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Found 214 results

  1. Hi guys, I have an urgent problem that needs addressing. I am trying to figure out how to mesh the hand model in my scene with the fluid, so it appears as if the hand is morphing from it. I have a posted two images to show you what I mean. For some reason it isn't letting me upload a video. I've converted both into VDBs and used VDB combine with SDF Union. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Ocean in a Bottle Sim

    Hey guys, I'm extremely new here, and have just been experimenting with Particle fluids and Ocean FX. I'm now trying to achieve a Wavy Ocean effect inside a bottle (eventually it will have a boat on the water) but i'm lost for how to get the Ocean FX to be contained within the Bottle mesh. Could anyone recommend any resources that could help, or push me in the right direction? I have managed to get a FLIP Fluid form Object in the bottle, but the particles slowly leak from the mesh at two points in the mesh. Any help would be great.. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! So here's a little quick project i did this weekend, it's pretty low-res. I'm not satisfied with the foam pattern so for the next simulation i'm gonna try some custom velocity forces to generate foam from more specific areas, and of course up-res the particle numbers ALOT! Any feedback appreciated - Enjoy! Technical specification: Main FLIP Simulation: 3hours 30min Foam Simulation: 3hours 40min Meshing Process: 2hours Main FLIP: 6.000.000 Particles Foam: 500.000 Particles
  4. Hi Can someone shed some light on how to render a velocity pass, from a flip fluid vdb mesh, for compositing? Here's a reference videos:
  5. Pyro quick explosion

    Houdini pyro quick explosion test using particle source.
  6. VDB issues

    Hi there! I'm currently working with VDB tools (for my project) which I'm quite new to and I'm trying to make an object rise from a fluid similar to Peter Claes' "Jam" project. But at the moment, I'm having a few problems. When converting one of my objects to VDB, the whole object is not completely showing when I combine it with another object. The second issue is that, well at the moment it looks like it's coming out of the fluid, but I want to get it more realistic. The fluid is honey so I'm not sure how to add in viscosity for example. The scene file is attached. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks. I'm not sure why the scene file isn't being attached but there are a couple of pictures if that might help.
  7. Hey Guys!! I basically want to simulate my flip tank, export the simulation cache, and then read the base fluid cache to simulate whitewater. First i'm exporting my simulation cache using an "Rop_Output_Driver" like this.. Then i drop in a "file_node" to import my cached base fluid .bgeo like this.. I have about 4millions particles in this scene so i'm not expecting a realtime playback, but just jumping to a random frame takes ages, it feels really heavy like it's trying to simulate/cache base fluid again! I want to read the cache files and use them to simulate whitewater without having to simulate my base fluid again.. I've also attached the scene file, hope someone can help me figure this out Scene_File_Caching.hip
  8. Fluid Container Clipping

    Hey guys, Hello dear Odforce-Community Im a young CG-Artist, using Houdini for a year or so now (not as my main 3d package) I have a problem with the dynamic resizing of my fluid container. The container is "clipping" the fluid and dont resize correct. I cant explain why it is so, because the "Fire"-Fluid-Container resize correct only the blue "Ice"-Fluid-Container resize incorrect. But the settings in the two containers are nearly the same. The "Bounds" settings in the resize_container couldnt help me.....:/ Here the video: http://vimeo.com/112612980 around 0:04 sec you can see the clipping on the left side The .hip file of the szene is attached. clipping_container.fbx.hipnc
  9. Controlling Fluids Along Curves

    I have been playing around trying to really pick up the microsolvers and decided I would try and 'push' a fluid along a curve. Here is my attempt which works but I am feeling a different look. Right now the fluid gets pulled and it looses its smoke movement and ends up looking like an animated fog volume that grows along a curve. Ultimately I want to achieve a 'hand of god' look (reference) with a mix of death eater that is pushed along like a channel of wind. I am thinking maybe a base volume the advect pops but I am curious if any of you have some other trickery for doing this with fields and volumes? it would be cool to get some licks of smoke spring off the curve path and dissipate but I am not quite sure the best direction for art direction and control. (I know the shredding and turb are causing the weird swirling. I did that to see if I could force the smoke out of the curve velocity field so it would dissipate and float away) Thanks ahead! VolumeControl.hip VolumeControl.mov
  10. flip fluid morph into object

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to recreate an effect Peter Claes did with his "Jam" simulation where the jam morphs into the character, but I can't seem to get anything close to it at the moment. I've got a basic scene going using flip fluids. www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6J7AC1GsRc - Peter Claes "Jam" Thank you for your time!
  11. Hey Everyone on this beautiful sunday! So, as I am touching pyro for the first time, of course I am using the "Gas Resize Fluid Dynamic" node (from here on out called the "resize node") in my DOP-net to auto adjust the grid size. However, I a getting this slight flicker in the simulation, as long as the container size is being modified by the resize node. As soon as the container has reached its maximum size, and no resizing is going on anymore, flickering stops. Turning off the resizing and letting the container have static dimensions, also eliminates the flicker of course. Anyone out there familiar with this? I tried messing around with the resize-node's "Subtract Threshold" parameter, since it seemed to me (from the help) this might be connected to the problem somehow? But no luck so far.... Thanks for having a look people. resizing active, flickering results before the gridsize comes to rest resize_flikr.avi resizing disabled, no flickering noresize_noflikr.avi --------------------------------
  12. creating white water on cached fluid

    hi. I was wondering how to generate white water on cached fluids. Maybe im doing something wrong. I cached my flattank_fluid to .bgeo but white water wants fluids. Any help? thnx
  13. VDB Mesh Jitter

