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Found 220 results

  1. Rolling Box Tutorial

    Houdini Rolling Box Tutorial Here's a tutorial set for creating a rolling box without simulation. This was based on a question from one of my students, which turned into a bit of a complex answer. So I recorded the process. It's a good overview of how to create somewhat complex animation setups and avoid motion blur problems. The value isn't so much in getting a box to roll as to understand some animation methods in Houdini. Also covers lighting and rendering. Enjoy -Garman
  2. Keyframe moving

    Hey guys. I've started working on a little toolkit to make life easier for animators but I ran into a bit of an issue. The whole thing is written in Python with Qt iterface. One of the functions is simply moving keyframes on a timeline. Say I have keyframe on f10, f20 and f30. When I run the function it should shift all of them by given amount. The problem is that I can't figure out how to actually move a keyframe using python. I collect keyframes from a parameter (that gives me a list of hou.Keyframe objects). Then I assumed I can just iterate through them and set new frame number. This however doesn't actually move the keyframes and if I assing the changed keyframe to it's parameter using hou.Parm.setKeyframe(keyframe) it makes a new key, but leaves the old one there as well. So the questions is, am I missing something very obvious (I've been do a lot of python scripting for maya before, so maybe I just need to get my 'houdini style thinking cap' on), or am I out of luck? I could just delete the old keyframe once I create the new one, but I can't actually find anywhere in the reference, how to delete a keyframe using python in hou. This is simplified version of the code I'm using import hou def getKeyedParms(selected, parmList): for node in selected: parmsTemp = node.parms() for parm in parmsTemp: parm = parm.getReferencedParm() keyframes = parm.keyframes() if keyframes: parmList[parm] = keyframes return parmList def shiftKeys(parmList, shift): with hou.undos.group('Shift Keys'): curFrame = hou.frame() for parm in parmList: for keyframe in parmList[parm]: if keyframe.frame() >= curFrame: newTime = keyframe.frame() + shift keyframe.setFrame(newTime) selected = hou.selectedNodes() parmList = {} parmList = getKeyedParms(selected, parmList) shiftKeys(parmList, 5) Any tips appreciated.
  3. Hi, I've been playing around with instancing and I didn't manage to change the animation start frame on a per instance basis. For example, if I instantiate a cube with an animation (keyframes or bgeo sequence) onto points, all the instances play the animation the same way. (See file below) How can I change the animation start frame on a per instance basis to randomize things a bit (be it keyframes or bgeo cache)? Thank you in advance. Ryuji InstanceAnim.hipnc
  4. Hi guys, I'm facing a problem in Houdini. I've been given animation of a man and I need to create skin fracture on him and blow parts of his skin away. As it's deforming object, when I voronoi piece of his skin, voronoi pieces don't stay the same through the whole animation. I was wondering and researching, how else could I make pieces of his skin fly away, but I am a bit stuck. I have the animation in both low res (6000 poly) and high res (100 000). We aim to render the high res model, meaning I need to fracture the high poly one somehow, without having to wait a week for simulation to finish. Do you guys have any tips on how to tackle this problem? I'm attaching a .hip with animated sphere, showing that after I voronoi it, the voronoi freaks out on some frames. voronoi_on_animation.hipnc
  5. CMIVFX - Houdini Fur Tools

    Hey Guys! My brand new Houdini Fur Tools Tutorial video just got released on CMIVFX! Here is the Vimeo trailer: And if interested you can check it out over here: https://cmivfx.com/store/578-houdini+fur+tools If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact me! Hope you'll like it, and thank you for your attention!
  6. Hey guys, I've been trying to solve one problem I have with RGB applying to voronoi pieces, which are driven by particles. So in the beginning I create a box and voronoi it, create centroid point for each piece and move the points to affect the movement of voronoi pieces with a copy node. Now, the effect I'm trying to achieve is that when the particle turns red, the particle stops moving, and the voronoi piece that the particle is driving stops as well (velocity becomes 0). The problem I have is, that if the particles are not moving (its just static voronoi cube) the switch to RGB works perfectly. But as soon as I add curl noise on particles or any movement, the RGB simulation messes up. You can see that in my .hip file when you go to - box_object1 - popnet1 and you visualise the "BROKEN_SIM" node (which makes the particle stop when they turn red). If you visualise CORRECT_SIM, everything works just fine. Could it be that the rest position takes the frame 1 position of voronoi and then messes up, because voronoi has moved? Does anyone have an idea what could I be missing? dropFreakingOut.hipnc
  7. Hi everyone I am experimenting on a butterfly flocking system, where i was inspired from , OZ the great and powerful where Franco falls from the sky and wonders the Beautiful nature among him and sees a bunch of butterfly(which actually looks like a tree) and flies away. I am almost there and I need some help no to get this up and running I created and simple model and animated it using chops and cycled it all the way, and scatterd some points in a surface and copied it over and i have used a stamp function on a time shift to randomly make the Wings flap over time, so that all the butterfly looks different (has a different look), and gave the points some force and it moves fine.. now i am stuck with the wings animation, basically i want to take control over the wings flapping, i.e I want the wings to get flapped when the butterfly is flying and not while resting . This s where i need your help, i tried and i am still trying, and learning to get this done. any help would be much appreciated. I have also attached a file, so far what i have and also for people who doesn't understand my broken English thanks in advance fly_flock_odforce.hip hip.zip
  8. bones rotations

