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Found 1 result

  1. Sorry to be bombarding the forum with loads of questions lately, Houdini is pretty big and I'm running into a lot of walls (and I haven't slept or eaten in about 30 hours too). 1. I'd like to create an OTL which generates a bunch of geometry based on a bunch of settings 2. Then I'd like to create a number of instances of this OTL in the root on the scene level (/obj). 3. I'll adjust the different instances to different settings. 4. Then I want to export the geometry from each instance (the OTL has a ROP network inside it). I'm running into two problems: 1. I've linked the export settings to the OTL interface, but when I press the Render or Render Control buttons nothing happens. However if I dive inside the OTL, and go down all the way to the ROP Network, then if I press RENDER on the OTL interface it renders! But i have to be inside the ROP Network otherwise it does nothing. 2. I understand that inside a ROP network you can link nodes and they trigger one another and you can daisy chain renders. But what I would like to do, is arbitrarily trigger the export of two different instances. E.g. I have 5 instance of my OTL in my scene. I play with the settings of them, and then I go off on a break, and I'd like instance 1, 3, and 4 and to start exporting. Is this possible? THey are in separate ROPnetworks, each inside their own instance of the OTL? I've attached a really simplified example of my setup: OTL is at scene level, and contains a geo node, and a rop network. In the root I have bunch of instances. cheers, msaTestRop.zip