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Found 229 results

  1. Render 360º

    Hi guys! I was looking for how to do 360º renders, but i can not find help about this. Someone knows how i can make this? Thank you!!!!
  2. Hi! I'm currently working on a shot where I have a Pyro2 sim with fire and smoke. The comp asked me to give him those passes: -ZDepth -UV -Smoke Pass -Fire Pass Now, I tried to export the standard Pyro2 planes (smoke/firepass and masks) but they're really pixelated (and they're practically IDENTICAL in contents even if in the sim they're not). Not a gamma issue, and the volume step size is fairly small for the scene scale. I just find them not usable. For the UVs, is there a way to export them (maybe abusing Rest?) or to cheat it? Depth...depth is a problem I think, I did some research and apparently the only convincing way to do it is using Deep Maps which Houdini doesn't support for EXR yet. Any other ways? Maybe attach a light to the camera and render out a depth map and use that? Smoke and Fire passes, as I found the builtin ones not useful, so I was thinking of rendering fire and smoke separately and then let the comp put them together? I don't think it's going to work unless I find a way to render each other with the other one acting as a matte? Note: this is not going to be comped with RGB lighting so that's out of the question, unfortunately. Any help? Thanks in advance
  3. Houdini R&D and Render

    Houdini R&D and Render - Availability immediate One Animation is looking for a highly motivated individual with a strong understanding of Houdini in both Rendering and Digital Assets for fully animated Productions. An in-depth understanding of Houdini is essential, and experience and knowledge of Alembic software is an advantage. A programming background and or knowledge of scripting languages is desirable. Positions are currently available for both experienced and junior positions. We are looking for creative individual’s who will work in our Research and Development Team to develop pipeline tools and rendering solutions to assist across multiple projects. They will also be responsible for assessing new software and staying current with industry advances. Requirements · Excellent English skills, both written and verbal · Strong sense of self motivation · Strong creativity capabilities · Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Arts, Film or similar discipline Other Considerations · Experience with Compositing and Image Manipulation · Other creative skills such as Photography or Traditional Art · Aptitude to participate in all aspects of pipeline developments and production. The successful candidate must be willing to relocate to Singapore, and be a part of a growing and dynamic team. Please send a CV and email to steven@oneanimation.com
  4. hi everyone, may be i am wrong with this question, I have a smoke simulation, and i want to cache it out. all i want to do is cache the sim with very less voxels count and use the cached sim to increase my volume voxels for rendering. is it possible or is there a better way to do it. ?? thanks in advance