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  1. Happy new year, everyone. Let me ask my first question this year, I'm sure i have saw the similar problem before, but i can't find it again. So how can i control the shape of the grid become to a grid like. I want a smooth outline of my grid,not be a spindle. But it seems the ramp can't do it. I will appreciate if someone give me help. vopsop.hip
  2. Hi. Guys. I got a huge work to do, there is a fbx file export form max,when i import it to houdini, it include too much parameters on Geo interface form max. So i want delete it all since it was useless. I make a sketch show what i want to do. I just want to remove the ss parameter form interface, not just delete the keyframes or expression. If there was something like hou.parm().destory() modules can do this. Thanks.
  3. Is it possible remove the attribute use wrangle sop. I can't find any attrib delete or remove function in VEX. Thanks!
  4. Cookie/Bool Help

    Pretty awesome way, Twan Working far better than cookies or VDB!
  5. Hi. Guys. I met a problem, There was a bent tube i want rotate it along itself. I make a sketch to help understand. D: The problem was i need do it by maketransform node of pointvop, i initial the pivot, but i can't set the rotate right. So if anyone can give me a hint will be great. Thanks. maketransform.hip
  6. make transform rotate along itself

    Thanks, Jim. Why i want to use maketransform was maybe i can have a better understand about maketransform vop. The rotate vop also was a great way to do this .
  7. Hi. guys. I got a huge scenes to render with mantra, it was too big, even i just open it took me 15G ram. but when it start render, houdini can be closed. So is it any way i can start render without open this huge HIP. Thanks.
  8. start render without open the HIP

    Great appreciate for your help. Miles. I can do it convenient now, several days before i just know nothing about this.
  9. start render without open the HIP

    Thanks. Miles. I have try ifds on my linux, it works well as your said when i just test one frame. So the task was lots of frames, and i never working on any render farm before. I hope any free trail render farm can be test. What are the Hqueue doing?
  10. start render without open the HIP

    Thanks. Miles. Could you show me how to set a ifds, i never used it before.
  11. start render without open the HIP

    And i find the hscript to load the hip file also took me 13GB ram. So the problem was my terrible fbx file, i have try to merge them as one object. Anyway, thanks.
  12. start render without open the HIP

    After source houdini_setup. Linux shell also working perfect! Thanks.Anthony.
  13. start render without open the HIP

    Thanks. Anthony. Working perfect on windows, i will try on linux soon.
  14. start render without open the HIP

    Unfortunately the file was import form 3dsmax with fbx. I save to houdini hip file. The hip file size up to 6 GB. and i cannot export it to abc or obj form 3dsmax because fbx have the material path. Since fbx load every gruop polygon as a geo. So i cannot just save it to bgeo.sc or something packed. I already set viewport to manual. It still took me 15G to open it. If anyway to render it without open the hip? Or i will try to optimize it, merge them as one object by python.
  15. delete the interface parameter by python

    Thanks! Dennis. Now i have a better understood of if.
  16. delete the interface parameter by python

    Thanks, Dennis. I try to follow your idea, this was my code def name(node): return(node.name()) node = hou.node('/obj/geo2') name = name(node) node.destroy() geo = hou.node('/obj') geo.createNode("geo",name) It works. But is it right? I not good at code at all.
  17. delete the interface parameter by python

    Thanks! Master The script works great. And if you get time, do you mind let me ask a basic python question again. So i have a geo1 in /obj lelvel, now i want get the geo1 name,then delete it, at last create a geo node named geo1 again. node = hou.node('/obj/geo1') name = node.name place = hou.node('/obj') place.createNode('geo') But the name variable was been remove before createNode, anyway to save the name variable. Thanks.
  18. rbd and viscous flip interaction

    Could you upload your hip, so we can show you how to do it directly if we can.
  19. Deform Rbd sim

    Actually i came up with a better solution you can have a try. Ray the fracture points to the static origin surface by xyzdist. Then use primuv transfer the P to the moving surface.
  20. Deform Rbd sim

    I happy you like this setup. And your wiki was awesome.
  21. Try save as Whitewater.$F.sim
  22. Deform Rbd sim

    Cheers. deforming_active.hip
  23. Deform Rbd sim

    Since houdini14, you can initial object as deform active object, use deforming active to drive simulate. I will post a simple example.
  24. Voronoi Fracturing and foreach changing prim number

    Without interior detail,you can see Geometry spreadsheet,the name attribute:piece.. was change with ptnum orderly. When turn on detail, the last piece name attribute was completely disordered. And the foreach loop was base on name attribute, so when out, the pt order was different form without foreach.
  25. H15 cloth, plastic deformation?

    Hi, glomm. I have not deep in new fem solver yet, but looks like your way works great. Do you have any video or simple hip show the result. Thanks.