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  1. Laptop for houdini

    Hi, I am considering the same unit. The specs are really nice. What are your impressions? How about performance for long renders? (like several h/frame), or long sims? Best
  2. I have this problem: I have the hair curves imported as one mass of of points (each hair curve has equal length), which I then turned into actual curves by adding polylines broken every nth point. I then swept everything into actual polygons. Now, my problem is: I want to apply UV mapping, a linear mapping along each of the curves, and place them one right to another, like a patch of grass seen from a side. How to do that? UVTexture SOP has the options for splines, but I guess these needs to be single splines, not a bunch of them. Thank you in advance!
  3. UV mapping a mass of hair curves

    Thank you, I will try that.
  4. UV mapping a mass of hair curves

    Did not work, I will post sample file soon. I guess I would need to make an attribute integer that would take a different value based on a strand number, then, maybe use a for each loop to do the mapping for each strand, then collect them and lay out nicely. Yet, I haven't been using Houdini for quite a time (been working on a game in Unity) and could use some help here.
  5. I'm interested in a specific effect. Namely, I have a basic, perfectly square box modelled and sculpted in ZBrush, where I applied interesting displacement to edges. Now I want this effect to map onto other objects in Houdini, not only boxes - some look like slivers, shattered pieces of land, etc. Is there a Houdini Ninja here to show me a way? I thought the best solution would be to have each object same UV mapping, which would solve the case prettey easily - yet for objects which deviate from my original box object much (like boxes squased so they resemble a plane) there appear artifacts - which seems normal, since my displacement texture gets squased and stretched here and there. I thought of other solutions, like resigning from displacement texture and using remesher along with peak, smooth and facet - it gives me a nice effect, but I would like to have the possibility to transfer my displacement maps(designed for a box) onto other objects with same UV mapping. I hope I made myself clear. Thanks in advance!
  6. What's the workflow for exporting a skinned character to use in exernal packages, like 3DS Max? Is it possible? Best!
  7. Houdini Skin -> 3DS Max

    Thank you for help!
  8. Welcome, I have a problem trying to read multi channel EXR files from Houdini into After Effects. The eXtractor plugin in AE does not see any image planes, regardless the setting I try. Changing compression modes of EXR files does not help either. It is a pretty basic functionality. How can I remedy this? Thank you in advance
  9. Hello, I need some system to manage poses for my characters. The obvious choise is Houdini Pose Libary. The problem is, it seems to freeze when I want to save a certain phase (89th frame of my character animation, no big deal) - it looks like it is saving, but that state persisted for over 10 minutes until I killed the application... I use H 13.0.547. So: 1) is Houdini Pose Libary any good? 2) is it able to restore pose from a certain point in time (I mean dependent on the current frame), or does it always restores based off original frame numbering? Thank you in advance,
  10. AO pass

    I have a problem with AO pass. I created it using envilight set to AO mode and as solo light to a separate mantra ROP (following Peter Quint tutorial): https://vimeo.com/48977445 and it does not work. The reason is I have one material SOP with 5 materials applied, and I use overrides there to apply different textures depending on the UV tile (human body, color and displacement maps are there). Now, my problem is that these textures somehow manage to get through into the AO pass (regardless the parameter Disable Surface Shader Rendering being on). I tried adding a parameter called Surface Shader (I think it is general surface shader ovverride for the whole scene), but it does not seem to work right - I had to switch to non PBR mode, but still result are not what I would like them to be. Any idea?
  11. I need an additional muscle in my character to account for character genitals, since now there is much stretching (I base my auto rig off muscles not bones). Anyone have experience in adding one? Thank you in advance
  12. Hello, How to hide a primitive group from rendering? I have a character utlizing auto rig, I use the same rig for naked and clothed version of my character, and want to select parts of the body I don't want to render (obscured by clothes), because I expect and already see some parts of body see-through my clothes. Just look at attached renders and you'll know what I mean: Thanks in advance, Artur PS. Please check out my sites at the footer, I am looking for freelance work. --- Artur Mandas 2D/3D Artist & Developer www: http://arturmandas.wordpress.com horizon: http://horizonthemovie.wordpress.com mobile: +48 694087492 skype: artur.mandas1
  13. It works, I was simply tired and made a stupid mistake trying to get it to work... Thanks!
  14. Object 2 Vectors

    How can I convert an object consisting of curves into a set of line segments saved as an array of vectors? I really need it, thanks in advace
  15. Object 2 Vectors

    For line rendering in Unity 3D. I managed to get around this. Thank you very much!
  16. Houdini Pose Library freezing at save

    Good to know, thank you very much.
  17. material id render

    Hello, I am also looking for a quick high-level (without tweaking inside shaders) technique for obtaining material-based image planes. We have Op_Id, Prim_Id, certainly Shop_Id would be most useful of them all. Please help!
  18. I actually added genitals to my character and they work fine, although the whole auto rig seems an unfinished product to me.
  19. Ok, thank you, I will check that and let you know.
  20. I have H 13.0.547. I am sorry, but I do not understand what you were trying to convey. Could you be more clear?
  21. Thank you, but I have to keep the number and order of vertices intact - I want my blend shapes to work properly. Thank you, I did that, and as I wrote, it just stopped displaying the entire object (regardless the name of the group in the input string). Maybe I put that parameter in the wrong place, but I tried applying it to my geometry both at object and group node level.
  22. I've found this: vm_geometrygroup / object:geometrygroup = ('') which means setting a group string to empty at mantra property paramater, but this disables rendering of the whole object - I mean no matter what primitive group I set, like vm_geometrygroup / object:geometrygroup = ('group1') it doesn't see it, and just stops rendering the whole object. Anyone?
  23. autorig update error

    Hello, I have a problem with autorig. I cannot modify it, because when I try to update it, Houdini doesn't update the nodes (Biped_animation_rig and Biped_deform_rig). When I try to Refresh Imports for these two nodes, I get an error: "Error occures while trying to modify parameters to match the auto-link specifications." I tried to remedy this my matching these two nodes current definitions, and got no errors then at refreshing links, but, well, the rig stopped working then. So what I have to do when I want to update my rig is to create a new one, copy paste layer capture weights node to the new network, delete old nodes, and then everything works fine. But then I lose all animations on my animation rig. Could you at least how to store animation rig keys without some magic tricks on CHOPs?
  24. Flipbook variables

    Hello, I can't seem $CAM variable to get working in flipbook output path. How to get a camera, or a specific node in general, to appear in the saved filename from flipbook? ($OS does not work, but expression like $HIPNAME:r certailny does). Best wishes
  25. houdini crash add sop from pop

    Hello, houdini consistently crashes when I try to make 2 point polys out of particle stream using add sop. I tried every option. I achieve the desired effect, but when I go back to frame 1, it crashes. How to remedy this? It's revision 13.0.314.