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Found 59 results

  1. Hey, everyone! I've just discovered the character picker panel, and it looks fantastic, but I'm having trouble using it with auto rig. When I'm trying to connect a control button to a node with "Edit Target Nodes", only the top-level nodes are displayed in the list. In a regular rig this would work, but in auto rig top nodes are the subnetworks for limbs/spine/head/etc, so I can not select the control nodes from the list. Is there any way around that?
  2. I would like to extract and use rotation values from an IK bone chain to drive the rotation of another bone. What would be the correct way to get this in Houdini. I can see the Pre-Transform values when I middle click on the bone, but how do I grab the values? So far I've been using the blend SOP but I get all kinds of flipping. Is there a way to directly extract IK bone rotation values?
  3. Houdini Rigging Toolset

    Hello friends, So I just wanted to show some of the work I've been doing for the better part of this year now. I figured I would put it up here now as lately I've been working on taking the core API and testing out scenery tools and game asset creation. I'm thinking I need to write a GPU tool set to build the tools I need for that and the next slew of character tools, but that'll take some time to get off the ground. https://vimeo.com/139775212 There's quite a bit more going on then the video shows, but I don't really remember what's going to crash and I didn't want to have to do a second take. The end game of this is creating a simplified pipeline for FEM or possibly PBD solved muscle systems, then being able to take those results and "bake" them into a linearly skinned rig with no extra step of creating two rigs and really great support for LODs. Seamless interpolation and cycling is gonna be a **** to work out though. The biggest tool the video doesn't show is the volume based bone weighting node, it lets you mix Houdini capsules and arbitrary volumes you "extract" off the mesh, then you can use a ramp parm and basic skin weighting tools to really fine tune the weights, then it uses a different method for normalization that guarantees all points get weighted logically but no points have there "user input" weights changed. There's still a bit to get that working, I need to implement single bone weight visualizations as the full skinning is slooww(you'll probably notice the hang up when I entered into the capsule) even being multi threaded there's just a lot of work going on there. Thanks for listening to me yammer on though guys
  4. Rigging a kite

    Hi guys. I have major problems with a kite I try to rig. I have tried to find an answer in every possible free tutorial on sidefx.com but I can't make it work. I use bones and then I try capture them on the geometry. But it is impossible for me, they dosn't capture all the geometry and some of the bones can't be captured. Can you help me or do you have any good advices? Thank's in advance! - Theis kite.hipnc
  5. Hi All, I'm about to buy a human model from turbosquid for a project, as I don't have the time to model/rig myself in this instance. My question is: If the model I want to buy comes in '3dsmax 2012' format, will I be able to export it from max so that it's compatible with Houdini & keep all the bones/materials/UV's in tact? Ideally I'd like the download in .fbx, but it's pretty expensive, so I don't want to run the risk of downloading a 3dsmax scene file by accident & not being able to convert. Anyone have any thoughts? I''m looking forward to the day when Turbosquid is full of Alembics Thanks!
  6. rivet in chosen axes

    This should be extremely simple (as it would be in Maya), but I can't figure out how to parent constrain one object to another but only constraint certain axes, i.e. the x and z but not the y. I need to constrain something to an fbx with animation so I was using a rivet but I can't see many controls.. In Maya I could create a point constraint (which seems to be the equivalent of a rivet) and select the axes. Surely this is simple in Houdini? Cheers, Mike
  7. Control Robot Head

    Hello. This is my little personal project. I did everything except modeling http://youtu.be/E-HT-tKL5YI
  8. rigging oddity

    i cannot figure out how to control this deformation. i imagine it is a simple bias setting, but i've had no luck. the mesh in the bicep is not following the motion fully. hip attached. any suggestions would be appreciated. hip_and_geo.zip
  9. angle between bones

    Hello I am making some simple rigg and I want to measure angle between two bones. I used vector node in chop network but it is not working for me. When I plug boxes/nulls it works pretty well. I am sure it is something with nature of bones. I found some tricks to achieve my goal, but I wonder if there is some simple method to measure angle between two bones.