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Found 1 result

  1. Is it possible to programmatically modify a color ramp via python (add / remove / edit keys,values, basis etc)? All I've found is this http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/hom/hou/Ramp which only explains how to read these values, not write to them. The reason I'd like to do this is: I have VEX code which colors my particles based on a number of color ramps. That all works fine. However editing the color ramps can be cumbersome, and I already have color palettes created in photoshop which I'd like to use. I thought my options are: 1. Hand edit the color ramps to reflect the color palettes. Very boring and tedious. 2. Hand enter the RGB values into VEX. Even more boring and retarded. 3. Write a tool which loads the palettes in whatever format, and modifies a color ramp to reflect the palette. The VEX code just references this color ramp. This code would only execute once obviously, I load my palette and bang, the color ramp is up to date. I loved this idea, because I could scatter a bunch of these nodes around, each one a different palette, and the VEX code just references a different node for a different palette. However I can't find how to modify the color ramp so I'm stuck. My plan B is to output the RGB values to number box arrays, and have VEX reference that, which might be faster anyway, but I lose the in between values and the ability to visually tweak the palette in context. Any ideas?