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Found 639 results

  1. Melting Pagoda

    Hi there. I did a mini-project to practice variable viscosity FLIP fluids. I would like to revisit a couple of shots, but until I´m able to use the render farm at work, all my farm is my laptop. PBR in Mantra might not be the fastest thing ever, but the quality certainly is there. Also...I didn´t know 12.5 was about to get released! I would have saved some (preciousss) sim time! https://vimeo.com/61843919
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to do a simple fill. I have nothing fancy, just a very simple scene of a box(emitter) emitting fluid inside another box (container). All geometry is closed and very simple. The container fills up and the fluids collides like I would expect, but as soon as the fluid reaches a fill line that is level to the emitter (in Y axis) the fill line stays the same. I was expecting the liquid would keep emitting and fill up the entire container until there is no more space left inside.. but it just emits up to the same level as the source, and will not rise any higher. I tried setting up the simulation and sources using my own setup I'm used to in dops, and then tried it using just the shelf tools for safe measure but the problem is still the same. Has anyone ever experienced this before?
  3. I am working on a scene where FLIP is poured onto a character. I am wondering why the FLIP particles are doing a couple of things: *Why the particles are exploding so much in all directions on first contact with the collision geometry? I was told that it may be the little details on the character geometry like the mustache, those pinches between the arms and shoulder, etc. that could be the problem. *Why the FLIP particles unnaturally wrap around the character geo as it is moving forward. It’s almost as if the FLIP fluids try to meet again after being separated. Example Vids.zip
  4. Hey folks, Does anybody know how to use the "Goal Divergence" and the "Pressure" in the "Gas Project Non Divergent"? Whenever I try to inject a field the particles go crazy. Would be nice to get something like a explanation or example file. Thanks
  5. FLIP auto resize tool

    Hey guys, I received few requests to share my tool. I guess it may be interesting to someone else. This project is just a simple test which I did in a few hours, so it still needs some tweaking. Anyway, I hope it'll be useful to someone. cheers FLIP_auto_resize_03.hip
  6. Hey everyone, i have an issue that i need a quick fix for, i have a flip simulation (water fountain) which i need it to change colour as it collides. For instance starts white and when it collides the collided fluids turn red???
  7. This is proof of concept for simulating water inside of air field. The only difference in simulations is the presence of that air field. Done with standard Houdini flip tools. Inspired by ILM's Siggrpah talk on "Battleship". See the huge difference and much more realistic behavior. Watch it here: https://vimeo.com/57182252
  8. Hi everyone, I'm looking to build a simple glass fill animation but I've stumbled onto a problem before I could even begin the animation. I'm using a flip fluid that has some initial data from a SOP object. I've also made a glass that I want the flip fluid to collide with. I had some problems generating a valid SDF for the collision, but I have seemed to solve that by adjusting the offset on the isooffset node. If I feed the generated collision SDF to the flip solver, the particles start to behave in a weird way. They seem to remove themselves from the sim when they touch the glass. I've added an image demonstrating the problem in 3 frames and is also showing the collision geometry. Can anyone point me to the reason why the particles are disappearing? Thanks Glass.hipnc
  9. More detail to small scale FLIP

    I've been learning some FLIP fluids from a small tutorial from 3D Artist. Due to the sake of time and speed, I deviated from the lesson by lowering the scale of the geometry from 1 to .4, so as a result there are changes in detail. I attached two links, one of a Flipbook of my scene and the other is a video of the tutorial FLIP example. Are there any ways to add more detail to FLIP fluids on a smaller scale, like a sort of upres for it? What kind of attributes could I use to create those nice tendrils, less-rounded shapes, and breakup like in the tutorial example? My scene: Tutorial Scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCLWFRwf7ak
  10. Hey guys, I'm just running a little fluid test and I have noticed that a rhombus shaped 'particle' gets created a few frames in to the sim and moves along a curve in the x-axis. It' isn't a flip particle/point because when I look at the particles in my sim it isn't there but after I append the particle fluid surface it appears. This isn't the first time I have bumped in to this rogue little element so i'm wondering if I am just being a buffoon and forgot to turn something off. Anyone know what the hell this thing is? Cheers errorFlip.avi
  11. Nutlet 2012 VFX Reel

    HI, I post My latest on Viemo: https://vimeo.com/53734966 I am looking for a position as FX Artist or Jr.FX TD. Here is My Web www.nutletvfx.com And my Mail: vfxinnut@gmail.com The last shot was made in 2011 by using maya fluid for tornado simulation. And others is made by using houdini and mantra. The First two shots are FLIP fliud simulation. The third, ocean rock and splash, is POP EFX. The shot "helicopter rocket and explosion" is made by using my Smoke tool. There is none fluid sim in this shot. And the idea of this tool is to render metaball as volume with pyroclastic texture. Hope you like my reel. Thanks for watching!!
  12. Hi guys, I have created a small flip fluid sim for and I was wondering what method I could use to create points on the surface to instance geo such as leaves and debris onto. I have been doing a little research and I can see that Houdini has some nice volume advection tools but I can't seem to find any straightforward advice on how to create points that float on the surface and inherit the velocity of the fluid... Any ideas? Thanks
  13. Hi, Am very new to Houdini. I am a 3ds Max artist. I recently started working with Houdini. I was wondering how to transfer custom velocity into pyro sims. I've a particle simulation cached. I was trying to transfer its velocity to a pyro simulation. I tried the shelf source from object tool, turned off everything expect velocity and switched it to add mode. IT seems its not working. Am sure am doing something wrong. Can someone enlighten me a proper way to do it? Ranadeep Mandal FX Artist Makuta Effects
  14. Hi, (Sorry if this kind of question was asked before) I'd like to set up a flip fluid in a fashion similar to naiad's, where the particle density can be set up separately for the surface and the volume of the fluid. (See attached image as an example) Now, the generation of this is pretty obvious, but I'd like the flip solver to behave as if the in-volume particles had a bigger scale or radius (so I'd need less particles to fill the same space). I tried to adjust the pscale attribute of the inner particles, but that doesn't seem to affect the solver. Any ideas would be appreciated... imre