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Found 110 results

  1. Hi everyone Just recently finished one of my Houdini test projects, It was mainly for practicing RBD sims, shading, lighting and rendering (Mantra) and also to get a better understanding of outputting passes in Houdini, Please watch the final video here: Hope you like it! Sina
  2. Crumbling packed RBD object

    I plundered the forums here yesterday to get started and found a lovely method that I cannibalized to get a little further, but it's blowing up in my face. Imagine a tall pane of glass crumbling from the top down. Easy no? Well, I wish it was. I'm using a sop solver to turn on the individual pieces, and that works fine. However when I try to use the same switching attribute to set the velocity I get pieces flying in both directions (weirdly forwards and backwards). I even tried to use the attribute to offset the geometry, but the pieces don't want to move. All I want them to do is pop out and then fall with gravity. What am I missing? Isn't the SopSolver where you can alter the sim as it goes along?! (Note, the sim doesn't start until frame 36.) shatter_02.hip
  3. H13 Pyro Emit from Voronoi RBD

    Hi, For some reason this setup is not working as I'd expected. I'd like to have Pyro emit from my RBD but instead my entire fluid box starts filled with fuel. The Pyro container is reading the velocity of each chunk but not the "area" of each chunk Here's two files: One clean without the fluid grid and One with the fluid grid added Note: is a H13 setup Does anyone know what the problem is? Pyro_v01.hipnc Pyro_v01_withContainer.hipnc
  4. voronoi wood break

    https://vimeo.com/78763378 voronoi wood break ajay bisht https://vimeo.com/fxillusionist
  5. Fracture Pieces stopping "mid-air"

    I have a scene where half a head crumbles away from the rest, I am following the Digital-Tutors tutorial and creating my own version with some variations. My problem is that I have fracture pieces falling and they stop mid-air/ don't make it to the ground plane. Here are two screenshots of the culprit pieces at two different stages in the simulation: http://imgur.com/a/BiuE8 Apologies for the imgur link, I couldn't resize them for some reason and they were too big in the post. I was wondering if anyone knew the cause for this or a solution? Thank you.
  6. Hey I've been playing with peeling/ silenthill effect using voronoi fracture + spring SOP. It went well with stll object. But I cant get it to work with deformed object. I've managed to use rest position to maintain voronoi fracture pieces. However, the deformation mass up spring SOP. How can I approach this? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, my object is getting new points to make new pieces in Voronifracture, in SOP it is ok, but in DOP new pieces are getting disappeared and RBD object doesn't work properly, how can I keep my geometry data as the source in DOP ? a smaple is attached, thanks RBD_Test.hipnc
  8. edge cusp on voronoi

    Hi... im using Voronoi fractures.. but after adding some interior detail the edge are displaying weird. I have tried edgecusp and facet node but thats not working. How to fix this kind of problem? see example:
  9. Hey Guys I was wondering is it possible to dynamically fracture an object with something that has already been fractured with Voronoi Fracture. I'm firing a bullet at pre fractures object and wanted to get different size pieces/characteristics on impact. Thanks, If anyone could help I would much appreciate it
  10. Help with Voronoi

    Hi, I have a box and I am using a Group paint node to paint out the side I want to destroy. But when I use the voronoi, it gives me a very weird blank space around the painted side. Can anyone please help me with this. Thanks & Regards, Sid Break_with_paint.hipnc