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Found 120 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for the equivalent to the pops nodes rotation, velocity, and attribute in dop pops, trying to simply convert a H12 to H13 setup. Not sure if this need be an RFE, or if there is an equivalent already there. Thanks -Ben
  2. With the new dynamics workflow in Houdini 13, there seems to be a tendency to simulate many things in the same DOP network. In fact, this is the second time this issue has come up, and only the second project in H13. Imagine RBDs falling into a flip simulation, (ice in water if you will), and you want to write out both the ice geometry and the water simulation geometry (flip points). What I ended up doing in this case, is write out the .sim data once, then extract the geometries and write those out in a separate process. This technique was clunky, as it resulted to a file node in-line in the DOP network, leaving a huge room for error. The second case deals with DOP particles, created using the new H13 particle workflow. I have an RBD simulation of fractured geo, and I would like to add some small debris particles and smoke. Should I do the sims in stages? (RBD -> particles -> pyro) While it makes sense to do the pyro as a separate stage, since it would slow down the iterative process and dialing in the behavior of the RBDs, it would be awesome to be able to sim it once, producing 3 separate geo sequences at the same time. Does anyone have thoughts or solutions to this? Thanks in advance. Gosh
  3. Cannot get wire to collide properly

    Hi, I'm trying to create a wire that is being pulled through a slit. But I'm unable to set the collisions properly so that the wire is able to go through it. I've checked the wire with and also the collision guide geo. I have really no clue what I'm doing wrong here. WireThroughSlit.hipnc
  4. I'm beginning my exploration of dops and I wanted to take a simple poly sphere, partition it into groups where each face is in its own group, then feed that into an rigid body sim to have it shatter against a static ground plane. Attached is a simple scene with my attempt to do this. The only issue is that some faces of the sphere remain unaffected and others pass through the floor. I'm not sure if I'm partitioning incorrectly or if my collision setup is incorrect. Thanks for your time sphere_shatter.hip
  5. reverse rigid dynamics effect

    Hi, I am currently struggling to create reverse rigid dynamic, something like this But instead of cubes, I have a voronoi fracture pieces. I found a way by using attractor but its not accurate and having some problems. Could anyone suggest a good idea to achieve this kind of effect.
  6. Multple Custom DOP smoke domains

    I have a few dozen smoke simulations that I want to run in a single DOP. They have separate domains, and I'm trying to find a way to have a single Smoke DOP generate N smoke containers, and assign each container to a seperate domain bbox. I eventually want to assign custom division sizes to them as well. Extra credit for being able to assign non-axis aligned domains.
  7. Hey folks, I'm having an issue when trying to dynamically fracture a glass tumbler object. Check out the quicktime attached to this post. You can see that the glass hits the floor, the object is fractured, but they immediately bounce back up. What I would expect to happen is have the pieces continue their movement down into the ground, but I can't find a way to get this. I've tried adjusting the Pre/Post Velocity Bias on the fractureparms node, but that doesn't seem to help. Does anyone know what params I should be looking at? Thanks for any help. Sid badsmash.mov badsmash.hip fixed_tumbler_EXP.obj.zip
  8. multiply collision with density

    Hi everyone I'm using a smoke simulation where a simple source is dripping smoke on a collision box. The collision uses the sourcevolume method, so I have the SDF collision available. I'd like to create an additional field which is nothing else than the result between the multiplication (intersection) between the collision field (after gassdftofog) and the density field. Basically I'd like to use this resulting field into a pyro symulation (a separated sim) as fuel to emit fire. The result would be that some fire emits from the locations of the cube where the smoke is dripping. I used a match field to fill a field "collisioncopy" scalar field, and filling it with the content of the collision sdf after converting it to fog. Then I used a gaslinearcombination with the folliwing calculation collisioncopy=collisioncopy*density The problem i have is that obviously the collision field and the density field are mutually excusive so the result is an empty field. My question is: is there some quick and dirty way to "expand" a certain field by a certain amount of voxels (in the direction of the gradient of its density for instance). This way i would be able to have an overlapping area between my collision field and the density and I could calculate the intersection between them.
  9. Kill Particles on Rest

