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Found 76 results

  1. We are currently looking for a talented 3D Modeling/Texture Artist to work at our Montreal studio. Our ideal candidate must have a high degree of technical skills and artistic judgement. Our 3D Modeling/Texture Artist will be an expert at creating photo-realistic textures as well as organic and hard surface 3D models. Previous experience in film and television is essential. Folks has built a solid reputation in the industry as an artist-driven boutique studio. We value detail-oriented design through teamwork and creativity. Our team is composed of some of the most talented artists and creative pros in the business. We are known for great storytelling through high-end visual effects. This is a full-time position available immediately. We offer a great work environment, salaries to match your skills and a comprehensive benefits package. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join Folks, please forward your resume to jobs@folksvfx.com to set-up an interview.
  2. World space texture mapping

    Hi! Could you plz tell me how to make a world base texture in Houdini ?
  3. Hey guys, everytime I try to bake this texture I got the next square rendered. It's weird 'cos i have been rendering a lot of textures from this file and that started today only. Did anyone had this problem already? Thank's Alvaro
  4. Save Cd to Bitmap

    Sup guys, I've painted some stuff on an object and now I need to export this object to another software. I've projected UVs properly on it and now I'd like to export this data as a bitmap. I've found some info on sidefx forum saying this (on quote) but i'm quite new to shops and have no idea on what's going on there. Can anyone help me out with this, pls? My main doubts are: Should I do this in Shops? What is the Cf output? Use mantra -u option? wut? Thank you, /Alvaro
  5. soap sim texture

    Hello! stuck a little, need help! reference https://www.shutterstock.com/en/video/clip-9239504-stock-footage-soap-texture.html?src=rel/9239561:1/3p I did a lot of tests with pyro and flip sims and came to almost what i want. biggest problem with pure fluid simulations - mixing of colors, resulting dirty one color, i abandoned this method. solution was to make particle advection while fluid simulations and it was good, but not enough detail. 1. to add details i have included 'add' and resample lines every frame, after 400-500 frame sim time makes me sad.. 2. there are still "black holes" (img) 3. points gives dirty render anyway. soap_effect_v01.hip soap_effect_v01.hip
  6. Burning Paper

    Hi guys, I am trying to make a burning paper like this, but i`m failing at this every time, kindly describe how to approach for this, and if possible a hip file will be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Prepare UVs For Mari?

    Hi All, I am trying out Mari NC to see what kind of workflow is needed to get UV models out of Houdini and into Mari. In this image I have nice a Box projection that provides a decent looking UV grid across the object. However, if you examine the UV grid you will see that there are a lot of overlapping areas which will not work with Mari. Overlapping areas mean if you paint on one face color may appear on another unintended face. So I have tried out the Houdini UV layout tool and set the scale to limit my UV layout to the maximum of 6 UDIM squares that Mari NC allows. And while this fixes overlapping faces and makes a UV set that Mari can work with it destroys the ability to select associated faces via a UV island. Also there is a ton of wasted space. It looks like the algorithm finds the largest area and populates all the large UV areas on one UDIM tile then moves on to the next UDIM tile, not considering that it could actually use 6 UDIM areas to start with. As you can see the UV faces get smaller and smaller as the UDIM count increases. This ultimately limits paint resolution in Mari when you have to paint on slivers. If the Houdini UV Layout area distribution were smarter I could increase the scale and reduce the number of sliver elements generated. Also, selecting faces in Mari is fairly primitive yet selecting UV islands is quite possible but with the islands split into so many tiny areas selecting by UV areas becomes quite tedious in Mari. I am just wondering if anyone has any tips on UV layout workflow? This probably applies to Substance Painter users as well. ap_runabout_uv_projection_layout_1a.hipnc
  8. Hey all, Ok, so I have a line, which I am duplicating (manipulate) 10 times, then feeding into a wire sim. After the sim, I am animating a fuse on the wires to create an effect of 1 wire turning into ten, then doing a polywire. My question is, how should I map my UVs so I can texture the polywired wires separately? Obviously this is a little tricky because of the fuse, as it's creating a non-consistent topology. Any ideas? Unfortunately I can't share a .hip right now, but the setup literally is as simple as I described, you could even replicate a similar animation by just animating offset in the duplicate sop. As always, thanks in advance for any pointers!
  9. Emit Smoke from Texture

