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Found 18 results

  1. How can I prevent particles from emitting from packed primitives center ?
  2. Hi there, I am working on my final bullet destruction project for school and I was wondering if there was a way to constrain window glass, for example, to already cached pieces. I am trying to do layered destruction, where I first do the concrete layer then read those into a glass simulation where the glass is constrained to and collides with the concrete cache, and so on. I was told it was possible to do this as follows: "You can unpack pieces of your original sim near your windows and then use a Point Deform SOP to bind your packed window pieces to them! As usual, set them to i@active = 0 and i@animated = 1 until you're ready to have their own secondary simulation take them over. You can add all of your preliminary simulation in as a collider too in the same manner" The problem is I am not that familiar with the Point Deform SOP and don't know where to start with it. I have Googled around and haven't found much regarding this topic. I had previous experience with Thinking Particles and this method using cached layers was common. Thanks in advance for any insights. I have attached my hip file in case you want to take a look. Thanks D layered_destruction.hiplc
  3. Hi, apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer. I've done a crowd simulation in Houdini but now need to export to alembic so I can bring it into C4D as a necessity due to my company's pipeline. I've unpacked the agent primitives and had to run through a polyreduce node to create a sensible alembic, but I've lost all the UVs along the way. I'm pretty new to Houdini, please could I have some guidance on how I can export the alembic with the original UVs please? Many thanks!
  4. Hi. I don't know how many people actually go crazy with crowds and render them but after simulation fun, all the flipbooks, there's rendering nightmare. I solved many issues but this just beats me - does anybody know what could be the cause of random parts of the agents disappearing? The smaller ones, knights, are taken from Mixamo and they never flicker, but the bigger ones, baked before and and all that stuff, just go crazy. Some of them are ok the whole time, some of them partially disappear and reappear. I'm out of ideas. They're ok in the viewport. Some short videos: https://youtu.be/gxx_bYH19Hk https://youtu.be/jCpBqh-GAb0 I've attached a screenshot. Is it the scale problem? (they have a scale of 3, with some randomization). But why do we have scale then... I put them in separate network, so after the sim each group is in its own GEO node, because at first it seemed to solve the problem, but no - different frame and it's back again. I've reopened the scene, restarted the computer, rendered several times. I've removed the shader, changed it to simple Principled Shader without any adjustments - nothing helps Any tips are welcome.
  5. I want to scale my packed primitives over time while they are simulated. In the attached hip file you can see I import the @active attribute successfully with a sop solver so that they are active around frame 70. In addition I want to scale them up first from e.g. 5% to 100% and update the transformation in dops. Unfortunately I cant get it to work. I´m not able to merge the transforms into dops in a way that it behaves correct. I also tried it with intrinsics "transform" attribute but without luck. I guess it has to be a combination with "transform" attribute and @P but there I got problems with the pivot and I wasn´t able to get correct results. I would be thankful for some help. kind regards jon scalePackedPrim_01.hip
  6. Hey All, I am trying to instance high res geometry onto low res packed points and then render some extra image planes such as a velocity pass for compositing. I set up a scene with the instancing and rendering setup that I am currently working from. To set up the custom image planes, I use a bind node to import the velocity attribute I want written to an image plane and then wire that into a bind export node to export it to the surface context. Then in the mantra node, I create the extra image plane which reads the exported velocity attribute and writes it to an image plane. This setup seems to be working with the packed fragments but doesn't seem to be working with the packed disks. As far as I can tell, the issue lies with the first bind node not successfully importing the velocity data. I do believe that the bind export IS working which I tested by wiring a constant vector value into it. If you can think of a solution to this issue, I would very much appreciate it! Thank you! WillSoko packedDisks_v01.hipnc
  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a delay effector style effect on some copied boxes, but I've chosen the option to pack primitives before copying and now in CHOPS I want to know how to make say a Spring CHOP pick up the rotation of a packed prim. Here is an example scene file below. Thanks to anyone who can help. C4D_mograph_rebuilding_01.hip
  8. Hi all, Is there any way to glue active objects to non active deforming object? I tried to update glue position every frame so that it could stick to passive object, but looks like it doesn't work. Attaching hip to be clear Cheers, A glueToDeform.hipnc
  9. Hi all, I have a fractured geometry and I need to calculate a mass, size or area attribute for each piece. I'm using an assemble sop to create packed geometry and I animate each piece with a vex expression using the intrinsic transforms of the pieces. However I'd like the animation to be varied by an attribute that holds a relative size value. I know the measure sop calculates area, volume etc but how can I "promote" this value to the packed primitives? A brute approach would be to get the number of points for each packed primitve. Is there any way to get that info from the packed primitive? Thanks,
  10. Hello! First time poster (also posted on sidefx forums) ~ I have a wrangle set after an assemble sop and am currently having success with: string shatter_points = chs('Pieces_to_Break'); if(@name != shatter_points) removepoint(0,@ptnum); Where Pieces_to_Break can contain one name. Effectively this deletes all but the named packed primitive. I'd like to amend this so that I can enter an array of pieces to “keep”. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
  11. Hello! First time poster (also posted on sidefx forums) ~ I have a wrangle set after an assemble sop and am currently having success with: string shatter_points = chs('Pieces_to_Break'); if(@name != shatter_points) removepoint(0,@ptnum); Where Pieces_to_Break can contain one name. Effectively this deletes all but the named packed primitive. I'd like to amend this so that I can enter an array of pieces to “keep”. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
  12. Hi everyone, What is the difference between the "pack" and the "repack" sop ? and why should I use a "repack" instead of a "pack" sop and vice versa? Cheers Ber
  13. RBD Packed Object Initial Velocity

