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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm a beginner in Houdini learning alone with tutorials, I need some insights about POP. What I'm trying to achieve: I want to reproduce this effect, but slower: Basicaly, I have a polyline forming a shape, I scale each primitive in a foreach loop with x iterations. Each iteration go through a DOP Network with a different seed based on the index of the polyline in the for loop. The DOP Network move points with a curlNoise, I then create a trail. The screenshot shows the effect on a single instance. Questions: 1/ I can't access the Birth Parameters on the POP Source node. From the help, it seems "Impulse Activation" at anything but 0 to be able to access those settings, but it's greyed out. Am I missing something? (It's greyed out even if I input "1" and not an expression.) 2/ To get a lower number of points, I used an Impute Activation of (($F%20)-1)*-1 == 1 point every 20 frames. The problem is that now, the DOP network does not begin before $F=20. Is there any other way to tell POP not to birth points every frames while being able to choose the first birth frame? 3/ I want each point created in DOP to keep as an attribute his original position (when his age was 0), and I want each new point to keep @ptnum of the source point as an attribute. How can I do that in DOP? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm pretty sure this is a simple question but i can't seem to solve it. I want some particles to emit between a certain number of frames and again start and stop in different frame number. ie for eg :- Starts from 1 and stops at 10th frame then again start from may be 15 to 20 What would be the expression for this, i'm using "$F >1 && $F<10", it works, but then i don't know how to get them to start again from 15 and stops at 20th frame. in the same . This is for Impulse Activation (in POPnet) Any help would be really great. Thanks