    How to Emit Smoke from Texture Map on grid. Thanks
  10. Hi guys I just joined the forum and this is my first post! I'm an FXTD student learning houdini and I have a shader assignment that I will be beginning soon. I have a few ideas for a shader but I wanted to pick one that would have some relevance to an actual studio production. Can anyone speak up, and give me a few examples of shaders that you or someone you know may have built? I was thinking of maybe some burnt flesh (burning a steak or side of pig with a torch) Im not really sure what kind of materials and shaders would be done by texturing or look dev and which ones would be done by an FXTD, No simulation shaders, just for an object.... Thanks for the help!
  11. Help a brother out, I'm getting headache by trying to figure this out. At this point assuming it's a limitation of the software. I've been getting more into procedural texturing and shading and sometimes want to blur those textures for example to use as a mask. This far I haven't been able to figure out if there is a way to blur or filter SHOP textures in a similar way you could in COPs with Blur node. I guess SHOPs can't do this since the procedural textures are resolution independent. However is it possible to maybe import the texture to COPs and then after blurring there back to the shader again. The main thing being I want to avoid writing out the textures in between, if there is a interactive solution for baking texture out then maybe that would be fine. Attaching a examle scene file with texture() blur and example procedural texture I want to blur out. Thanks! textureBlur.hip
  12. Hi Guys, I have been trying to get my point's cd from a mesh with texture. I seen alot of method around that are using attribute promotes from vertex UV to points UV. However the UV I promoted are slightly off. I wonder if there's any way that I can use a vop to get closest surface texture's color info and project them to my point cd? Very much thanks and appreciate any help from you guys. I have attrached my file. texPoinntTex002.hip and the obj file (testAlembicCon.hip), just have to change the extension to.obj will do. texPointTex002.hip testAlembicCon.hip
  13. Hello, I'm missing something simple I'm sure but this has stumped me. Prior to Houdini 15 I've been using the same setup for a while to displace geometry with a texture map. The setup uses a vopsop and work exactly as expected. Upgrading to Houdini 15 and switching to a Attribute Vop the setup no longer works when using a texture. Displacing using procedural noise works the same as before. What am I missing? Thanks displace.hipnc
  14. friends I want your help, I'm starting to simulate fractures voronoi Houdini, but I have a problem when I do simulation in the DOP network loses texture, as I can do to bring texture to DOP network simulation I want to achieve this result, help !!!
  15. Hi, I have a grid with some texture applied to it. The texture is a PNG and has transparency in it. In my viewport it looks al fine, But when I Render, I cant see the alpha onto it. Im using a constant material. How do I fix this? THNX
  16. Texture Mix Problem

    Hello Od|forum! I ran into a little problem. I had the idea to make a procedural texture. I wanted to use ambient occlusion to blend texture A with texture B. I used a Pointvop to blend the two textures. Two Colormaps hold the two different textures which both go into a Mix. I used the AO I already got on the floor as the Bias in the Mix. This method kind of works. Texture B, which is green, is in the places I want it to. Texture A as well. However; both of them do not have the checkered pattern that is in the texture. Is there someting I missed? Or is it a viewport thing? Thanks in advance! -Bram Texture_Mix_Problem_01.rar
  17. Hello Guy ! I'm a total beginner on Houdini (just a few months) and after learning basics and pyrofx basics, I began destruction days ago. My project ? Break chineses vases ! ^^ I search all the afternoon and tweak glue constraint but now I have a destruction... not perfect of course x) But my problem is, now that my vase is broken, I can't put a shader on the geometry sop. I import another vase, without all broke process and it's working. Can you check my nodes and tell me if my process is good ^^" Thanks ps: I check "visualize pieces" just for the screenshot but the shader doesn't work anyway ^^"
  18. coloured water texture

    Hello, I'm working on a student project and I'd like to acheive effect that can be seen in attachments. I want to have water surface with subtle motion and with colour streams in it. But I don't know where to start and what approach would be the best. I had seen something that maybe would help but I don't know how to implement it. Another interesting video: - Question: Is there a way to create 2D fluids like in that video and use them as texture on ocean surface? Any ideas?
  19. Hi, has someone an idea how to use the IMG_FileTTMap class (Tiled Texture Map)? I just want to load a texture, sample the color by UVs and i want to filter the image. The IMG_File class doesnt provide that and i cannot open the texture like this: IMG_FileTTMap* tex = IMG_FileTTMap::open(filename); So how can i use this class?
  20. Hello, for some time I'm trying to get the texture UV point of a point on a geometry. The UV pointattributes describes only the point on the current polygon but not the texture point. Some help would be very nice. Thanks!
  21. Group Primatives by UV Tile

