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Found 48 results

  1. New Tutorial about PyroFX

    Check out the new tutorial about creating explosion with pyrofx in Houdini. https://www.cgcircuit.com/course/explosion
  2. Hi, I am an experienced Software Engineer with a good eye for Visual Effects. I have over more than 10 years of experience in developing advanced software systems for simulation and animation companies. In addition, I've invested that last 5 years exploring and educating myself all about Visual Effects. Below is my demo reel. Please check https://www.linkedin.com/in/khaledabdelhay for more details on my technical/artistic skillset.
  3. Vacuum space explosion

    Hallo! I'm trying to figure out how to properly do space explosion / impact on mars or any other planet that has no atmosphere. I've read huge topic about smoke behavior: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/18397-get-rid-of-mushroom-effect-in-explosion-and-add-details-in-the-opening/ So let's begin from simple things. REFERENCE: so behavior of dust/particles is... super simple. About like this: Ans this behavior is everything I can't achieve with smokesolver. Maybe I'm idiot. Test of explosion: 1. microsolver "projectmultigrid": When I turn off this microsolver it actually does what I'm trying to achive: no mushrooms because of no pressure. Thing is, I'm trying to somehow control gradient between on/off. Because velocity is not expanding. And there are a lot of artifacts. Mushrooms in explosions are the effect of the pressure (from what I understand), and as it's wrote in large Jeff post (in link above) : divergence field. But because I'm working right now on smoke solver only : it does not have this field (no combustion model). So main question is (probably): where should I control pressure. Or disable it? I've modified it on the dop level, with gasvop with pressure subtracted from itself, mult by 0 - but it did not had any effect (both presolve and postsolve). I assume it calculates this vel somewhere in between (?). I must be doing something wrong. 2. How to make smoke just keep going without twirls and all of that "nice stuff". Just inital vel, that's it. Imagine super simple sphere, default pyro, all off, only vel up. What I've tried: - somehow remove pressure (not sure I've done this right, but I could delete temperature, vel, density... but pressure without any luck) - advect vel field itself (no difference in vel = no pressure), but that lead to uncontrolled vel turbulence, when used with more complex emitter. - somehow blurring vel field and adding it when projectmultigrid was off to expand smoke. - make those red particles a volume and to look like smoke, but there is problem with disappearing (they kind of always pop out of existence even if particles fade nice and slow). Some tests: advecting smoke only with "pipevel" , again projectmultigrid off (no mushrooms = good)
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying to achieve an effect similar to the video bellow: Explosion I am currently working on the secondary arrowed smoke that rises right after the explosion. My problem is that I cant seem to figure out how to make the beginning of the arrow sharp and also I want the smoke to expand significantly more after the initial arrow (check attached image) I am currently doing this with an emitter, is that the right way to go or I should use another technique like creating velocity arrows and using the pump relationship? Any other advice on creating this effect or on fluid simulations in general is welcomed. Thanks a lot
  5. Houdini General Quest

    Good evening/morning/afternoon Houdini fellow artists, recently noticed that whenever i click on either the billoway smoke,fire,explosion... i get this funny thing on my viewport please take a look at the attachment, and also houdini been playing up... whenever i open it it start without a the construction pane or grid, so i am having to turn that on all the time i am running houdini, and whenever i lay down lets a say any geometry "sphere, box...." the display normals are automatically turned on without me touching it, thanks in advance, hope to hear from you soon thanks

