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Found 117 results

  1. constraint spring error

    Hi,all I looked at the Mastter Class Bullet, tried to do Constraint Spring. But it does not operate well.It will explode in the second frame. Why?? glue_spring_test_01.hipnc
  2. Effects Demo Reel 2015

    Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share my current demo reel! https://vimeo.com/111437682
  3. hi everyone. i make the angluar velocity in SOP. and inheritied Point velocity in DOP. (i was modify RBD Packed Ojbect DOP like H14. this allow Overwirte attribute.) but, doesn't rotate in simulation. what made the wrong w attribute or i missed something??? i shared my hip. thanks for your read. have good day! w_attribute.hipnc
  4. RBD fracture and particle in Houdini

    Hi, my name is Hyunjung Oh. I am student. Since last year i have studied houdini. I have a question. I want to make the same way. vimeo.com/106362095 I broken pig, I want to change to the coin. I had to what is broken I do not know what to do in the next.. Should I use a particle?? give me a hint please:)
  5. The Hero vs the Villain! Personal project. Wanted to do some massive house destruction, also had an idea about these two characters. Maybe you can recognize one of them xD Modeling: Maya. Destruction dynamics: Houdini. Rendering: Houdini, Mantra. Compositing: Nuke. More info in the video description
  6. Hi, all? i'm looking for how to way updating attribute, each frame in dop. i already saw Ryan's shared file. it so usefully for me. but, it seems possible to apply to only one pacekd object in dopnet. (inside dop, if many RBD object(like rbd pakced object, rbd fracture object, rbd object etc....) sop solver doesn't read all object.) how to many object the attribute update in dop??? I shared my hips. thanks. update_attribute.hipnc
  7. hi guys. i have a question, like subject. i must make smoke in destruction sim. i stuck smoke sim. when i played inside dopnet view, smoke was visible. but, up level(SOP level) view, smoke was invisible..... if this problem is viewport error????? why do this??????? if you don't understand my question, please look at this hip. (and just play one time...) thanks! cheer up everybody, and me...... dont_smoke.hip
  8. Hello everyone I have got a sphere activating fractured geometry by going through it. I am using a foreach node with a centroid expression inside to add point to each piece which is then activated by the sphere via attribute transfer. Then I am using a point expression on a activevalue in the DOP to activate the pieces by the colour that the sphere transfers to the points. I want to know how to make the pieces that activate stay activated forever without deactivating once the sphere is gone. Any ideas? Thanks. activate_pieces.hipnc
  9. FX Showreel Andreas Giesen

    Hey, I finished my new FX reel last week, please have a look: All shots, exept one, were done in Houdini and also rendered with Mantra. A more detailed breakdown you can find on my website. Most of the work is from this or the last year, everything done at Rise fx, based in Berlin. A big thanks to Team Houdini and all other people there For severall shots we also used the bulletSOP by Milan. Thank you for this awesome tool!! If you have any questions to a specific shot, feel free to ask Cheers, Andreas
  10. Building Demolition?

    I'm working on a minor project for my reel and i would like to simulate a building demolition, something like a blast at one side of the building and the subsequent sides will crack according to weight. My idea was to create the cracks via 2 voronoi fracture with point nodes, one will take the blast debris and the other, the crack debris. However, when i tried to merge the 2 nodes together and use a voronoi fracture node on it, i am unable to get the top of the building split with the bottom of the building. I'm new to Houdini so I would like to know if i'm prefracturing the RBD object correctly? I have my working file attached here as well. Building.hipnc
  11. VFX Short film 2014

    Here is my final short film for Sheridan's 10 month Visual Effects course. Everything from pitch, storyboards, previsualization, shooting plates, editing and vfx is done entirely by myself. I had the support and feedback of a great group of teachers and classmates. Breakdown to come soon. All shots you see have VFX elements, how many can you spot? Programs Used: - Nuke 8.0v3 - Houdini 13 - Maya 2014 - PF Track - Mari 2.5v2 - Adobe Creative Suite Timeline Included: - September - October (Pitch) - October-November (storyboards) -November-December (previsualization) - January-February (production shoots for whole class) - February-March (editing) - March-June 20th (VFX) All visual elements were created entirely by myself Music: "Happy End" by Distemper **Feel Free to inquire regarding any questions or critiques as I am still fine tweaking some details over the next few weeks. ** https://vimeo.com/98883004
  12. Peter Claes Showreel 2014

