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Found 28 results

  1. Per primitive rotation

    Hello everyone, I am trying to recreate the per primitive rotation example i found here with VEX for learning purposes. The example file uses VOP to calculate a quaternion to rotate the points but when i do it in vex something weird happens and points doesn't behave as expected. I have also used qrotate() but no luck. Can you please take a look at file? Am i calculating the quaternion wrong? Thanks in advance Per_prim_rot_vex.hipnc
  2. Hello, I new to Houdini, learning modeling and new nodes, but one thing is bothering me, when I select primitive, it doesn't highlight to yellow color. Here is what I want: and here is what I get: It EXACTLY look like I've selected 4 edges, maybe I doing something wrong? I use latest OS X and latest non-commercial build. Please help
  3. Hi All, I'm trying to do 2 things but I think they are about the same. 1) trying to subdivide or better copy a bunch of cubes to form the following pattern: I would like then to turn it into a glue rdb afterward. But first I need to get to this.. I tried to follow 2 different tutorials, Peter Quin discovery title sequence and SideFX own lego type boxelizer. But I think I need to get an hybrid between the 2. I think that my problem is that I need to group each copy and use it as new boundary or something like that. 2) Based on the same idea, I would like to try to get the cube to be divided like this (here is a sliced view). And again I would like to turn it into an rdb object later on. I attached my first attempt. I'm trying first to apply a random color to each primitive, but for whatever reason, it's applied to each faces... not the entire cube... I know I'm doing something wrong. There are 2 "primitive" SOP in the scene, they are doing the same thing, I was just trying to see if I could color them using the stamp expression (before the copy SOP), or after... Any help, suggestion, comment, ihint or random string of words woul dbe greatly appreciate. Thanks. bil random_cubeDivision.hipnc