    Hi everyone I´m pretty new in Houdini... I´m trying to make a simple rigging with some boxes and one chain of bones with inverse Kinematics. But when the solver is placed i lost the rotations in each bone i can manipulate the chain only with the goal created with the inverse kinematics. Anyone Can help me??? How I can add rotations to the bones,?... can i add two kinematic solvers in the same bone?? thanks
  9. Hi Everybody, I would like to get some help/advices to recreate an effect that I find really NICE. So basically, I want to reproduce the effect created on the first shot of this demo reel: http://softimage.tv/demo-2013/ So what I did was to create an animation on a grid geo, with a scale up and scale down + 180 degrees rotation, and I used a copy SOP to copy this animated grid on the points of an inputed geometry (ex: a tube). One way I got the effect working was to use a timeshift based on point number (copy stamp with a value like $PT/500). So, this works alright but I would like to have more control, let say with something that "activates" the animation. A way I could say, when the point color is green, or when this object (metaball) is close enough, now activate and do the animation once. Any ideas are welcome. Also, maybe is there a better approach to recreating this effect? Thanks in advance guys, Christian.
  10. This connector is written in Python with Node based Houdini workflow. It uses a wavefront OBJ and MDD cache. Transformation is described by quaternion rotation and is not tied to a parent (in world coordinates). These tools are designed to facilitate the export from Houdini. bl_tools.otl
  11. riverboat WIP

    Hello guys Here is the riverboat animation progress that started a month ago with fun about a boat pbr mk2 rather like vietnam river with helicopters and effects, stay tunned for the final spot and enjoy the progress! flipbook: https://vimeo.com/68861290 Boat render: greetings Carlos www.carlosparmentier.com
  12. Cloud FX Animation

    Hi, I've started playing with Houdini's new cloud FX tools and am wondering if somebody could enlighten me as to how I add an element of animation to my cloud? At present, it sits completely static. It looks ace n all but there's no animation (ie slow evaporation and reformation of the cloud). I've attached a project file to illustrate this (Cloud Static) I also tried to parent the clouds transform to a null object in another project, but this just resulted in a really erratic reshaping of the cloud every few frames. Almost as if it was recalculating a new seed every few frames. I've attached this project file also (Cloud Erratic). If anyone could shed any light on this for me, I'd be eternally grateful Huge thanks in advance Cloud Erratic.hipnc Cloud Static.hipnc
  13. I am nearly there with this system. I have been able to get the points to run the circuit around the turns as long as i start them from the prim center, but when I switch it to start from random surface points so the points are varied, there seems to be some issues with my calculations. There are two nodes in the network that are giving me trouble, both are attribute nodes. The first is simply trying to map an attribute that I calculate in a VOP POP to a local variable, something that I shouldn't even have to do, and have used elsewhere in the scene successfully, but this particular variable is being pesky. It will work for a few minutes, but then break without any modification to it. It is being unstable and I am unsure why. The other is a node that calculates the point at the center of the turn so I can get a turn radius and radial velocity further down the line, but it seems to be grabbing the wrong points and I am struggling with figuring out why. The calculation should work logically, as long as the previous attribute does. I have turned the two nodes with problems red in the POP network inside the main SOP. Anyone with any explanation for this behavior would be welcome. city streets fullTurns.hipnc
  14. I am working on a project that uses Vector attributes on a plane to set the velocity attribute of a series of particles. How this is set up now the particles start on a primitave that has an initial vector on it, so they start moving. They travel over a region of primatives with no vector set, which I have the system ignore. Eventually they cross another prim with the vector set and they take the new vector immediately. What I am looking for is a way to detect when they cross over this region and instead of immediately taking the vector, I want to have the change be more gradual over time. Is there any way to do this? I know how to do it for an entire span, but only for specific frames. How do i make it only happen when it detects a change in the velocity vectors.
  15. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could help me with a technical issue I've been having. I currently have a horse with a run cycle attached to it in Houdini. I am trying to find a way to birth particles from the horse and have them stick to the surface based off a point cloud shader I created while the horse is running. I have yet to figure out a solution and was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the idea for me.
  16. Alright I'm still quite new to Houdini but I'm enjoying its shattering system and its dynamics are much more viable to use over the likes of Maya. My question is whether or not it is possible to bake object shattering and interactions with other objects as set keyframes. Reason for this is so I could possibly transfer it over as an FBX file to Maya. I apologize if this seems a bit obvious of a question. Thanks for any help, Belt
  17. Hey everyone, I've only recently started my VFX Career in the past 6-12 months, originally starting work with 3DS Max creating particle animations for a Disney Channel Movie. I have since realized the opportunity (and fun!) Houdini has to offer and have a great desire to get into the Feature Film aspect of things in the Vancouver area. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts that focused mostly on Animation as well. I picked up Houdini a month or so ago and have only really done a few mini projects/renders, but am looking for any Jr. Artist opportunities that force me to learn quicker. I am familiar with the basics of RBD Objects/simulations, fluid simulations and dynamics, shaders, procedural modeling and animation. I like the challenge of a demanding and fast paced work environment. Below is my portfolio site showing a few mini projects in both 3DS Max and Houdini, as well as my latest Demo Reel (all 3DS Max). My full resume can be found on my site. Portfolio: http://www.daveladnerdigital.com Vimeo (Demo Reel): https://vimeo.com/daveladner/videos Cheers and feel free to contact me with any opportunities you think suitable, Dave Ladner
  18. Santa & Klaus

