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Found 470 results

  1. VDB meshing with Bounding box

    Hello everyone, I was looking into the "new" way of meshing FLIP fluids - the VDB meshes.. It works like a charm and I like it a lot, but I miss one very important feature in there - if I want to mesh only a part of the particle "volume", with the old Particle fluid surface I could define a bounding box and all the meshing was done just and only in this bounds and without the "border sides" of the bounding box meshed.. I try to illustrate what I have in mind on the picture - there is a FLIP Fluid sphere, meshed with the Particle Fluid Surface with the bounding box enabled. Does anyone know how to set up a similar approach with VDBs? And if the bounding box could be another object (like a sphere, or anything), that would be even more great.. A simple hipfile would be VERY appretiated - it's the best way to learn - to be able to try out different settings and play with the scene...But of course any advice/explanation would be great. Thanks a lot!
  2. My FLIP stopped moving

    Hi, I've been trying to figure this out for a few days, but no success. It was a sceen with flip simulation that recieve vel from curve. Somehow my flip decided to completely stop moving around frame 287. I use Houdini 13.0.237 Thanks custom_vel_test.hip
  3. Rolling FLIP Cube

    Hey Folks! There is a little challenge for you... We have a highly viscous flip cube that is falling onto a slope. The challenge is to make the cube roll down. Have fun, Cheers viscFLIProll_v001.hip
  4. Hey guys, Just having a bit of an issue that is puzzling me. I have noticed that when you emit particle fluids from an object, it only emits from the object surface. I have attached an example image demonstrating the problem I'm having. I have set up custom velocities which will need to be applied to the interior also. So is there a way emit from an objects interior as well as surface, I have tried a couple of things such as converting the object to a volume and the scattering point but i can't seem to get the particle fluids to source from the points. I have had no luck so far, so any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. Finite elements are not floating on flip fluid. I set "Feedback Scale" up to million and tried to decrease density of finite elements but nothing seems to work. It just collides and and pass through. So how to make it float???????? FEM_Flip_interaction_v01.hipnc
  6. CGI Food | Chocofalls

    My next stept in creating CGI Food, Liquid Chocolate, who doesn't want that? :-)
  7. Hi guys, I've been looking into Houdini recently, specifically the FLIP solver. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on a workflow for taking an attribute created in a SOP and using it to mask a force. In this case there is a sphere which has particles spawned in the volume, the sphere has two groups made from it which are then converted to attributes. These are colourised red/green in the example image. What I want to do now is use that attribute in DOPs to mask a force so that, for example, a gravity would only affect the red particles. This is after it has gone through the FLIP solver. I know the data is there as I can see it under flipobject\geometry, and I have also used a dopimport in a SOP solver and been able to access those attributes there. I'm just not sure how to access it in the DOP. I know there was a Peter Quint video demonstrating using a poppoint expression in a POP solver to group an attribute, but as far as I know this limits the forces you can use to the pop forces. Also I'm not sure how this would now be applied to Houdini 13's updated POP solver. I was also reading about a point/prim expression in a DOPs group node, but i couldn't figure that out either, and wasn't sure if it was actually finding the attribute. If anyone has some insights they would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  8. I am trying out H13 and it pretty nice with all the improvements and all. I do have a problem though, that is, I am trying to run a small simulation to test out the FLIP fluids, but it seems to be stuck at the emission object and going nowhere at all. I tried to make the static object collision SDF as clean as possible and it seems to be fine as when its disconnected from the fluids, the fluids behave the same as connected, so the problem seems to be elsewhere. I tried to play around with the separation settings and am still stuck with a non working fluid. Any help is welcome. squ_yellow_v02_r55min.hipnc.zip
  9. Hello everyone, I am currently working on a waterfall Simulation using FLIP in houdini. I am using Geometry velocity blur to get the motion blur which is giving line streaks in render. How to achieve curved motion blur? I tried using deformation motion blur with more Geo Time samples but it is not working. Any suggestions? Regards, Gowthaman Ilango M.F.A Graduate Student Digital Production Arts Clemson University
  10. Hi, Is there a way to only mesh the top surface of FLIP tank? Using VDB method? I mean apart from meshing the whole thing and delete the rest. That seem like wasting computing power. Thanks
  11. The Breach

    Hello people! I wanted to share a quick project I did during three weeks in order to get though the flip-pipe: http://vimeo.com/76361368 I modeled this little robot which I wanted to make a water simulation from. Then I saw Battleship and Pacific Rim... The poor robot got up-scaled by a factor of 30 and you can guess what happaned Sound FX was made by Rickard Forsbäck Special thanks to Martin W and for all the tips. Also David Vestin and Igor Zanic for the constructive critics in the early WIPs. Maya - Robot modeling and animation Houdini - used for the rest of all 3D-content. Rendered with Mantra(PBR) Nuke - was used for the composition it is 1080p Let it load and enjoy!
  12. Flip water reaction

