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Found 2 results

  1. hi, I am looking for how to access collision data of DOP network for a geometry Wrangle node and sopSolver. This example is that I try to delete fluidParticle if it's inside of collision. I know I can delete it in SOP level in advance, but this point is I want to know how to access collision data in DOP network, and delete particles in dop network. I attached an example file. It would be great to show me how to write wrangle and how to create sopSolver network. Thanks in advance! deleteInsideOfCollision.hiplc
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm working on a project with a couple of mates which requires a moving object to be fractured and destroyed before being pulled back together into it's original shape. The idea is to have a vehicle speeding along and crashing into an object which breaks it apart, sending the driver into the air. The driver then activates an object which pulls the vehicle back together and the driver lands safely back at the wheel as if nothing had happened. The entire sequence takes place in motion. I was able to adopt someones elses solution to a similar problem which works great on un-animated objects, as seen in the video. However, when I animate the target object moving, the pieces settle at an angle (as per the image below). I'm fairly new to Houdini and vfx so I might be way off the mark, but it looks like the fractured pieces settle nicely on a static object because the target points are stationary. When the target points are moving, they never actually 'settle' because they need to recalculate their position relative to the goal after each frame. I've tinkered with the vex code in the geometry wrangle of the DOP network but my vex knowledge leaves something to be desired and, whilst I generally understand what's going on, I don't understand some of the details. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks facturing.hipnc