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Found 227 results

  1. Hello! I'm kind of new to Houdini and when I save a frame in mantra ( file > save fram as... ) it doesn't keep the real color which are displayed in my mantra render. I tried TIFF, TGA, JPEG 100% and nothing worked, colors are still different from the one coming out of my mantra render.. Any idea how to keep the exact same color ? Need help, have a nice day guys! Fay
  2. I have this project that involves third party model with XGen fur from Maya, I tried looking for solution and so far haven't found any. Just need to be able to render the scene without need to restyle the hair with houdini hair system. Thanks in advance. P/S will be rendering with Renderman.
  3. I would really appreciate help with doing the simplest possible volume render using RenderMan in Houdini. I always just get a black image. I think my issue is that I don't know how to set up a volume shader... A sample .hip file, or just telling me which nodes to use, would be very appreciated.
  4. Hi My understanding is that Indie v 15.5.528 supports Octane but NOT Redshift. Is this correct? If so, anyone have an ETA for Redshift support?
  5. Hi all! Maybe this is a very stupid question... but it seems to be a difficult thing to do so here goes; Is there an easier way to output depth maps for After Effects? I now have to import my renders into Houdini and put them through a comp network to equalize the values to get a usable rgb map. importing directly from Houdini into After Effects results in a black and white map with no detail in between. How do you guys do it? cheers, Jeffrey
  6. particle "beam"

    Hello Houdini Masters! I'm having trouble with finding a starting point for creating a beam of energy being shot out of the barrel of a weapon. I haven't worked with particles much, but I don't really understand how all those particles become something so clean as a solid beam of "energy". I have some reference as to what i would want the beam to look like: (lilo & stich - the green ray from Jumba's gun): (WoW: Legion trailer - Sylvanas's arrows she's shooting) If anyone has any links to tutorials, articles explaining the process for this, or has any first hand experience working with partcles/"energy"beams your help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello. First thread here, sorry if this is not the proper section. I have a simple question. I was doing a batch render (using hrender) and I forgot to specify the image format. So now I have a bunch of files without an extension. I thought that wouldn't be much of a problem, however, I tried to rename them to exr, tif and png without luck. I can't get Nuke or Photoshop or windows to read them, they look like corrupted files (more precisely, with the wrong extension, I think) If it's any help, the resolution is something like 600x300px and each file has around 5MB (which I figure is pretty big, which is why I thought they were exr, but apparently they aren't) Thanks
  8. Our new GridMarkets Simulation and Render Submission tutorial is out! Our new video tutorial describes how to submit a Houdini render or simulation to GridMarkets. A sample .hip file can be found at the bottom of the following page to help you to get started: How to submit a render or simulation to GridMarkets
  9. Hi, I am rendering with Arnold a scene which contains really small portion of frame. Maybe 5%. Rendering of this part is really quick as shaders are just flat colors without shading, GI, glossy etc... But rendering the rest of the frame - empty, or black area takes much more time. Is there a way to render only part of frame which contains geometry and maybe a little padding (for motion blur)? Because it would speed up my renders up to 10x times Thanks, Juraj
  10. We'd like to let everyone know that we are now supporting Houdini 15.5: www.gridmarkets.com/houdini Thanks for your interest and have a great week, Patricia and the GridMarkets team‪
  11. Hi! I'm using houdini engine with cinema 4D. I've got several C4D projects with a hda that read files. When I just click on render, my scene is rendered perfect, but when I added my project to render queue, C4D alerts me that it doesn't found my digital asset and I need to render several projects during the night and I cannot be all the time in front of the computer waiting until one project finished render to click and render the other project. Does anyone knows if there is a way to solve this?? Thanks!!
  12. Hi guys, I'm testing different lighting intensities with a simple scene. Usually I would click render, wait for the render to finish, then change the intensity and click render again. I want be able to click render once and Houdini will render a certain frame and once finished, it will automatically change the light intensity attribute and render again. This way I can have multiple renders of the same frame with different lighting conditions for lookdev purposes. Solution = Wedge Node Thanks
  13. Hey, I'm here with an "old" question, I know it's been discussed/explained already, but I'm still struggling with getting rendering time estimations :/ I've found some info, but it's more about OSX and Linux, and it seems to be different with windows. First, I don't know how to bring up the console (don't laugh please). All I could find was to set mantra verbose level to at least 1, which is already at one by default, and that it could also be seen in the render scheduler. So I launch the render scheduler, set it to not clear completed tasks, but when I hit render to disk (rendering a sequence) the render scheduler isn't showing any info. It's only when the animation is all rendered that the scheduler display a list of task, when it's too late. Since I don't know how to bring up the console, I'm in the dark about some needed render time estimations :/ How do you guys get those info ? I'd love to at least see the total render time estimation somehow. Thanks !
