
  5. start render without open the HIP

    Thanks. Miles. I have try ifds on my linux, it works well as your said when i just test one frame. So the task was lots of frames, and i never working on any render farm before. I hope any free trail render farm can be test. What are the Hqueue doing?
  6. start render without open the HIP

    Thanks. Miles. Could you show me how to set a ifds, i never used it before.
  7. start render without open the HIP

    And i find the hscript to load the hip file also took me 13GB ram. So the problem was my terrible fbx file, i have try to merge them as one object. Anyway, thanks.
  8. start render without open the HIP

    After source houdini_setup. Linux shell also working perfect! Thanks.Anthony.
  9. start render without open the HIP

    Thanks. Anthony. Working perfect on windows, i will try on linux soon.
  10. start render without open the HIP

    Unfortunately the file was import form 3dsmax with fbx. I save to houdini hip file. The hip file size up to 6 GB. and i cannot export it to abc or obj form 3dsmax because fbx have the material path. Since fbx load every gruop polygon as a geo. So i cannot just save it to bgeo.sc or something packed. I already set viewport to manual. It still took me 15G to open it. If anyway to render it without open the hip? Or i will try to optimize it, merge them as one object by python.
  11. delete the interface parameter by python

    Thanks! Dennis. Now i have a better understood of if.
  12. Hi. guys. I got a huge scenes to render with mantra, it was too big, even i just open it took me 15G ram. but when it start render, houdini can be closed. So is it any way i can start render without open this huge HIP. Thanks.
  13. delete the interface parameter by python

    Thanks, Dennis. I try to follow your idea, this was my code def name(node): return(node.name()) node = hou.node('/obj/geo2') name = name(node) node.destroy() geo = hou.node('/obj') geo.createNode("geo",name) It works. But is it right? I not good at code at all.
  14. delete the interface parameter by python

    Thanks! Master The script works great. And if you get time, do you mind let me ask a basic python question again. So i have a geo1 in /obj lelvel, now i want get the geo1 name,then delete it, at last create a geo node named geo1 again. node = hou.node('/obj/geo1') name = node.name place = hou.node('/obj') place.createNode('geo') But the name variable was been remove before createNode, anyway to save the name variable. Thanks.
  15. Hi. Guys. I got a huge work to do, there is a fbx file export form max,when i import it to houdini, it include too much parameters on Geo interface form max. So i want delete it all since it was useless. I make a sketch show what i want to do. I just want to remove the ss parameter form interface, not just delete the keyframes or expression. If there was something like hou.parm().destory() modules can do this. Thanks.