    Hello guys. I have static pool with water and moving object from the deep How to increase reaction between water and boat. I am used rigid velocity type for the boat because have very detail geometry. I dont want lose time for calculating collision sdf every frame. Thanks
  13. VDB meshing noised

    hello! maybe someone can help me about that, i want remove the noise of floor in fluid, every more poly detail is more noised... i have tried up smooth and some stuff, nothing. i ask because its a lot time simulating that, i would apreciate the solution. thanks you very much in advance
  14. FLIP Whitewater Question :)

    I created a simple waterfall scene, and got a very nice mesh shape, but in any case can not bring the desired Whitewater (similar to a waterfall splashing), it was able to share the experience under
  15. FLIP:how to group water randomly?

    hello guys, i am doing flip water in dop, now ,i want to group the water to like 10 groups randomly,and then i can give them different force,i kown how to randomly group points in sop,but in dop,how to do it? thank you.
  16. Flip and fast collision object

    Hello guys. I have a problem. I need to create glass of water with splashes simulation. My glass is fast moving object. Problem is that the particles leaking through geometry. I tried solve it but I didn't manage. I have done my glass animation in 6 times slower. I tried to set 20 substeps in dopnetwork and many many others variants but none of the those variants didn't manage solve my problem. Is there anybody here who had situation like mine ? How can I solve my problem ?
  17. Hi, I am trying to create a VDB set-up to immitate the "volume from attribute-sop". In my test scene I am trying to apply a vel field to a flip simulation. Using a volume from attribute set-up everything works fine. But If I use the VDB-setup instead an odd "curl-noise" is added to the vel-field. Take a look at the hip-file. I am probably doing something wrong. Thank you in advance!
  18. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Hi, Is there a way to achieve this effect in H? https://vimeo.com/12992186 http://www.fusioncis.com/pr_smorganic.html
  19. Hey guys, I am current working on a water explosion effect/large splash, below is a video of where it is currently at: https://vimeo.com/69691104 I pretty happy with the way it is looking at the moment, but as you can see it is hitting the edge of the container. Instead of re-sizing the container what I am wanting to do is kill/reduce the velocities as they get closer to the edge of the container and I want it to fade down over a specific area. I can kill off the velocities in a certain area using a pump object which multiplies the velocities it interacts with by 0 therefore resulting in a velocity of 0. However this happens very abruptly (as soon as it hits the edge of the pump object). So what I'm wondering is, is there any way to add a falloff to a pump object or drag force's effective areas? Thanks
  20. riverboat WIP

    Hello guys Here is the riverboat animation progress that started a month ago with fun about a boat pbr mk2 rather like vietnam river with helicopters and effects, stay tunned for the final spot and enjoy the progress! flipbook: https://vimeo.com/68861290 Boat render: greetings Carlos www.carlosparmentier.com
  21. Hi guy, I am currently creating an explosion effect underneath water using FLIP fluids. So there would be lots of water thrown up in the air very quickly, however I am encountering an issue. There seems to be some sort of clipping going on within the fluid container. I have attached a couple of images so you can see what I mean, it also seems to be worse the lower I have the separation set. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how to stop it from happening? Thanks in advance
  22. FLIP with "Air Field"

    Hi all! Accidentally found interesting RnD test of "air field" usage in FLIP. Here is the link: Basic idea is clear: Simulation consists from 2 FLIPs with diferent density. But how technically it can be perfomed? Any ideas? Ps Sorry for my bad english.
  23. Waterfall

    Hello everyone, I'm glad to present my last work which I've done for 3 months. Hope you will like it https://vimeo.com/68236946
  24. Hello guys! This is a FX breakdown for a school project. The goal of the project was to create a World War 1 scene. The total length for the shot is 35 seconds. It is worth to mention that this is mine and Davids "Skybar" second project using Houdini. We wanted to learn the Maya-> Houdini pipeline and we used alembic to achieve our results. Houdini was used for all simulations. The artilley hit and a great part of the explosion shading was made by David. I was responssible for the tank explosion, tank shot and the tank's exhaustion pipe smoke. We had one month to learn, create and render all the simulations as well as doing some rotoscoping and modelling. We were able to do all of this with your help, with this fantastic forum with lots of information and knowledge. Expect an update with higher smoke resolution and less flickering on the glow from the tank explosion. I hope you enjoy it and have have a good one! /Hudson & David
  25. flip fluid surface tension

    I've been playing with flip fluid for a bit now and the one thing I can't seem to figure out is how to enable surface tension in the simulation. Adjusting the surface tension of a liquid is something I do pretty often or have the need to change (when I'm working in naiad or realflow). In houdini I thought it would be an easy setting to find, either set on the flip object or set on the solver but I doesn't seem to exist? Has anyone ever been able to simulate surface tension with flip?