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Found 136 results


    Hello. I just recently graduated from VanArts which is based here in Vancouver. I have completed my demo reel in FX which is to say primarily using Houdini 15.5. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it. I am attaching the link below. Please let me know of any suggestions, criticisms all is welcome. Thank you. FX DEMO REEL 2016
  2. Destruction UV Pass

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a destruction project where I need to isolate the front faces of bricks in a bullet sim so that I can export out a UV pass of only the front face to use in compositing. I know how to setup Mantra to export out an overall UV pass but I'm not sure how to isolate only the front faces of my bricks geo in the UV pass.
  3. Student Demo Reel

    Back in January I didn't know Houdini existed until I started school and ever since I've been trying to learn as much as I can. I still have a lot of work to do and there is a lot more I want to learn/try but this is all I've learned up until now.
  4. Simple Wall Shatter: Redux

    Another simple wall shatter. I posted the first one I finished but in all honesty I had a lot of strange issues with it and it just didn't look that great. This one isn't really any more complicated but it sure does look better by comparison ;D
  5. My Latest Houdini works

    Hello Guys Im Ahmed Saady - Houdini FX Artist based in Iraq now i would like to share with you my latest houdini projects i have done and i hope you like them Also i'm available for freelance remotely work or full time position ahmedstudios@gmail.com Copa America Identity 2016 - beinsports Copa America - mainstudio 2016 Building Destruction - R&D All the information regarding of the houdini work is under each video description Thank you!
  6. Monster Dock

    I'm working on a bunch of different types of fracturing and destruction. Right now I'm doing wood. Here's a test render of what I have so far. Any feedback is appreciated test_01.mov
  7. Simple Brick Wall

    One of my first finished houdini projects. Nothing special, just a brick wall with smoke and dust advection Edit: Re-rendered my shatter so the dust wouldn't look weird. Also added motion blur
  8. A little building colapse

    Looking at the rest of the work here, I'm almost embarrassed to share. But here it is. I guess I should be proud this is from an actual production. "10.0" a made for TV disaster film set in LA. Flat, render, and comp. No details, sorry, it's kinda old and from long ago. No special sauce and it didn't take too long. The part that took the longest, actually, was rebuilding the model from the original asset, which was unusable. But thanks to Houdini's procedural tools (and eye-balling it) I cranked it out pretty quick.
  9. Cliff destruction

    Hi guys! I need help with a RBD simulation. I'm trying to simulate the destruction of a cliff portion, keeping intact the rest of the of the cliff. Right now i have three problems: The bottom of the cliff isn't flat, this leads to an unwanted initial movement (same thing with a costum collider who should follow the bottom's shape a little better), how i can avoid that?. The second problem it's the glue network, how can i say to houdini which costraint is stronger and which one is weaker? Last one (i swear ) there is a way to change the extrusion depth generated by the voronoi? Thanks in advance for any kind of help rnd.hip CliffUv.obj Collider.obj
  10. fence destruction - joint system

    Hey, i am trying to set up a building destruction in houdini, which will consist of a concrete building with exterior walkways and hand railings attached. At this stage i pretty much have the concrete part of the destruction completed using RBD and clusters however, now i want to have to sim the wooden railings buckling with the floor at one end and then pulling down the rest of the railings as you would expect from a connected set of pieces. When i used to use thinking particles i would probably have used a joint system to link the railing pieces together but im not sure what Houdini uses instead, i have tried several times with the glue constraints but they just seem to fail... What do you think would be the best way to do this? railing_glue_test_rbd.hipnc
  11. Hey guys, My scene right now involves an octopus tentacle slamming down and destroying the middle of a ship. I shattered the ship and added angular velocity in SOPS to the shattered pieces, which is then brought into DOPS with the 'inherent velocity from point velocity' option. I then added an 'rbd key activate' to activate once the tentacle hits the ship. The problem is the whole center of the ship is exploding out at once from the inherited velocity. Is there a way to only activate the angular velocity apon collision with the tentacle as it moves through the ship?
  12. Skyscraper Destruction

    Hi Odforce! I present you my first personal project done entirely in Houdini. I basically learn the software throught this project and finally I came to the end of it. Please let me know what you think of the dynamics, the look and breakdown. I am really scratching the surface of Houdini so critics are well appreaciated! Ill update the hip file for those who wants to wonder around the network (H 14.0.474) thanks to the amazing Odforce community for helping me implementing the scene. meteorite_v100.zip
  13. create piece size attribute

    Hello everyone, I am fracturing a geometry and need to delete the pieces bellow a certain size. My problem is that I don't know how to delete based on size. My guess is I need to create a size attribute somehow and then delete based on that. I am sure this should be pretty straight forward but couldn't find any info on that, please give me some ideas, thanks!
  14. Angular Velocity for Particles

