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  1. anyway to use oceanwave deform in vopsop?

    Thanks a lot! Pazuzu. Create a nice rusult.
  2. anyway to use oceanwave deform in vopsop?

    sorry. forget the HIP. VOPSOP_range.hipnc
  3. anyway to use oceanwave deform in vopsop?

    Hudson. Thanks you for your reply! Anyway i create a basic vopsop follow your advice. It is useful ! But i am a bit stupid when build the smooth edges. I get a issue. Are you convenient to check my HIP,or give me a simple sketch. Thanks again!
  4. power of gas repeat solver

    Thanks! Skybar. I get it. Actually you surprised me, how can you find that method. It seems i have to learn so much.
  5. power of gas repeat solver

    Hi, Skybar! Have you get a nice way to solver the problem on H12.5, it seems any change in gas repeat solver sop from H12.1. But i can not understand the idea you mentioned,forgive my poor understanding. Can you make a simple sketch, or a simple hip will be best. Thanks.
  6. HI, Guys. I am going to curlnoise a grid. I hope i can control the range of noise,also the strength of the curlnoise can decrease slowly,just like gradual change. So the ramp must be best. It looks a little easy, but i fail when try vopsop, i just have not grasp the essence of the vopsop. I make a simple sketch, hope you guys can understand. Many thanks! NOISE_Ramp.hip
  7. setting noise range by ramp vopsop

    Exactly what I wanted! More controllable, I will take a look carefully! Thank you, Tobin !
  8. Why the flip ocean wave so crazy?

    Increase the smooth Or add a drag force may help.
  9. https://vimeo.com/70025371 A advanced new tool.
  10. activevalue active RBD

    It works well!!! Thanks again!
  11. activevalue active RBD

    THANKS.YongBin Actually after it i active fractures by corlor. It looks a little better,but keep old problem. I will have a look your file. Thanks again.You help me twice!
  12. Hi! Guys. I am working a stuff such as wall collapse. https://vimeo.com/65805544 I used a vopsop to deform . and after the voronoiferacture another vopsop to restore the old position. The problem is how can i restore it back, i add a multiply -1 sop ,it not work well. Also i have a try with invert , bad result too. any tip. THANKS. vopsop to restore.hipnc
  13. vopsop to restore the old position

    Thank you! YongBin! It is so kind of you! learn lots from you. Thanks again!
  14. vopsop to restore the old position

    THANKS, YongBin! This is what i really want! helpful. Another problem, when i voronoifracture the deform box then restore it back, the interior detail was lost , lost randomness. I tyr to vopsop noise it by group. Any way, thank you!
  15. deform object to dynamic RBD fracture

    https://vimeo.com/65238554 Is anyone have a good idea how to achieve the effect as this video. any help would be appreciated.
  16. crop the flip surface

    HI. guys I have a fluidtank simulation to build mesh. The problem is when the flip resolution is much higher,the surface mesh produce too much primitives. So i want to crop the mesh. First i create the surface, then i copy it, transform it as a bounding object to create a point group which the first surface bottom point include . Then delete the group. It looks like so stupid. Is it have a variable such as depth to delete the bottom mesh or other better way. any help would be appreciated. thanks. FLIP_mesh.hip
  17. crop the flip surface

    Hi, Igor. Thanks. so kind of you! I think It works a good result. helpful. By the way, is it a other way to create the flip mesh which have nice detail too.
  18. crop the flip surface

    Thanks. I think it also works well.
  19. How to correct normals with voronoi?

    assemble sop “cusp edges” also working.
  20. Hey I've been playing with a basic voronoifracture. It has lots of detail inside when tick the interior detail. But it is a way to make the surface much more complicated. The surface edges is not as well as inside. Is it a parameter to change? Look at the thumbnail.how can i make like this. Poor english,sorry THANKS
  21. how to make voronoifracture much more complicated

    THANKS. Jorge Your attached file is helpful and also have nice detail. The shatter tool i will have a look. THANKS again.
  22. how to make voronoifracture much more complicated

    THANKS……I have try it brfore, but it is not i really want.
  23. FLIP - Pump from Object - Volume

    thanks again for that. helpful!
  24. FLIP - Pump from Object - Volume

    HI,Gramx.I want to do the same effect in flip. I add the noise in vopsop,but it does not work! Can you show me more detail about how to add the noise and velocity in flip! I really a newer in houdini! Thank you very much!!!