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Found 2 results

  1. Tree roots on ground

    Hey guys, I would like some advice on modeling some tree roots on a ground with topology. Attached are my reference and attempts to recreate the geometry in Houdini. Reference: Geo: My .hip: terrain_roots_v02.hipnc I'm not quite satisfied with the way the roots go as it's not quite controllable. Also the Creep SOP kind of displaces the end result from the original points, but I don't know how to make the roots follow the topology of the terrain otherwise.
  2. Hello, From Houdini's help: "NURBS surfaces might distort the crept geometry due to the non-uniformity of their U and V knot sequence. If the knots are not laid out uniformly (as in the case of a NURBS spline), knots closer together will squash the crept geometry in the corresponding surface region." How to preserve shape of my geometry and avoid that squashing due non-uniformity of UV knot sequence? I've tried basis and refine SoP, nothing happen. In Houdini 8 Creep SoP was working fine [for me], UV knots weren't distoring geometry [Z axis on Creep SoP]. Sidefx support gave me answer that H8 Creep SoP was buggy. Is there any solution to preserve the shape of crept geo [in Y world axis] in H13? creepBug.hipnc