    Dear odforce community, we (WE CAN DANCE Animation Studio) are working hard on our Christmas Animation Short for 2012 - "Santa & Klaus". After several years of half baked attempts this is the first time we really committed to producing a true character animation piece. Everything is being done in Houdini except for the animation which we unfortunately had to do in Maya due to the limited amount of Houdini Rigging and Animation Artists. We are however interested in developing a full Houdini Character Animation pipeline in the future if we are sure to have enough skilled artists at our disposal (feel free to contact us). With this animation piece we are venturing in several new areas that we haven't done before like skin shading and fur as well as the overall sheer amount of work that has to be done to finish something like this. I would like to use this thread for three things. First to show you regular updates on our progress. Second to get some feedback (which however might not be implemented as our deadline is rather tight but is definitely appreciated and discussed). And third to get technical help if we might get stuck in an area we aren't very experienced in yet. I will try to post updates and pictures as regularly as possible. Posts in this thread might be a little bit on the technical side while the artier (is this a word?) side can be seen at http://santa-und-klaus.tumblr.com We hope you find this thread interesting and entertaining. Best regards, WE CAN DANCE Animation Studio
  19. Mr. X Inc. is seeking a Senior/Intermediate Matchmove/Tracking Artist for upcoming feature film projects. Responsibilities include: 3D Camera tracking - recreating the movement of a stereo live-action camera in 3D, set extensions - ensuring 3d objects placed in a 3D virtual environment are accurately tracked. Using the measurements and pictures of the live-action set, camera information, distortion grids, and scaling reference of characters and objects to recreate a virtual set in 3D. Matchmoving rigid and non-rigid objects on moving elements in the plate. Removing lens distortion from the plates to aid in the solving of tracks. Qualifications: Expert knowledge of PFTrack or 3Dequalizer (knowledge of Boujou a plus). Thorough knowledge and experience with Maya. On set production experience is desirable. Previous stereoscopic film production experience a plus Knowledge of a tracking software's scripting language is desirable. Meticulous attention to detail with a great eye for camera, blocking plus composition and must work well under pressure for potentially short turnaround deadines. Able to take direction and feedback well from supervisor. A minimum of two years of feature film experience required. All interested applicants should email their resumes to recruiting@mrxfx.com with the subject reading “Matchmover". Please include the address of your web portfolio in your cover letter and/or resume or send a DVD of your demo reel to: Attn: Recruiting/Matchmover Mr X Inc. 35 McCaul Street, Suite 100 Toronto, Ontario M5T 1V7 We invite you to visit our website @ www.mrxfx.com. No phone calls please.
  20. Hey folks. Due to overwhelming demand, a second Houdini BootCamp with Peter Bowmar has been added on October 13th 2012 from 10am to 6pm. CG Masters Academy is pleased to present a Houdini 12 BootCamp, a one-day seminar with Houdini Guru Peter Bowmar. This bootcamp focuses on providing users of other 3D software an introduction to Houdini. At the end of the course, users should have a solid foundation on which to build their Houdini skills. Artists with 3D experience who want to step into the powerful world of Houdini 12 will benefit from this course. Seats are $199 + HST each. Advanced registration is required due to limited seating. There are only 10 interactive seats available (computer workstation with Houdini 12 loaded for your use during the seminar). Date: Oct 13, 2012 Time: 10am to 6pm Location: CG Masters Academy For additional details and to register, please visit http://academy.cg-masters.com/houdini-12-bootcamp/ Or call CG Masters Academy at 604-553-CGMA