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Found 2 results

  1. Constrain Hard Body sim to Wire sim?

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up a simulation where I shall have some rigid bodies stick to certain locations as much as possible (spring constraint maybe?) As you can see in the image I have a wire simulation. In that simulation the wire coils around some objects. I need these objects to remain within the coils. In the file provided there is geometry in obj > chromatin > NUCLEOSOME_CONSTRAINTS. This defines the point locations that I would like the pieces attached to. tldrl; How do I constrain an RBD fractured object to a certain location? constraints.zip

    Hi everyone, I've got some big issue at work today I have to make a realistic lemon explosion effect in slow motion. I don't have any problem for fluid and debris system but the main animation. So I'm looking for some way to mix fractured object dynamic and soft body to deform each piece at the begin of the animation... I already have a "good" RBD dynamic (You can see the picture below). I tried to use a spring SOP after the simulation to add some animated deformations but it didn't work well. (I made a quick hip file) In fact, I really don't know how to achieve this effect correctly. If someone have an idea it will save my day and maybe the next ones! (I'm joking, no pressure, but it will be very helpfull ) Cheers springSop_Test.hip