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Found 62 results

  1. Hey guys, I am in a bit of a bind and for some reason my mind is shooting blanks on this simple problem. I want to constrain a grid to a camera and have it match the frustum of the camera as I move it along the focal length of the normal. For some reason I cannot find the attributes I am looking for or I am not going about it the right way. I know there is a simple method but it is not coming to mind. Its always the simple stuff.
  2. hey guys I have a scene with just camera movement following a car on the street, the building in the background is moving fast, and I want create a velocity pass for that I saw the thread from SESI how to create a shader for the moving objects http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=15521&sid=4dfeb5af02890aa795fa9cdfac9660a3 I understand the arrows shader, for object movement only how can I apply this to camera movement and subtract or add this value from the P moving objects? Im planning use the vectorBlur native node from Nuke to compose that image Thanks
  3. HI everybody. I'm experiencing a nasty inconsistency between the viewport and render when trying to set the near and far clip of a camera. I've also managed to reproduce the problem with Houdini14 but not with Houdini12 (infact the 12 doesn't give any problem). In the first pic you can see how the scene is setted: a very basic one, some cubes in a row and the camera above them. In the second image I've clipped the view trying to include only the 2 middle cubes. But when I try to render the scene I get something completely different Infact in order to render the scene correctly in the viewport as I want I have to double the parameters of near and far; obviously this gets translated into a wrong result for what concern the render. The parameters in this case are near 20, far 32 for a correct result in the viewport; near 10 and far 16 for the correct result in the render. Obviously what I want is to get them right with the same settings (the correct ones are the render ones) Is there some setting that I'm missing? Here is the simple scene test_clip.hip Thanks in advance test_clip.hip
  4. Latlong lens

    Let me start by saying that I am not a smart man... (and thus shouldn't be using Houdini for a living but hey, here I am). I'm trying to render a latlong image from camera for re-use as an HDR -what beyond setting the projection to panoramic is required? Is there any relationship to focal length or is it ignored with a polar render?
  5. Deep Images

    Hey Guys, So I am doing a bit of an experiment. I haven't worked with DCM and DSM in Houdini much so I could use some information. I want a "Full Deep" (not sure if thats the term) of my image. I want each sample of my deep too store my rgba at the z sampled. The result should be when I DeepCrop this in nuke as I slice back and remove objects in front of background objects this reveals the pixel information behind that object. I initially tried with DCM and the DeepEXR works great but it does not seem to sample my e rgba of the object behind this. I read through the properties and tried some stuff but I feel like I am missing a step to get this result. EDIT: I understand this is prob not a standard application but is there a way to store that rgb information at each sample of the z? Any Solutions? Cheers! particles_example.hip
  6. Basically I'm trying to create a DA that I can select a particular object and be able to control where the specular/reflect appears on the surface with respect to the camera. I know I need to calculate the reflection angle with reference to the normal of the surface and the camera - but I want to be able to animate the point on the surface so I can control the position of the specular over time. So essentially it should be a null that I could move across the surface of the object and at the angle of reflection I'd have a light which would cause the specular (which would move accordingly if the null is moved). Sorry, does this make sense? I've been scratching my brain with this all day as I know logically how to build it - I just can't figure out the best way to do it in houdini... yet (I'm going to keep trying but wanted to see if any one had any tips/ideas). Cheers
  7. DOP camera culling (smoke)

    Hey everybody, I'm sure there must be a pretty straight forward solution to this problem, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. I have found ways to do camera culling in SOPs but I still can't find a way to do it in DOPs. I've looked all over forums but I couldn't find anything. Specifically I'm trying to do a camera cull on a smoke sim in DOPs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Diego
  8. I want to create a plugin that allows me to import a camera path. Specifically, the format of my external file is: translationX_frame1, translationY_frame1, translationZ_frame1, rotationX_frame1, rotationY_frame1, rotationZ_frame1 translationX_frame2, translationY_frame2, translationZ_frame2, rotationX_frame2, rotationY_frame2, rotationZ_frame2 translationX_frame3, translationY_frame3, translationZ_frame3, rotationX_frame3, rotationY_frame3, rotationZ_frame3 ... I don't really know where to begin. It would make sense to me to be able to create a camera, just set the translation and rotation at each frame. Can I do this in the HDK? Do I want to write a GEO_IOTranslator for this? If so, would I have to create a camera path somehow, or could I just create a camera? Would that be an OBJ_Camera? I would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction, or some help to get a simple example working; e.g. creating a camera looking at (0,0,0) and moving it from (0,0,1) at frame 1 to (0,0,2) at frame 2.
  9. Hi guys, So I have a problem with rendering massive geometry (mountain) on my scene. As I set off the render, the object tends to flicker every other frames. I noticed that this is due to scale issue but I don't know how to fix it. I tried modifying the houdini unit settings to compensate for this but the problem still persists. I checked shaders, materials, lights and camera but it seems like the sheer size of the object is the main issue. As my camera is reading from an FBX cache, I can't scale the mountain down on its own. I tried putting a null on both the camera and geometry object and scale them down to keep the relative distance between the camera and the object but it still gives me the same result. I then tested it on two spheres with different sizes and the problem is also apparent there. Anyone got any ideas on how to tackle this? Thanks smallBigFlicker.hipnc
  10. Camera Project onto particles

    I have a particle sim in a bgeo cache that needs to be rendered with a camera projection. I have already figured out how to project the image onto the particles but they will swim through the image. The particles have UV's already but they still swim through the image.
  11. hi friends is it possible to export maya camera information with some animation movement on it and import it in houdini for creating additional effects i tried looking out for topics which have some solution on the net but couldnt find any if anyone has any suggesions or a workflow it will be great to share thanks in advance
  12. Hello everyone. I am trying to import my Maya camera to Houdini. Both .FBX and Alembic almost work: camera is transfered but i get a jitter on the whole motion. Anybody experienced this? I found about mt_tools but I cant try them. The author is re-writing them (https://sites.google.com/site/freecgtools/downloads). Thank you