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  1. wierd copy rotation

    Working great! Thanks, Skybar. But what's the different between the tangent name:N and up. I saw if i add a up vector, even i set the tangent name to N, it still works properly. Be honest, i still don't know too much about up vector.
  2. Get it. I forget the most important thing ,the render frame range. Now it working. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your fast respond. I will take a try .
  4. Thanks for your reply. Alessandro. But after i execute render of the fetch, i still just get one file. Is the rop_geometry output file name must be variable. Thanks.
  5. How can i write the bgeo separately by the ropnet, not by the file sop in foreach. That way use ropnet i can just write one bgeo. If have any time take a look with my HIP. Thanks! file_write_separately.hip
  6. BulletSOP 2.0.13

    Seems i get the same problem on linux fedora 20 houdini 13.0.498
  7. remove the attribute by VEX

    So the vex don't have a attribute remove function. I saw the VOPSOP and attribVOP haven't one either.
  8. polygon split

    Hi, guys. I get a problem maybe it was be asked before, but i can't find any tips. There is a grid polygon and i add a line on it by add SOP. Is it any way split the grid to two part by the line even the vertex number was not right. I can split it by polySplit or Clip, Break SOP, but they were not flexible enough. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks. grid_split.hip
  9. polygon split

    Thank you. Willow. It was feasible, but i think it not not flexible enough. Actually i want split many parts in a SOP once, it seems the polysplit with expression was the best solution.
  10. polygon split

    I think the expression was a great way to do it, i will take a try. Since i not good at python, i look forward someone have a simply way to achieve it.
  11. how to freeze bullet objects?

    A RBD auto freeze node may help.
  12. Antimatter Nuke with tutorials and project files.

    The last explosion looks cool. And your HIP was profusion, so many content i need to take a look! Thanks.
  13. how to keep creation frame in attribute

    My idea may be not clever enough, it likes the way popnet create the birth group, then make attribute. Hope it help. Cheers create_time_fix_1.hipnc
  14. Hi, everyone. I have a pop, there is something not working right. I take a sopsolver in new pop, initial a "s" attribute to 1, and then jump in sopsolver created a pointwrangle with f@s +=1; But it just increase once, then not increase at all. I just begin study the pop. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. pop_sopsolver.hip
  15. pop sopsolver not working

    Finally understand, i made a stupid mistake. I have to take a rest, it is early in the morning here. Thanks, Guys.
  16. pop sopsolver not working

    Got it. Thanks.
  17. pop sopsolver not working

    Year, great work. Thanks. But can it be done by sopsolver?
  18. You are right. If the rigidbodysolver was before the popwrangle, And you ticked the Active Object, the object will move at first, then be inactive. You can link the popwrangle to multisolver first, then link the rigidbodysolver.
  19. Transfer your velocity after assemble packed. You'd better not use wrangle transfer your velocity to dop, it will set the velocity to a value forever. I upload two HIP, you can see the different. Hope it help. Cheer fractureTesting_04_post_2.hipnc fractureTesting_04_post_1.hipnc
  20. 1. I wonder why the node name can't be digital-only, such as 1, 2 or 10.1. 2. And another problem, i want create a font with content was the number of the node name, such as the node name was s11 , the font content was 11, how can i get the number, opdigits(`$OS`) not working at font. 3. I can get the name by $OS in Hscript, how to get the node name use VEX, and where can i find all the VEX attributes? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. The node name and font content

    Thanks. Working!
  22. The node name and font content

    Thanks, it is a good idea. And anim 's answer working well too.
  23. The node name and font content

    Anim, I get a problem. Is `$OS` can direct insert into wrangle . string name = `$OS`; s@s = name; or s@s = `$OS`; It not working, or i was a wrong syntax. And the getobjectname() finction , I confuse with the What mean whose shader is being run? Thanks!
  24. The node name and font content

    Anim, Thanks for your super fast respond. There is too much thing i have to learn. I will have a try soon!
  25. Fluid sim - how to avoid that...

    It looks interesting. The standard reseed system not working well at all sometimes. The houdini help Setting the various Reseeding values too high can lead to fluid gaining volume over time in very splashy fluid simulations. Daniel. Is it possible to have a look with your reseed system. Thank you.