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create impact dust when a piece of rock hits the ground. To emit particles I used attribute transfer to create the source from which the particles are emitted and everything is fine to this point. However, I would like the particles to stop emitting when the source geometry stops moving and I can't figure out a way to do it without keying the activation value. Thoughts? Please see attached hip file to get a better idea. Thanks. RnD_Impact_Dust.hip
  10. In the example video/hipfile, I have a piece of candy, which is three rbd objects constrained together. Is there a way to do that in DOPs? I know you can "emit" rbds via some expressions in the creation frame parameter, but that doesn't take care of the constraints. Can we make a debris gun this way? Thanks! rbd_debris_gun.hipnc candy.mov
  11. Morning odforce, recently Alejandro shared his amazing tool as showed in this video and the otl can be found here (http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=21558 ). its great tool, and defentely a lot to learn from it, but as i am totally learning everything in dops, i am finding hard to how actually bring this tool inside dops , as a custom force or however i can use this tool as. anybody who can share some insight knowledge about, implementing this tool, or guide me how to use custom forces. \\ Thanks in advance.
  12. Gas Sand Forces Microsolver

    Hey Guys, I've recently had to investigate simulating sand. I've manage to find a work around by combining a few different techniques which seem to work for the shot, however i came across the Gas Sand Forces Micro solver and would love to know how to implement it. I don't know if the micro solver will do what i want, I'm doubtful that it will. Either way i would love to know: A ) What it was designed/used for ? B ) How it can be implemented ? I'm hopeful that it plays well with the Flip Solver, although I have a feeling that its something left over from the old "sand" solver, that the the new Flip solver is based off and it being legacy... Any insight would be great! Cheers!
  13. Wire collisions

    Hey, quick question... Any way to have wire objects collide with non-sdf geometry? I am using deforming geometry, and it is taking a really long time to calculate the sdf for every frame (I need to get through about 1200 frames...). Seems like wire collisions only work with collision volumes and not regular geometry.
  14. Dandelion Wire Simulation

    Hey folks, I am trying to create a realistic dandelion simulation and beginning to bang my head against the wall/desk. I'd like to end up with this: I have attached my (rather tortured) scene attempt. My method is to bring all the sop geometry in as one big wire sim and affect gluetoanimation and kangular on the fluff/stem. There are 3 movements that I'm attempting to capture: 1. The twitching of the fluff 2. The bending of the stem while the prongs are still attached 3. The moving of the prong/fluff when they a re broken. I am achieving the first movement by affecting the wires with wind with random activation (otherwise the wires settle to still) but I don't want this wind to affect the prongs. Basically I'm all tangled up and if anyone has any ideas it would help me out a lot. Thanks all dandelion_Test.hip
  15. swirly smoke

    Hello everyone, Just posting here some playtime results with particle sims driving fluids, velocity fields, etc. There is a more detailed explanation in the link. Happy New Year! ~Ilan https://vimeo.com/56607239
  16. Greetings Folks ! What are some ways to overlay transformations(T/R) on inactive rbd objects inside dops? In attached simple file, there are few boxes becoming active @frame 50. While inactive they lie on top of eachother receiving a position transform from obj level animated object. What can i use to you offset their position for initial 50 frames ? Thanks, dopsOffsetPos.hipnc
  17. dustt puff - popnet

    Hi there, i am trying an effect, where a object falls on a dusty area and a dust puff comes around it. a simple approach after looking through many tutors and advises i used a particles system on a curve to spread particles and source it with the smoke container and using a somke solver for that. i want the points go in every direction, i am trying to do that and i dont know. any help and advice would be great. so far i am getting this result.
  18. Hey guys, been working with the Attract Fluid shelf tool to get two bursts of smoke attract to the word COUGH and then form it. Everything works fine except for the fact that once the smoke is contained by the COUGH volume it becomes jittery with every frame. I have tried tweaking the equalizedensity and blenddensity to no avail. Any ideas how I could get the smoke to calm down once it is contained by the COUGH volume? Thanks
  19. FX TDs often need to crack, break and simulate buildings, roads and other hard bodies. Raymond Corbett, Houdini Master, provides a straightforward technique for creating an animated fissure and then passing the geometry over to DOPs for simulation in this new online training video. 3.75 hours. http://online.cg-masters.com/videos/software/6
  20. Dops attractor force

    I am trying to accomplish something in DOPS, and I am a bit lost. Hoping for some help or a quick example .hip. I want to create a simulation where objects are being attracted to another object's points. Each point should have only one object assigned to it. I want to use an RBD point object and bullet as the solver. I have goal positions assigned to my RBD point object's points, but they do not carry through into DOPS. So, one question would be how can I attach that data to my DOPS objects? The other issue seems to be that data is not read into the vop force (I tried with a rbd fracture object, with attached geo data). The reason I am using DOPS instead of POPS is that I need particle-particle collision. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! -adam