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  1. RBD to FBX error! need help!

    Hello Ben! thx for your reply. and now the problem has been solved. the issues is all about the deforming attribute in bullet solver. because at the beginning of the animation. i create the deforming and active attribute by wrangle. but when u use deforming attribute in DOP. it looks like that the bullet solver will not inherit the orientation and transformation data from SOP to DOP. all the orient and transform attribute is ZERO when the active is 0. and i have checked the RBDtoFBX rop. it looks like they will use the packed point to transform the original geometry then export. so when the packed point don't have any transform and orient data. it will cause the problem. so the issue has been solved by switch the deforming attribute to animated attribute. Hope this will help someone! cheers! Kong
  2. RBD to FBX error! need help!

    Hello guys. i have tested this tool many times with success. but not in this scene. i don't know why. when i import the FBX file to UE4. i get a error message: could not find the bind pose. use time 0...bla bla bla. the file in UE4 still has animation data. but the transformation and orientation are wrong. then i import the file to maya and 3dsmax. still get the same result like it in UE4. so i think the FBX file i exported is wrong! i have tested many parameters in this ROP. without lucky. so it will be great if anybody can give me a hand. here is the hip file with Houdini 17.5.173. and i have stash the geometry in the scene! level_Final_Helicopter_Explosion.hip so it will be great if anybody can give me a hand. Thanks! level_Final_Helicopter_Explosion.rar
  3. hey guys. i have a problem about the flip collided with fast moving object. the movement bitwen two frames is a long distance and i can not change animation of the cup. i tested almost all of the step value but none of them helpful. it will be great if someone can give me a hand.thx.