    Hey, I just made a new reel with some of the shots I've worked on over the past years: New showreel for 2014: All effects work is in Houdini, most stuff is rendered in mantra. Of course some of this is a team effort, so I definitely want to give a shout out to all the talented people that have advised me and that I have worked with over the past years. I've grown a lot and it is because of working and learning from some really talented people! Odforce is still one of my favorite forums and a great Houdini community, even though I've not been able to post as much. My H1B visa here in the US is in its final year, so I have to get some perspective again. It can be extended for another 3 years, but we'll see what happens next. At the moment I'm looking for options. I might need to play with the encoding for Vimeo a bit as it seems to lose/blur some details, but I'll figure that out over the weekend. Kind regards, Peter
  13. Crumbling packed RBD object

    I plundered the forums here yesterday to get started and found a lovely method that I cannibalized to get a little further, but it's blowing up in my face. Imagine a tall pane of glass crumbling from the top down. Easy no? Well, I wish it was. I'm using a sop solver to turn on the individual pieces, and that works fine. However when I try to use the same switching attribute to set the velocity I get pieces flying in both directions (weirdly forwards and backwards). I even tried to use the attribute to offset the geometry, but the pieces don't want to move. All I want them to do is pop out and then fall with gravity. What am I missing? Isn't the SopSolver where you can alter the sim as it goes along?! (Note, the sim doesn't start until frame 36.) shatter_02.hip
  14. Building destruction.

    Hola This is my building destruction. Rigid bodies bullet OpenCL fracture - variable glue. 2 Particle debris 2 Dust simulations - variable turbulence. smokesolver - pyrosolver PBR Rendering
  15. Here is my house destruction WIP. On the videos in this post you can see what I made myself, before I stuck with the problem of a concave geometry in the corners (which can not properly handled by the Bullet engine). By default, the Voronoi Fracture HDA creates concave geometry in the corners (you can see it on the screenshots below) and if there is another object located in the corner (for example bricks behind the stucco), the simulation starts to explode (because the Bullet improperly complements such geometry to convexity). I tried to search some info about how to implement a Convex Decomposition algorithm in Houdini (may be HACD*), but I haven't any result yet. All what I have for now, is my concavity-testing VEX node, that finds all the concave parts, but I have no idea how to cut them on a convex pieces. It will be cool, if somebody can help me with this problem. Below you can see my tests. *Hierarchical Approximate Convex Decomposition http://kmamou.blogsp...ate-convex.html http://www.khaledmammou.com/hacd.html http://masc.cs.gmu.edu/wiki/ACD
  16. Method Studios Vancouver is actively looking for strong intermediate, senior, and lead HOUDINI FX TDs for current and upcoming feature film projects. Duties: - Design, create, and implement photo-real effects (dust, fire, smoke, explosions, debris, clouds, etc.) and systems that meet all technical and aesthetic standards for the project - Work within the show structure and production deadlines to complete all tasks - Integrate created elements into scenes with lighting, shadows, reflections, etc. - Provide full spec for tool before development if spec not provided - Document all developed technology - Maintain a methodically clear system of data storage and retrieval - Balancing the creative needs and the technical resources available - Report regularly to the VFX Supervisor and/or DFX Supervsior informing him/her of any concerns or new developments - Follow the creative direction of the production communicated by the VFX Supervisor - Ability to work in a dynamic team environment. - Ability to work under tight deadlines - Stays current with latest technologies Qualifications: - MINIMUM 2 years experience as an FX TD; 5+ years for seniors and leads - MUST HAVE production experience with Houdini - Degree in Animation, Arts, Fine Arts or equivalent production experience in feature film - Strong knowledge of and proven ability to use Houdini to develop photo-real dynamics-based effects - Experience with rigid body and particle dynamics, volume modeling and rendering, procedural geometry generation and fluid dynamics an asset - Demonstrable ability to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas - Able to take directions and adaptable to change - Good at improvising and problem-solving - Requires strong technical knowledge and organizational skills - Familiarity with one or more coding/scripting languages an asset (e.g. Python, Mel) Please e-mail van-recruiting[at]methodstudios.com with your résumé, demo reel with breakdowns, and your current or upcoming availability with subject line "OD Force HOUDINI FX TD" and your name, as in: "OD Force HOUDINI FX TD - John Smith". We thank all candidates in advance for applying but only those selected will be contacted for an interview.
  17. Hi, I'm Nick Nimble, specialized in the simulation and rendering of: - Gases, such as: smoke, fire, fog and dust. - Liquids, such as water and viscous fluids like blood, toothpaste or caramel - Rigid objects, such as a collapsing building, blocks or a stack of products that fall. - Procedural effects, such as: a split-flap display, a digital sea with a large number of boats. Earlier this year I worked at Double Negative in London on Man of Steel as a Houdini FX TD. I'm from The Netherlands, I can work remotely or on site and I'm eglible to work in the european union. My reel and other information: http://www.nicknimble.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/nvanzutphen