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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, For anyone looking to get started in Houdini, or if you're just looking to update your existing Houdini core skills... Check out the Houdini: Core Skills path at Pluralsight. We've recently added a new feature to the skill path. The Houdini: Core Skills assessment is now available! This short assessment of your Houdini skills will allow you to start learning Houdini at just the right level of complexity. Based on your answers the assessment will point you to just the right spot in the path to start your learning, so you don't have to waste time taking courses and learning things you are already proficient at. Here is a quick overview of how the skill path, and the assessment work: -- Cheers!
  2. Pluralsight Creative is now offering 2 brand new learning paths for Houdini. Learning paths are a series of courses organized into levels for easier organization. That way you can start with the first course in level one and work your way through all of the courses and levels sequentially. How to get started in Houdini: http://www.digitaltutors.com/learningpath/44-How-to-Get-Started-in-Houdini The How to Get Started in Houdini learning path offers a step-by-step approach for artists who have never used Houdini before. This learning path is a more general approach to learning multiple aspects of the 3D pipeline within Houdini. Throughout the tutorials in this learning path you will walk through the fundamental aspects of modeling, materials, lighting, rendering, particles, fluids, rigid bodies, scripting and digital asset building. After completing this learning path you will have a solid understanding of the various aspects of Houdini. And Dynamics in Houdini: http://www.digitaltutors.com/learningpath/71-Dynamics-in-Houdini For Houdini artists wanting to learn how to take advantage of powerful dynamics capabilities, the Dynamics in Houdini learning path can help guide you through learning many of the tools available to you. By the end of this learning path you'll have a solid understanding of the DOP context within Houdini. This learning path is not intended to teach you the basics of moving around in Houdini. Instead, with the Dynamics in Houdini learning path you'll focus learning how the different dynamics engines work inside of Houdini. Enjoy!
  3. vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 01 My VizyAcky (now defunct) vol100 Houdini Intro class videos are now on YouTube. There are fifteen chapters (fifteen YouTube Playlists) plus an introduction "basics" chapter and a "Rolling Box" demo. About 30 hours of instruction. While an introduction it hit's the ground running. Well suited for someone switching from Houdini from another 3D package and wants to understand the meat of how things work quickly. These lectures took a lot of time (and money) for me to create, and while I've closed down VizyAcky.com, I wanted to give these files a second life. Downloads PDF Notes and Houdini Files can be downloaded at: https://garman-herigstad.squarespace.com/shop-vizy-acky/ vol100 Houdini Intro Basics vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 01 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 02 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 03 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 04 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 05 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 06 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 07 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 08 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 09 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 10 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 11 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 12 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 13 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 14 vol100 Houdini Intro Chapter 15 Houdini Rolling Box Tutorial -Enjoy Garman
  4. vol100 Houdini Intro Basics Here's the basic getting started videos from my VizyAcky (now defunct) vol100 Houdini Intro class. These videos are a good "getting started" overview, including making your own custom desktops. Files can be downloaded at: https://garman-herigstad.squarespace.com/shop-vizy-acky/ -enjoy Garman