    Hello. I just recently graduated from VanArts which is based here in Vancouver. I have completed my demo reel in FX which is to say primarily using Houdini 15.5. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it. I am attaching the link below. Please let me know of any suggestions, criticisms all is welcome. Thank you. FX DEMO REEL 2016
  7. I'm trying to create an explosion trail and I almost have the look I want but I'm getting an issue with my fire dying off. I created a bunch of emitters and keyed their "scale source volume" to create a line of explosions. I want the fire to die off from left to right, which I thought would happen because my sim starts from left to right; however, my fire is dying off from right to left starting with the explosion that most recently went off. In addition I am trying to find a way to get rid of the trails of smoke leading back to my emitter but I don't have any ideas on where to start. This is what I'm using as a reference, I think it's a scene from Spectre. I'm trying to recreate one of the trails that goes left/right. https://youtu.be/zhBxfNm3rJE?t=43s After the explosion the smoke just rises and doesn't leave any columns from the initial blast. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. I've done upresing the smoke-only simulation, but never done the pyro(with fuel field). When I tried to upres my explosion simulation, I get the similar shape/motion as my low res one, but not the same density/heat/temperature. I would assume it's because gasupres DOP doesn't have the 'gas released' parameter, which would work with my source volume and affect the initial density/temperature/heat of it. What am I missing in this work flow?
  9. Ground Explosion

    Hi, I'm trying to create a scene where a 'missile' hits the ground and causes an explosion. I wanted to the ground to explode too, chunks of rock fly up as well as the pyro explosion. I created the ground from a simple geo and applied the fracture and created the pieces I like. My issue is, how do i make this explode in the dop-net? I bring it in and have a tube object coming from below it to create the explosion fracture, but the pieces fall off screen since they are effected by gravity. When i add a ground collision object the TUBE object doesn't go though it and doesn't fracture the piece. My question is, how would I make it so the fractured object gets "blown up" with the pieces landing on the ground and so my colliding object can hit the fractured object without getting blocked by the ground. Thanks a lot for any help!! Any examples or knowledge of pre-exisiting examples/ tutorials would be awesome!
  10. Hello, I am not sure in which category this question is supposed to go. I have an explosion with a very low angle (a lot of sky) and can't decide whether to use a small or big focal length to communicate a nice, massive blow! Is there a rule of thumb for this? Thanks
  11. DIVERSIO making of

    Hi! A little 'making of' to see how things happened. Hope it will be interesting and useful to someone : ] How it was in workflow...

    hi! It's always a big challenge to learn a new software from a scratch, in my case it was Houdini. Through dozens tuts, understanding basic aspects and workflow I decided to try to do something myself. As I know, this is the best way to learn ) So, I wanted to have a scene to work with maximum aspects: modeling, lighting, shader building, visualization, animation, workflow organization... and of course RBD, particles, pyro... Finally, I realized, that the scene and design from the Avengers movie will be good to borrow, of course not without my personal vision. Yes, it was hard to jump from Autodesk workflow to Houdini's, but, to be honest, I fell in love with Houdini XD, sometimes we fought, but I think it's okay. There were a lot of fails and misunderstanding during work, got over that I learned more, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to try to do next. Weeks in the evening after work, weekends and holidays.... render, rerender, compositing, sound and here it is! Big thanks odforce.net, Ari Danesh and SideFx in particular. ! watch in the best quality on http://www.24eff.com/ or download original video from https://vimeo.com/132310854
  13. Pyro quick explosion

    Houdini pyro quick explosion test using particle source.
  14. I am doing with RnD with displacement on the pyro shader. The displacement for the most part is working as expected but I am getting some issue on the edges that I can't quite figure out. Please see attached image. I tried going lower on the displacement scale but the problem still exists. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. Hi,everyone! I'm working on a ground explosion test and come across a few problems: the first few frames is important to me, I want to emphasize the expanding effect, so besides adding divergence, I also set keys on the fuel sourcing geometry‘s scale, but that seems to blur out the fire into a hot mess. How can I get more details in the expanding fire? Also, I add some custom vel into the sim, making it blow up in scattered directions, the side effect is: instead of forming a big mushroom cloud, it generate small mushroom caps as shown in the following preview. I have also tried using particle system to drive the sim, it also easily end up with these mushroom caps... How can I get rid of that? These problems are driving me crazy, if you have any advice, please help me, thank you very much!!! preview2.mov
  16. quick PYRO question

