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Found 110 results

  1. Fracture Pieces stopping "mid-air"

    I have a scene where half a head crumbles away from the rest, I am following the Digital-Tutors tutorial and creating my own version with some variations. My problem is that I have fracture pieces falling and they stop mid-air/ don't make it to the ground plane. Here are two screenshots of the culprit pieces at two different stages in the simulation: http://imgur.com/a/BiuE8 Apologies for the imgur link, I couldn't resize them for some reason and they were too big in the post. I was wondering if anyone knew the cause for this or a solution? Thank you.
  2. flip fluid surface tension

    I've been playing with flip fluid for a bit now and the one thing I can't seem to figure out is how to enable surface tension in the simulation. Adjusting the surface tension of a liquid is something I do pretty often or have the need to change (when I'm working in naiad or realflow). In houdini I thought it would be an easy setting to find, either set on the flip object or set on the solver but I doesn't seem to exist? Has anyone ever been able to simulate surface tension with flip?
  3. Can I do some thing like this in Houdini? So many instances (bullet casings) without actually using RBD! He approximates the volume of the casing with two particles so to get the orientation but he doesn't go in to much detail.. I am trying to do a tire spinning over many gravels. I used the RBD Point Object but the performace is very low when I use a lot of instances... How do you approach a scene with such a high count of dynamic objects ? scene files: http://area.autodesk...4UnfoldDemo.zip
  4. rotating cloth

    Hi! I just started learning houdini,it's amazing software! but i have trouble with dynamics so,i have many square piece of cloth and i want them falling and rotate around one of the axes how can i do this? Thanks for help!
  5. Napalm Explosion (PyroFX)

    Morning everyone! This was done using PyroFX 2 in Houdini 12.1 using texture emission. The surreal look of the explosion is intentional. If anyone wants, I will be happy to share the hip file. https://vimeo.com/63142836 Cheers, Ari
  6. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could help me with a technical issue I've been having. I currently have a horse with a run cycle attached to it in Houdini. I am trying to find a way to birth particles from the horse and have them stick to the surface based off a point cloud shader I created while the horse is running. I have yet to figure out a solution and was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the idea for me.
  7. Switching between values in DOP

    Hello, Is this setup valid/possible inside DOP? Basically I want to animate impulse value multiple times between fixed set of values. But when tweaking those values I have to shift all keys in channel editor. It would be nice if I can put them in some predefined place and then just use switcher to choose. Thanks
  8. Hello, I have a geometry created by "scattering" cubes over a surface. And now trying to apply forces on the cube in sequential manner (small groups of cubes get simulated one after another). Please see attached image. Right now, I am using a Box SOP (step animated) in mask field for activation of groups. However, it seems to be having some issues. Due to the mask being animated, once the activated bunch goes out of the box, they don't follow the settings in forces. I started to somehow fix it by setting box sizes or thinking that "nested masks" could help (if there is such thing). But then I may be looking into wrong method for this effect. I am reading about the Activate DOP to achieve this and looking for more suitable examples. The goal is to activate simulation on surface of cubes based on inclusion in some arbitrary shaped mask box (active if inside the box). The shape of mask box will be changing over time. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks **Note : I am at beginner level in Houdini. **
  9. Hey guys, I'm just running a little fluid test and I have noticed that a rhombus shaped 'particle' gets created a few frames in to the sim and moves along a curve in the x-axis. It' isn't a flip particle/point because when I look at the particles in my sim it isn't there but after I append the particle fluid surface it appears. This isn't the first time I have bumped in to this rogue little element so i'm wondering if I am just being a buffoon and forgot to turn something off. Anyone know what the hell this thing is? Cheers errorFlip.avi
  10. hi everyone, may be i am wrong with this question, I have a smoke simulation, and i want to cache it out. all i want to do is cache the sim with very less voxels count and use the cached sim to increase my volume voxels for rendering. is it possible or is there a better way to do it. ?? thanks in advance