    Hey everybody, I've looked all over odforce but nobody seems to be having this problem. I attached a video to show my problem but the title should be very self explanatory. https://www.dropbox.com/s/npwjl49t3p908pv/meshjitter.mov the mesh seems to be very noisy, jittery, and I was wondering if anybody knows how to solve it. The way I'm building it is VDB from particle fluid > VDb smooth sdf > VDB reshape > convert VDB. I've also tried getting rid of the smooth and reshape with no better results. The particle count is pretty high so that doesnt seem to be a problem.
  14. Hi all, I've got a little issue with a flip sim I made. It's a very simple effect actually but I don't know why.. It doesn't work properly! There is a flip fluid emitter inside a voronoied (and exploded) sphere. And I want the fluid to explode and collide with the sphere; Very simple, isn't it? The other thing is, the sim has to be in slow motion. So I made the sim in 100fps (for now). You can watch the result with the .mov below Really, I don't understand why it doesn't work. There is a weird move when flip collide with the sphere... I assume it's about velocity issue but I can't fix it... Here is the hip file too. Could someone help me about this please? Cheers, filp_test_issue.mov flip_sim_issue.hip
  15. I have a smoke sim. I want to reduce velocity in the area inside of small box (like in pic). I want to have opportunity to fill this area with custom velocity. Thanks.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm quite a beginner in Houdini, so maybe someone can help me with this issue. I'm trying to create an erupting volcano with Flip Fluids (the lava, not the smoke), so I modeled a geometry which I'm trying to use as a collision in the DOP network. Now, when I'm trying to use the fluidsource SOP I get some weird artifacts and can't really manage to get a decent collision SDF volume. One thing I've noticed is that the new VDB volume is really fast and gives me a very good result, but even after I've used vdbconvert to convert my VDB to a default houdini volume I couldn't use it as a collision in DOPs using the sourcevolume DOP. (Please check my attached pics.) Are there any tips on how should I handle this problem? Is there a way to make this VDB volume usable by DOPs or ar there some parameters I can tweak that make the fluidsource SOP output a good collision volume? Thank you.
  17. Boat Fluid Collision

    Hello,guys! Have a problem!I must do something like this: https://vimeo.com/37536300 Trying working with force above the boat (but after collision with box boat comes under water), and try to change density or mass in RBD Object. So please if you have some idea post it=)
  18. Flip Fluid Cache

    Hi guyz, I'm currently working on a little fluid explosion type effect. For that I cached out my simulation, and I would like to now cache out the geometry that gets generated, however everytime I start my caching (using rop outputdriver), it only caches a few frames until it crashes. It seems like it is running out of memory, but I'm working on a machine with 32gb ram, and it always caches a few frames until it crashes. Do you know if there's a way around this? Thanks in advance Sustaxata
  19. Boat Ride - Flip Fluid R&D

    Hey guys! This quick Flip Fluid R&D was aiming to create a fairly realistic Boat Riding simulation in a large scale water. The video contains a breakdown with some information about my system specs and my simulation settings. The end result didn't come out as good as I wanted to, since I wanted to have more particles and higher render settings, but I didn't have a lot of time working on it and my laptop wasn't able to handle more particles in the given time period I had for creating the effect. But all in all it was a good exercise and it was a fun little project. SOFTWARES USED: Houdini FX, Nuke, After Effects CREDITS: Animation, Simulation, Shading, Rendering and Compositing was done by Laszlo L. Ujvari aka. Myself Boat model was downloaded from 3dmodel.domawe.com Music: Zero7 - Waiting Line Thank you for you attention! Hope you enjoy!
  20. Hello, I am seeking the way to generate normal to points particles for get proper reflection/refraction, i have tried using add point node with normal but is not proper one. Probally is with vopsop generating with volumesample from fluid surface and transfer into point but i dont know the good way to do. any know that? or any link about that? thanks in advance!
  21. water curtain FX

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create some water slide (something looks like a water curtain) effects based on this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3SE2SWb4ac Can anyone help me to start ? Thanks
  22. Particle Fluid Morph Effect

    Hi guys, I am trying to achieve the fluid particles fall down to ground and deform into some shapes, like the fluid morph effect in the Houdini demo reel 2010. (https://vimeo.com/14012237 First 10 seconds) So how to morph fluid into geometry? Thanks.
  23. My FLIP stopped moving

    Hi, I've been trying to figure this out for a few days, but no success. It was a sceen with flip simulation that recieve vel from curve. Somehow my flip decided to completely stop moving around frame 287. I use Houdini 13.0.237 Thanks custom_vel_test.hip
  24. Hey guys, Just having a bit of an issue that is puzzling me. I have noticed that when you emit particle fluids from an object, it only emits from the object surface. I have attached an example image demonstrating the problem I'm having. I have set up custom velocities which will need to be applied to the interior also. So is there a way emit from an objects interior as well as surface, I have tried a couple of things such as converting the object to a volume and the scattering point but i can't seem to get the particle fluids to source from the points. I have had no luck so far, so any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  25. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Hi, Is there a way to achieve this effect in H? https://vimeo.com/12992186 http://www.fusioncis.com/pr_smorganic.html