    Hi Guys, I'm currently doing some R and D on a tram explosion that I'm working on. I was wondering if anyone can help me . I'm trying to get more details in the sim, so it shows the scale of the explosion better and any rendering optimizing techniques would be really appreciative . The current sim has 200million voxel Roughly 1.4gb a frame I have the source cell size small After going through a ton of material on the net, this should be high enough to get a nice looking sim. I know I'm doing wrong somewhere Attached a 2 sec clip of what it looks like at the moment Cheers for looking at my post guys odforce1.zip
  17. Hello everyone, First of all a big thank you to all the people that have uploaded Pyro solver and shading tips. I am currently learning/exploring Pyro and have some questions. - I want to make an object explode. So I am trying to find the proper way to source the pyro solver. I am thinking first of all to do the RBD sim, fracture the object, put the appropriate forces etc. Then there are two options: Should I use the RBD sim to source the pyro or make another geometry like a sphere and try to simulate the energy that caused the explosion? One thing that comes to my mind is to use the velocity values of the fractured objects that fly away. - I cant find any comprehensive guide on proper volume render AOVs for compositing (RGB light setup etc.) Any info on both subjects is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. George p.s. to make myself more clear I made a quick setup for fun: just did a pyro sim with a sphere source and on top I copied the sphere and fractured it. http://www.frameworks.gr/explosivo.mp4
  18. fuel trail in explosion

    Hi, everyone I've been trying to simulate an building explosion effect. I use particles(convert into metaballs) to emit fuel, the result is a little odd. It seems that if the fuel moves too fast, the fire can easily be torn apart into some blobby hot spots. I also try to use the same particle system to control the velocity field, I don't think I fully understand how custom velocity field works together with the combustion module. Neither the "gas particle to field" method nor the "field force" method can give me a satisfactory result. I wonder if anyone has better method to solve the fuel or smoke trail problem. Have a look at my test file, and help me with some advice please. Thank you very much!!! test.hip
  19. Hi guy, I am currently creating an explosion effect underneath water using FLIP fluids. So there would be lots of water thrown up in the air very quickly, however I am encountering an issue. There seems to be some sort of clipping going on within the fluid container. I have attached a couple of images so you can see what I mean, it also seems to be worse the lower I have the separation set. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how to stop it from happening? Thanks in advance
  20. Hello guys! This is a FX breakdown for a school project. The goal of the project was to create a World War 1 scene. The total length for the shot is 35 seconds. It is worth to mention that this is mine and Davids "Skybar" second project using Houdini. We wanted to learn the Maya-> Houdini pipeline and we used alembic to achieve our results. Houdini was used for all simulations. The artilley hit and a great part of the explosion shading was made by David. I was responssible for the tank explosion, tank shot and the tank's exhaustion pipe smoke. We had one month to learn, create and render all the simulations as well as doing some rotoscoping and modelling. We were able to do all of this with your help, with this fantastic forum with lots of information and knowledge. Expect an update with higher smoke resolution and less flickering on the glow from the tank explosion. I hope you enjoy it and have have a good one! /Hudson & David
  21. Help with explosion render

    Could anyone give me an idea to get this high quality render? Do I have to tweak it in shader or it has to be done in pyro solver? Any idea will be helpful. Thanks, Venkata
  22. Napalm Explosion (PyroFX)

    Morning everyone! This was done using PyroFX 2 in Houdini 12.1 using texture emission. The surreal look of the explosion is intentional. If anyone wants, I will be happy to share the hip file. https://vimeo.com/63142836 Cheers, Ari
  23. Car Explosion

    Demoreel: http://vimeo.com/60884195 This is my final Demoreel shot along with the Breakdowns. I am looking for opportunity as an Houdini FX-artist in Vancouver. - I am using Pyro simulation in Houdini for explosion and fire on the Car's Body and I have setup custom Pyro cluster for the other pieces that are flying around. - For the simulation of the car I am using RBD solver instead of bullet because the motion of the Car is looking much better at the point of impact with RBD. - For bending / smashing the body of the car I have used a Sopsolver and a magnet force to bend the body at the point of Impact. and the velocity from the explosion as an initial force for the simulation of the car. Any comments will be appreciated