    Hello everyone, I have got an animated fractured geometry activates at a certain time and the pieces are controlled with particles using the transform pieces node. My problem is that the pieces rotate very randomly and suddenly. How can I add an angular velocity to the particles?
  15. Hello everyone, I am trying to fracture an animated object and control the pieces with particles. I created a point at the centroid at each piece and also in the POP network created the exact same number of points to be created at the first frame. Then I tried applying those points to the pieces via "transform pieces" node but the pieces are stretching instead of following the points. Any ideas? drive_fractured_geo_with_particles.hip
  16. Animated Fractured Geometry

    Hello everyone, I have got a model in a T-pose and a point cache for the animation. I have setup that in houdini using a point VOP but I have no idea how to fracture the character and for the pieces to follow the animation. Here is an example of what I want to do: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I managed to do it with a clothcapture + clothdeform but its really slow, is there any other way to do that?
  17. Create Glue Network In ForEach

    Hello everyone, I want to create a setup where a sphere breaks into 2 pieces and after a few frames those 2 pieces break into 3 smaller pieces. I am trying to create a glue network which would hold the secondary fracture until told but cant get my head around it.. I am doing the secondary fracture in a foreach node and that's where I'm thinking I need to do the glue network for it as well. I know its probably going to have a simple solution but I can't figure it out for quite long now. Please give me some ideas / examples. Thanks!
  18. Ground Explosion

    Hi, I'm trying to create a scene where a 'missile' hits the ground and causes an explosion. I wanted to the ground to explode too, chunks of rock fly up as well as the pyro explosion. I created the ground from a simple geo and applied the fracture and created the pieces I like. My issue is, how do i make this explode in the dop-net? I bring it in and have a tube object coming from below it to create the explosion fracture, but the pieces fall off screen since they are effected by gravity. When i add a ground collision object the TUBE object doesn't go though it and doesn't fracture the piece. My question is, how would I make it so the fractured object gets "blown up" with the pieces landing on the ground and so my colliding object can hit the fractured object without getting blocked by the ground. Thanks a lot for any help!! Any examples or knowledge of pre-exisiting examples/ tutorials would be awesome!
  19. Hi, has anyone here in the forums used solids and the finite element solver to do large scale, production level destruction? I am doing some tests to determine whether we will be using it in a series of shots, but so far my simulations have been rather slow and unstable. My current test is a moving sphere moving through a section of a wall that has 4-5 different layers to describe the different materials (plaster, wooden beams, cement). I understand that sandwiching multiple objects together and forcing another object through is a very demanding task for the solver, so I am wondering it it is possible to simulate something like that with a reasonable turn around times? All the objects together have around 100k tets in total, I've set it to 25 substeps and 10 collision passes, in an attempt to make the simulation stable. Some frames took more than 45 minutes and even at these calculation times the simulation became unstable and ended up exploding a few frames after the impact. Is there anything obvious I am missing out in terms of simulation efficiency/stability, or is it just a matter of keep increasing the substeps? As a straight comparison I have Kali, the DMM engine from pixelux that I was using in MPC, where we were able to simulate a couple of hundred frames overnight with more than a million tets. Do you think there is such a huge difference between the two solvers? thank you georgios
  20. constraint spring error

    Hi,all I looked at the Mastter Class Bullet, tried to do Constraint Spring. But it does not operate well.It will explode in the second frame. Why?? glue_spring_test_01.hipnc
  21. Effects Demo Reel 2015

    Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share my current demo reel! https://vimeo.com/111437682
  22. hi everyone. i make the angluar velocity in SOP. and inheritied Point velocity in DOP. (i was modify RBD Packed Ojbect DOP like H14. this allow Overwirte attribute.) but, doesn't rotate in simulation. what made the wrong w attribute or i missed something??? i shared my hip. thanks for your read. have good day! w_attribute.hipnc
  23. RBD fracture and particle in Houdini

    Hi, my name is Hyunjung Oh. I am student. Since last year i have studied houdini. I have a question. I want to make the same way. vimeo.com/106362095 I broken pig, I want to change to the coin. I had to what is broken I do not know what to do in the next.. Should I use a particle?? give me a hint please:)
  24. The Hero vs the Villain! Personal project. Wanted to do some massive house destruction, also had an idea about these two characters. Maybe you can recognize one of them xD Modeling: Maya. Destruction dynamics: Houdini. Rendering: Houdini, Mantra. Compositing: Nuke. More info in the video description
  25. Hi, all? i'm looking for how to way updating attribute, each frame in dop. i already saw Ryan's shared file. it so usefully for me. but, it seems possible to apply to only one pacekd object in dopnet. (inside dop, if many RBD object(like rbd pakced object, rbd fracture object, rbd object etc....) sop solver doesn't read all object.) how to many object the attribute update in dop??? I shared my hips. thanks. update_attribute.hipnc