    Hi everyone, I have an RBD packed object with an active attribute switching on over time. I also have initial velocity assigned to the packed fragments, but the RBD Packed object won't read it unless the piece is active on the first simulation frame. How do I make my pieces to read the velocity once activated over time? Thanks for any help!
  14. hey I need to instance geo on to points, no big deal, as I could and usually do use the instance sop for the extra benefits that packed prims bring to the game. Generating points, adding the instancepath attribute, writing those out and loading them in again with a delayed load procedural. very convenient and easy on the ifd size. But there is a catch when using some 10 million points. As the instance sop is nothing then a copy sop with stamping switched on. The processing of those points takes ages. I could use the point instance procedural, but then I need to export those high point counts into the ifd, which is taking a lot of time and eating up network resources due the huge file size. Kinda senseless as those points are already cached out to disk. That brings me to delayed load point instancing. I found this: http://www.peterclaes.be/blog/?p=151but I have difficulties to get that thing compiled for H15. I filed an RFE for load from disk Point replicate procedural couple weeks ago, will do the same for that too. But I need that working asap. Any ideas how to tackle that? Thanks in advance -Sebastian
  15. I am working on a destruction scene and have hit a dead end.I am using packed primitives for a chopper scene crashing into a building.I have almost completed the prefracturing.However I am not able to get the sop level animation into dops.For normal rigid body dynamics it was as easy as checking on the ' use deforming geometry' tab.It seems there is a different approach for packed primitives.Could someone please provide a hip file to do the same.Thanks.
  16. Packed Primitives in Houdini 13

    Hi, About a month back I made a free tutorial dealing with Packed Primitives in Houdini 13. The tutorial primarily deals with instancing and not the bullet aspect of packed geometry. After I had created it I was informed by some of the viewers about a couple of thing that I had missed or was unaware of. So I ended up created a second part for it. Both part together deal with how Packed primitives can be used in Houdini to replace the old instancing system. The second part deals with the "name" attribute and how to store groups within name attributes which help with material assignment. It also deals with using assigning random colors to packed primitives at render time. Links for both parts Part 1 Part 2 I also provide commercial training for Houdini which can be found on my website http://www.rohandalvi.net/ regards Rohan Dalvi
  17. Hi -- I'm trying to figure out a way to get animated/deforming geometry working for packed primitives in dops. I really like working in VOPs and SOPs, so the packed primitive workflow is really appealing to me, but I can't seem to figure out how to get animated/deforming colliders. I have gotten my packed primitive to animate and match the animation in SOPs, and activate based on an attribute This is my best attempt so far. Inside the dop network, there is a red switch node. You can switch between the packed and unpacked primitives, for reference. The unpacked primitive never gets released to becoming dynamic, but maybe it's useful. Inside the green sop solver in the DOP network is another red switch node. The first input here works great after the packed primitive becomes dynamic, but doesn't collide properly/at all until then. The second input works while it's tied to the animation, but gets all squirrely and weird afterward. It's almost like the pivot point is totally off, or.. I don't know. More confusing than that is that the guide geometry is clearly not what the bullet solver is colliding with, since the guide geometry is in the right place. Could someone take a look and see if there's a better way to do this? All I want is for my packed primitive to be tied to some SOP animation for a while and then become active in the scene. Also, as an aside, do DOP groups work correctly and reliably in a multi-solver? I know it's a dumb question, but I have had a pretty hard time isolating which geometry my solvers are running on so far. Thank you so much to anyone who can help :-)
  18. Duplicating RBD objects in SOP Solver

    Hi! I'm trying to recreate something like the duplicating treasure from Harry Potter. I've got a pretty good start but i've run in to a couple of problems. Each generating more problems. The first is that I haven't succeeded to constrain my duplicating effect to only solve once a frame for each object. And the other, more important, I haven't managed to successfully give my duplicated DOP objects unique names. It works for the first couple of duplications but after a while it all falls apart, this leading to incorrect velocity etc. I'm using packed objects in combination with a object_merge in a foreach sop in a sopsolver for this, an area that I'm not at all comfortable (DOPs). If someone wanted to take a look I'm grateful. And / Or if someone is trying to do something similar, I think I'm up to a decent start here. (Could be wrong) Thanks / John Duplicating_Test_V01_02.hipnc