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Found 131 results

  1. Building destruction.

    Hola This is my building destruction. Rigid bodies bullet OpenCL fracture - variable glue. 2 Particle debris 2 Dust simulations - variable turbulence. smokesolver - pyrosolver PBR Rendering
  2. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v5

    Hi, In attachment you can find fully featured BulletSOP 2.0 beta v5! BulletSOP is implementation of Bullet library 2.8(bulletphysics.org) inside SideFx Houdini. Its a plugin for creating incredible rigid body simulations. Primary it is single-thread application, but speed is very impressive. Memory footprint as well. The most important features of this release is that Its free and without limits(until now up to 5000poly objects). So now you can create real stunning massive simulations. This version is for Windows(64bit), Linux(64bit, gcc4.4) and Mac OSX(10.7), but OSX version is not stable on my system In attachment you can find example file with a lot of scenes, which are which propably the best learning resources at this moment. There is old tutorial(https://vimeo.com/57198443) for alpha version as well. I will make more tutorials for every node. And remember "Details view" is your best friend!!! Changes: - added motion blur output + example scene - faster Delete duplicity for constraints(2.6M constr. take only 4s) - fixed btLoader - added % info to btModify - few optimalization in btTransform Added new scenes: - building collapse scene(falling floor) - building scene with "snake" - high poly interior details on voronoi pieces - transform soft ropes with rigid bodies - added and changed few others examples LinkedIn group: http://www.linkedin....Houdini-4796605 Sneak Peek(alpha version): https://vimeo.com/57193837 Some info about this project: http://www.sidefx.co...wtopic&p=127978 Please, If you are interested in this project, take one minute of your time and fill this survey: http://obsurvey.com/...C4-71248188D81C Regards, Milan Suk EDIT: The latest beta v6: http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/topic/17640-bulletsop-20-beta-v6/ BulletSOP_2_beta_v5.zip
  3. Here is my house destruction WIP. On the videos in this post you can see what I made myself, before I stuck with the problem of a concave geometry in the corners (which can not properly handled by the Bullet engine). By default, the Voronoi Fracture HDA creates concave geometry in the corners (you can see it on the screenshots below) and if there is another object located in the corner (for example bricks behind the stucco), the simulation starts to explode (because the Bullet improperly complements such geometry to convexity). I tried to search some info about how to implement a Convex Decomposition algorithm in Houdini (may be HACD*), but I haven't any result yet. All what I have for now, is my concavity-testing VEX node, that finds all the concave parts, but I have no idea how to cut them on a convex pieces. It will be cool, if somebody can help me with this problem. Below you can see my tests. *Hierarchical Approximate Convex Decomposition http://kmamou.blogsp...ate-convex.html http://www.khaledmammou.com/hacd.html http://masc.cs.gmu.edu/wiki/ACD
  4. Hi, In attachment you can find 2nd public beta version for BulletSOP 2.0. This version is for Linux and Windows. OSX is coming soon. I fixed few small problems and mainly I added 2 new scenes with building collapse! More info about this project: http://forums.odforc...a-v3-for-win64/ Now the worse part. I spent a lot of time on this and I have to make a living, so If we want to keep this project alive, I need to make it commercial. So please, take one minute and fill this survey: http://obsurvey.com/...C4-71248188D81C Regards, Milan Suk EDIT : The latest beta v5: http://forums.odforc...sop-20-beta-v5/ bulletSOP_beta_v4_win64.zip bulletSOP_beta_v4_linux64_gcc4_4.tar.gz
  5. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v3 for Win64

    Hi, I want to introduce bulletSOP 2.0, which is new version of bullet implementation inside Houdini(surface network) for stunning rigid body simulations! It is based on Bullet phyics library 2.8. Primary is single-thread application, but speed is very impressive. On solver node is few option for multi-thread running, but its not so stable. When Bullet phyics library 3.0 will come, I will modify for GPU running of course In Attachment is fully featured beta version, There is only one limitation, you can create max. 5000 poly objects. There is no limits for other hulls(box, tubes, ...)! Full version will be completely without limits. For learning you can check this old tutorial(https://vimeo.com/57198443), but its for alpha version, so many things are different(better, easier). In attachment you can find example file with a lot of scenes(including sneak peek) which are propably best resources at this moment. I will make tutorials for every node as soon as possible. And remember "Details view" is your best friend!!! This is version only for windows 64bit. I will release Linux and OSX version in next few days! If you have problem to run this plugin on windows or its crashing, please write here. Othrewise with other problems, create new thread. LinkedIn group: http://www.linkedin....Houdini-4796605 Sneak Peek: https://vimeo.com/57193837 Some info about this project: http://www.sidefx.co...p=127586#127586 Regards, Milan Suk EDIT : I see that downloads of this old beta still increasing, so please go here and download the latest beta: bulletSOP_beta_v3.zip
  6. Hi, I have a fractured object with a glue network where I'm animating the deletion of the links. and I'm trying to change the state of the pieces as the glue network is being dissolved. I found a place where this data resides and it's a point attribute in the Geometry subdata of the glue network, in the Relationships branch. Does anyone know how I can access this point attribute? Alternatively, would anyone know another way to figure if a glue network connection has been severed in DOPs? Cheers