    Hey guys, I'm looking into a way to group primitives based on their UV tile. I know how to do this in the viewport by switching to the UV view and selecting the faces of the geometry in the tile I want and clicking group in the shelf. However, I'm looking for a way to do this in vops or using an expression. I want a procedural way to do this. I don't know if the tiles are numbered or how I would go about doing this.
  22. Hi everyone I need some urgent help with an effect I am trying to creat. As I already stated in a different topic, I am quite new to Houdini. To my problem. I want to assign color to my smoke. So far so good. One might think as simple as using point color on billowy smoke should do (after all thats what it is supposed to do) - but turns out it is not as simple as that. So I have found a couple of forum entries regarding how to assign color to smoke. The most interesting sollution was by David Lin (Emit smoke from texture) - I noticed it also used the same way of transfering color to the AutoDop and Import Smoke DOP. However neither of my setups seem to work. I will attach my files here. There are two setups: 1.SmokeColor-Issue ...using a setup assigning 2 plain constant colors as point attributes 2.SmokeTexColor-Issue ...trying to use a texture to assigne the colors to the setup (also required files - texture, and a geometry file) In the first case the resulting smoke is simply black. Or results in false colors. In the second setup the resulting colors from the calculation to transfer the texture color result in plain false colors! I suspect my calculation is wrong. So in all there are two problems I have spent days on to find a sollution but could not fix it: 1. Smoke resolving in wrong colors 2. Texture color Transfer issue Hope someone can help me here! This issue has been driving me crazy for the last week! thanks! PS: don't concern yourself with the slightly overcomplicated setup of some things - Its a dirty workaround for the Import scale Issue derived from Maya..... unless that would cause all the problems? Smoke_Color_Issue.rar
  23. Texture on Volume

    Hey guys, I've been asked to imitate this kind of effect I am still fairly new to Houdini and I've been trying to dig around the forum for a way to do this. Some sort of ghost fx that emits fluid, therefore I was thinking of emitting fluid from an object and shade the volume with texture..Is that possible in Houdini? If you know of any other ways to achieve this kind of fx I would gladly give them a shot! Is there a way to add a texture to a volume? I've been able to transfer color to fluids, but I can't transfer UVs info to fluids... Any help please?
  24. Hello all, I just completed my procedural UV+Texturing tool: Documentation: http://www.twandegra...Vgen_Manual.pdf Orbolt page: http://www.orbolt.co...raaf::TdG_UVgen The UV's generated are suitable for the use in video games, alternatively, they can be used as a base to manually edit. The process is almost completely automatic, with various settings to suit particular needs. Apart from UVs, the generator is also capable of creating base-textures, to speed up the texturing process. UVing Features: - 6 axis UV projection. - Projection based on Smooth groups (or vertex normals). - Automatic detection and mapping of cylinders. - UV mirroring across a plane of symmetry. - Limited support for UV relaxation. - Automatic detection and overlapping of identical shapes (wheels for instance). - Automatic UV welding to limit the amount small shapes. - Automatic UV layout. - Automatic UV compressing. - Support for Non-Commercial Houdini licences (UVs can avoid watermarked areas) - Support for manual tweaking of the UVs. Texturing Features: - Reference map, to see which texture area's correspond to the model. - Limited support for Tangent/Object space normal maps and Bump maps. - Ambient occlusion map, tries to prevent texture overlapping automatically. - Highlights/weathering map, tries to prevent texture overlapping automatically. - Plate map, uses a given angle to divide the model up into plates. (texture changeable) - Rivet map, uses the same angle to create rivets. (texture changeable) - Automatic rendering setup. - Automatic rendering and saving of the layers as separate textures.
  25. Does anyone have an ellagant solution to the Corner UV Problem when working with sweep surfaces. I've attached two images illustrating the problem and a Hip File. I build the UV's using rows and collumn approach, but when creating things like corners I need to pinch separate the inside corner verts. a Procedural solution is needed as I don't know what the corner angle may be. thanks in advance for your thoughts. Cheers, kni uv_sweep.hip