  14. Hi awesome guys on odforce, I am currently trying to optimize my volume render and I am a bit confused what is the relationship between volume quality and stochastic samples? How they contribute to the final sample beings send on the volume? How should I balance them? Any ideas are welcome!
  15. hi, I'm wondering if its possible to make an image info a part of the rendered frame. For assets preview purposes, I'd love to be able to render out bunch of passes, make a sequence out of them in mplay and export it as a quicktime with the image info visible (info like the render time and the image plane name for instance). Right now I'm using Nuke to label the images which is slow and annoying. I thought maybe some kind of a post-render script might help. Any thoughts anyone? thanks, D.
  16. Hello, I am a beginner of houdini, I used to use c4d for my 3d project. After using houdini for a while, I found houdini's mantra render is extremely slow, and not easy to make a realistic render. I know mantra can make photo realistic, but it's really hard to learn and take more time to learn and to do than other softwares. I wonder how many people export to other 3d softwares to render (or directly just do animation in other 3d softwares)? Of course I didn't mean anything dynamic. Just basic objects like computers, cars, etc. And composite the object and dynamic stuff together. Or how many people use third party render engine in houdini? Thank you.
  17. Hi all, Ok, this is really confusing me. I'm trying to render a pointcloud (as points under the Render>Geo tab of object) with a constant type shader which inherits the alpha & pscale value per point. I'm doing this because I don't really want to light the scene (at all) to save render time - and the points just need to be graphical representations, rather than look like anything 'real'. My issues are: a: Point color always seems to be washed out in the render view compared to viewport. (Because of auto headlight generation I'd assume?) b: The 'constant' shader doesn't allow for a per-point alpha (as far as I can tell), and must be lit to be seen. What I'd like to a achieve: I'd like a shader solution that inherits my user defined pscale & alpha & doesn't need to be lit. Any suggestions? (Massive apologies if this is a rookie thing, as I suspect it probably is. Maybe I'm not searching the correct terms in the help docs/here. I found this post about additive point rendering, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.)
  18. Hey ! I have a "big" problem . I need to render in huge resolution out of octane for houdini but the vram is not big enough to handle the image in one go. So I somehow have to tile the camera and stitch it together later. There is something for problems like this in cinema 4d called tiled camera . Where it builds multiple cameras with an "film" offset to render the image in parts . Is there anything like this in houdini ? thank you so much !!
  19. Hello everyone, I have recently wrote an inhouse python plug-in in c++ for houdini. H2A is a custom plug-in to export houdini geometry in arnold ass file format to be able to load in mtoa, htoa or c4dtoa. This plug-in exports almost every geometry type to arnold i.e. points, polygons and curves. You can compile or grab the compiled plug-in from: https://github.com/sergeneren/anima/tree/master/anima/render/arnold/H2A P.s. please excuse my sloppy c style
  20. Hey colleagues, Anyone looking for a OTOY Octane render licence ? Selling my beloved standalone licence v.2.x, since im not working in the field anymore. The price of this baby is 200 €! Send me a P message if interested! Cheers
  21. recently i wached some demo of game engines. it looks fantisic. so do you think will us use game engine to render filme in future? if this became true, how can our clastic renders such as renderman mantra Arnold survival? and any one know compare to unity unreal cryengine which game engine is better?
  22. Hi, I'd need to be able to render the agent proxies of the crowdsource node Thoses proxies are present when you don't connect an agent to the crowdsource node, but they won't show up when rendering. Is there a way to have them rendered? I'd need the cone+sphere only (not the ground circle+line) thanks ! *edit* I dived-in the crowdsource node, and found out where those proxies are made, but I can't really see how to modify the settings, and can't even see any setting that prevent them to be rendered :/ please help : /
  23. I tend to remember that there used to be a render attribute to chose between continuous or discrete deep image samples. I can't find it in v15. Has it been removed, or am I mistaken that there was an option? thanks
  24. Hello guys, I'm working on a scene with some atmospheric fog. The problem is that I can't find in which render layer the fog goes! It does appear in the beauty, but can't find it anywhere else. My theory is that the z-depth pass is used to create the fog in the beauty and thus I've tried to replicate the fog in comp using this theory. With success I might add. In Nuke if I shuffle out the z-depth, grade it and plus it with (for example) the diffuse (just quick and dirty) the same effect shows. Problem is that I can't recreate the exact same image (as if I would shuffle everything out and in again). I would love to create my own fog shader to output it to a render layer, but I don't have the knowhow. Also Houdini doesn't let me dive into the Z-Depth Fog node for examples. Does anyone know which render layer the fog ends up in? If not can someone give me a quick example of how to create my own simple fog shader? Thank you guys in advance, Russle P.S. Included a simple scene for review. Z-Depth.hip
  25. Hi. guys. I got a huge scenes to render with mantra, it was too big, even i just open it took me 15G ram. but when it start render, houdini can be closed. So is it any way i can start render without open this huge HIP. Thanks.