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Found 204 results

  1. Hey guys I have exported two alembic files out of XSI, one with the static geometry and the other one just a point cache of the animation. How do I apply this point cache data to the static geometry in Houdini ? Is it possible to apply this point cache to the existing object similar to Maya or XSI. Any help much appreicated. Thanks -J
  2. Hey people! I'm currently using Alembic to go back and forth between Houdini and Max. I've been trying to figure out how some of the attrs need to be setup so that max can read them. Already figured out I needed to promote N to vertex (otherwise every loaded frame it tries to reload all normals, fails, etc, sloow - other solution has been turning off import N from max so it rebuilt its own, but it wasn't as desired) Now the problem I'm facing is how to create material IDs for Max - the geometry that came in, even if it had Material IDs in Max, didn't import any kind of attr in Houdini that could refer to that, so I don't know what it needs, if Primitive, Vertex etc... Anyone had previous experience and wants to share? Thanks!
  3. Ok, so maybe I'm just missing something here, but... I'm trying to export an animation as Alembic, but all I get is the Alembic ROP overwriting the file with the latest image, instead of adding to the cache. Am I missing the point and can I write out Alembic only as abc sequences in Houdini? Cause I need it as a single file for use in Cinema 4D... Any ideas anyone?
  4. Sometimes it happens when you import camers using Alembic in Houdini from other application. If you are facing this problem, simply delete Aperture Channel of camera and multiply by ((ch(resx)/ch(resy)*ch(aspect))/1.500000). This will fix problem.